An Out-Breath Way

oMcoThere are many examples of spiritual, or religious, or holy persons who have renounced the world for their devotion to their belief – the monk in a monastery, the nun in a convent, the lama on a mountaintop, or the fakir on a bed of nails. Yet we could say that those are all different strategies, of a sort, to extricate oneself from the temptations of the world. The journey that is most needed now is the one that is fully engaged in the world, yet just as spiritually connected as the lama’s or the monk’s. Spirituality today needs to look like everything we are already doing, but done with a purposeful heart. Of course, that will change everything.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember is that it felt like there was some information that I wanted to get at, along with at least one other person, and there were things being done to block that information.

So I was explaining to them what we needed to do is we needed to set up like this program represented by, I think, these little orange or yellow balls, I forget what. And what we did is we would get this program, and we’d put it on this computer, and it would start dumping the information that was blocking the information that we wanted to get. And after it caused all the information that was misleading to get dumped, then we could get at the information that was real, that we were after.

And the other person was a little anxious about doing this, or nervous, they’d never really done something that caused this big information dump before. But to me it was what you had to do to unblock and get at the information that we wanted. And we knew it would work in one instance; there was another instance where I wasn’t as sure because it was like there were some forces working against it. And then we were trying to do this to get at what we wanted to see, or know.

John: So, the information that you were trying to get to that, was being blocked… what was the sense? How did you feel that it was blocked? Could you feel how it was blocked?

Jeane: It was almost blocked because it was being covered up with all these other signals coming in, in a way, like it was being smothered or covered up.

John: So those other signals, then, they were coming into the what, the heart? How were they coming in?

Jeane: Well, in the dream, this is almost all taking place in computers, so it’d be more like the mind in a way. And people, there were certain people that seemed to be blocking, so we were like forces almost.

John: Well ,I guess that’s in keeping with the theme of the dreaming that I had, too, in that there are kind of two conditions and, the way I was looking at it, was as if these two conditions were just two approaches to somewhere. But I’m just not so sure, because from your dream, it indicates that something is blocking it, and when it’s blocking like on a computer, it’s like blocking in terms of the mind.

And what happens is the mind that gets triggered through the interaction of the senses. Well, the senses get triggered as a consequence of a reaction in terms of the heart. And the heart is feeling a reaction in terms of having related to something in the outer, something in the reflection of the outer, and it has taken that in and is trying to sort it out.

In other words, instead of going somewhere at a greater, greater, greater depth, the heart has taken in something that is hitting and affecting the heart – and then that invokes the senses, that invokes the mind. And so you then are blocked, or veiled, from the deeper quality of just going somewhere.

Now, the dilemma I have is I don’t know whether you can just absolutely just go somewhere, where you can just totally let go and go somewhere. It’s almost as if you have to go through something… The in-breath takes you somewhere. That’s the destiny of the in-breath. It takes you to a home, or it takes you to a depth somewhere.

But the out-breath brings you right back down here again, and when you come right back down here you have to contend with the multiplicity, and then you get that multiplicity vying for the heart. You’re getting these reflections down here vying for the heart, and that creates a density, it creates a contraction, it creates a veiling that causes what you are able to perceive, and think about, and ponder with the mind, to be whatever that is blocks out what is important in terms of the greater beingness. So you seem to be looking and dreaming at that.

Well the conundrum, the question that I was asking and my way of looking at that is, because you have a full breath and you have the out-breath and you have the in-breath, to what degree are they flip sides of the same coin in terms of having to contend with things, where you have to contend with the reflection, but you have to polish the heart in such a way where you have to work with the heart that gets thrown around, that gets contended with things? You have to work with that in order to let go, or otherwise you kind of sit in a la-la land, you sit in a malaise. You don’t have any catalytic forces. You haven’t awoken more or less the Kundalini force of life itself or something, and you can have a type of life that drifts along.

What is that factor that causes you to probe to a deeper depth of yourself? What is that factor? I guess that’s a hard one to understand, or to figure out, because there’s no way that you can describe how it is that you can just be taken somewhere as if you can put together a formula in terms of how that works. It just seems to happen.

It also seems that if there’s enough pressure on the heart, in terms of contrast, that you can create a letting go, whereby something can sweep in, and you can get a glimpse of the greater part of yourself, only when you bring yourself to a stop or a quality that lets go.

The key is, we don’t know how to let go. We don’t know how to follow what it is inside of ourselves in an out-breath way. We know how to experience it at times at a deep in-breath. And we know how to discuss the issue from the standpoint of when we’re blocked off. In other words, it’s like when we’re caught up in something in the outer, and therefore the mind is spinning or, in your case, the computer thing is what it is, and it is therefore getting in the way from you being able to have an access to a greater depth in which there is that piece, in which there is that quality of yourself being okay in some condition that is okay, some deeper depth.

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