A Merged State

blue-angelWe could consider the whole of our spiritual journey as a process of getting a more and more detailed view of what is going on behind the veils of outer life. And, as we make that journey, deeper and deeper within, or higher and higher up the energetic planes -depending on your perspective – we get closer to the essence of where it all began. Or at least we can get glimpses of what that can feel like. And perhaps that is what our true feelings of love are a reflection of, the sense of completion of being with the merged state. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I’m explaining that I let my mind wander when I woke up, and he’s explaining why I forgot it.

John: I can tell kind of why you would forget something like this because of the nature of the way the theme of the dream was. The tendency, whenever you go back, and the theme of the quality of the evening was going back into kind of a depth of one’s self that was outside of time and space, in which there’s kind of a merging that takes place.

Now ordinarily we live in the outer in a way, and in a manner, of diversity. And so whenever you experience the merged essence, it can almost be embarrassing. In other words, something that is that wide open is almost so vulnerable that some part of us, ourself, in trying to sustain some diversity, has to obliterate it in terms of holding onto a separation.

So when you take and you have a dream, or vision, that goes into a place in which everything comes into a quality of an overall vibration, that takes in everything, that absorbs the diversity of one’s nature, it’s very, very hard to remember that. And, to remember that, you have to hold onto, at a great, great, great depth inside of yourself, some subtle reflection that is in there yet.

And then, when you can hold onto that subtle reflection, you can take that subtle reflection and recognize that that subtle reflection is also vibrationally absorbed, and correlated, and intertwined with the essence of something on a universal level that permeates all that there is.

So to have an experience of something to where everything falls into the vacuum of an absorptive state is very, very hard to remember because it’s going back to almost the original, it’s coming back closer and closer, in fact it can go all the way back to the original vibration from which everything then breaks free into its multiplicities in outer life.

So the closer you come back to something that is of this absorbed, subjective, inner essence, the more you have to put up with the diversity dichotomy of thoughts that want to go the other direction – back into the multiplicity – because it’s hard to uphold one’s self in a livable way in this mannerism because your control is not there. And the way you are able to let yourself be doesn’t correspond with how you’re mental sense nature would like to portray yourself.

So it is always creating a reflection that gets in the way. And what you have done to get there, is you have taken whatever the reflection is, and caught up with the vibration behind it, and got swept into that essence. And then, if you’re lucky, you’ve come to learn that where that vibration say at 70% effect, and to the degree to which the outer senses vie for a space in the heart, that when you take and recognize on the subtlest of levels, we’ll call it a 5% that is like a reflection, and can also find the vibration within that that ensues from somewhere else, that is when you make great depths with yourself.

And that process of doing that is called polishing the heart. Now when you polish the heart you create the lens and the mirror to see what a human being really is, somewhere else, in a totally merged oneness.

So it’s unusual, it’s not unusual, it’s just a fact of nature that when one falls into a merged essence state the intensity of the energy is like too much to handle. And so whatever is still sitting there as defense mechanisms rise up to try to take one outside of resting and being in this uncontrollable way of being.

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