Universal Overseer

What IsIn learning about the amazing capabilities of spiritually developed (energetically connected) people, it is hard to grasp that we are capable of the same. Aren’t they special in some way? No. We all have the possibility within us – it’s fundamental to our design. But, just like any skill, such as playing an instrument, we don’t access those parts of ourselves until we begin to practice and have a need for them. Then they awaken to our need. That’s how it works; and the greater the need, the more will awaken in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, it seems to be an important area, because in my meditation dream I see myself going over to an area to see if the access is as needed, in order for there to be a coming and going. In other words, coming and going implies up and down, you know with the breath even, and so there needs to be some access. In other words, you need to break through a veil, or a barrier.

So, even though I do not know anyone personally in this area, they somehow know me, and when they see me they greet me by my name. I would have preferred to stay hidden, but that isn’t an option I have anymore – or at least in this scenario.

And the property that’s involved has a flashing light that requires or invokes the need for a current time representative to handle the scenario. So what we’re talking about in terms of current time representative is some aspect of one’s self, because there is an aspect that doesn’t come down as well into all of this, and that is an aspect that is there kind of for casual reference purposes. And then there is a part of yourself, or a personage that you are with, that has the need to be more caught up in the present time scenario.

And the way I come to know this, is I come to know this when I see within the inflection that rises up, and you can see it as if it has a whole spark connection that goes way, way back energetically. And when you see this flicker of an interest, in a scenario, you know that it is something that needs to link or connect.

This part of myself is set forth as a person who is waiting to be involved in the situation, and so what happens is when he gets involved it’s almost like a document is created where he’s now the state representative and is endorsed as having this role to live out. This is recognized as a rising up of an energetic that goes way back in time, a rising up, or waking up, or a flickering back. I mean it just suddenly is there and you see it. It’s as if it goes way back in time to where there is still the pent up identification that needs to be dealt with in manifestation.

I know what I see to be important, in terms of a process, when I see that. In other words, that’s why when you take and you see a person taking and caught up in things you don’t really have a right to try to change their course because they may be living out an inflection that is ancient – and they have to do that. That’s their reason and their purpose, in terms of catching up with themselves.

And when you see this as a part of yourself, in order to be conscious you have to be able to be at multiple planes, so you have to be able to take that part that is still needing to be involved or inflected, you need to know that that aspect has to live itself out, in some fashion, as a state of being in manifestation.

And, of course, when something like that happens, in a reflective outer world it’s often portrayed as the teacher being from somewhere else, and the students being the arms and the legs of something that acts in the physical. But, on a deeper level, this is all happening in a subtler way inside, and the representative connection – on a subtler level inside – is like the eyes and ears needed for the situation. This does not affect, however, the overall presence when that resides on a deeper inner level permeating over all there is.

So, the meaning of this dream is, in this dream I am coming to know myself more and more in terms of how I am to be in every circumstance of creation, or of manifestation, or of the universe or whatever. I am realizing that there is a part of myself that is called upon, in terms of satisfying the needs of things in life, and that is because everything that is in life is part of me. I was created out of all of those components, and so I have a responsibility over all of that.

And so when some part is quickened from within, in other words, some state is correspondingly in need of being connected and grounded, that is something that has to be brought through with the out-breath. Through this state there is a focus and attention that gets facilitated. This does not compromise an overview quality of an inner self that is the universal overseer. The overseer is intertwined in a capacity that is grounded here, as well as there, because you’ve got the various aspects of yourself that come into an alignment, in that you have aspects able to be here for intertwined reference purposes. So the greater soul part takes on a completeness that emanates from the essence of all there is.

What I’m describing is a process in which I am physically all things, yet still an embodiment essence to all there is. Or to portray it in a more generic depiction, what I’m identifying is how the comings and goings of the in-breath and out-breath correlate.

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