A Limited Way

thu2It is often hard to describe what coming from inner into outer actually looks, or feels, like, and this dream helps with this fundamental idea. Because we know when someone is good at something, that we won’t  be as good as them if we just copy their movements. A great chef could give you a recipe, but it might never taste the same. Or a musician can show you the chords of his song, but it doesn’t have the same impact. That is because the true act is coming from within the person, and no two people can be identical in that way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My longest dream last night, it seemed like I was studying the qualities of Payton Manning – and it didn’t have anything to do with football. It was just like he, and maybe his brother or some other family member, were in my dream.

And, in my dream, they were somebody who had accomplished a lot, and I was studying, and what I was realizing is that when people tried to copy him they weren’t able to accomplish what he was accomplishing because what he was doing was not visible. And what he was doing, in a sense, was a little bit like the video game in that he had these kind of multicolored balls that, if you lined them up and they kind of imploded, they caused a certain effect but you never saw them, you know, it was just something that was done invisibly. And it was a certain alignment, and that alignment caused a certain implosion of energy.

And also, you know, it’s like if you got there earlier he was always going to be there earlier. And other people might try to do what he was doing, but they were copying something on the outer and it wasn’t working because what was making him really good at what he was doing was on the inner.

It was interesting because the dream didn’t have any football in it at all. It was just about the quality of achieving in life, and somebody else who was trying to accomplish that but I was maybe talking to them because what needed to be aligned was on the inner, it wasn’t on the outer which is where other people were focusing. And that dream went on for quite a long time because I was studying what kind of alignment was involved.

John: The detail aspect behind a dream like this has to do with how do you relate in an outer world which is reflective. In other words, the outer reflects the condition of something and then, typically speaking, a person contends with that by trying to cope with that reflection with another reflection – in other words, with an understanding or something.

And, until I had the final dream, I didn’t realize or wasn’t realizing, and I had the final dream in order to correct the fact that because I was coming to kind of a harsh reality, that it’s just reflection upon reflection, and that’s a pretty dire condition to be left in, which means that you just go around and around having to contend with things that affect the heart.

You can get into an emptiness, but not really because then out of that comes some sort of reflection, or relatability, and when you tie into that you then are back to the cycle, the up and down cycle of reflection upon reflection. And we are slowly being directed away from having to be in such a limited way because that is still personal when it’s like that.

In other words, that which isn’t personal comes from a place beyond reflection, it’s a pure light or something. And we aren’t aware of that, so we’re affected by reflection. And when we’re affected by reflection, and we relate to that reflection, then we do something that involves a vying within the heart. In other words, there’s a weight, or burden. There is something that the heart is still trying to sort out, or align, as if it can align or figure out reflections on top of reflections.

And what you were looking at is, you’re aware that there has to be something more than that. There has to be something that goes beyond all of that, that doesn’t stay caught in this mired condition. And so when you were looking at Payton Manning, what you were looking at was this quality where he can get in zone, and in that zone he can see anything, and everything that can happen – and it’s a kind of a knowingness. If he’s paying attention to that, as if he’s trying to act like he’s the one that’s capable of doing this, then he will get back into the realm of reflection.

And so the criticism of Manning is that on the big game he loses something that he is able to carry in the regular season. In other words, he breaks under pressure. For him to break under pressure would mean then that he gets caught in the reflection of things. He gets caught in the thrill of that moment, or something, as opposed to being in the zone.

When that sort of thing happens, when you go into a zone, you affect everything around you, like when Michael Jordan used to go into a zone it would affect the entire team. They would suddenly start getting the rebounds that they weren’t getting. They would suddenly start being in the right place, and he would start being in the right place, and everything would seem to have a synchronicity to it that supported being in the zone. But being in a zone can have a collateral damage effect, in that it can be more than what others are prepared, or capable, or able to handle And when it’s like that, then you get a blowback of a reflection coming from another part that isn’t able to be carried by your presence.

In other words, Manning as the quarterback has to carry the entire team inside of himself in order to make the zone inflection properly work. If you don’t, and something can’t be maintained, or has its doubts or whatever it is that go back into the reflection of things, then it will not work.

For example, at a Sufi conference there was this guy who was going to take people to various levels at a depth that was like a zoning out inside of themselves. And he was going to do it with music. And he explained it ahead of time as to what he was going to do and, initially, just as it was getting exciting, just as I was sensing that he had gone through what I consider introductory stuff and was now getting to the point where he was going to be sending people into a revelry, a person tips over in their chair and almost knocks himself out going over backwards. And that’s when he realized that the reflection, a reflection yet was too much, and that then limited the degree because he couldn’t shoot through that. Once something cracked like that, he wasn’t able to go beyond that. He wasn’t able to take something through that.

So that’s what you were looking at. You were looking at this quality and this trait, and you had a fairly clean, pure view of it.

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