Access to the Will

99334uThere is no end to the development possibility of a human being. At every new level reached, more becomes possible for the individual life, and more becomes  possible for the service that that life can provide to the universe. We speak about connection, yes, it all begins with connection to higher energies. But with those higher energies comes higher intelligence, and a need, and an ability, to respond to that higher intelligence. At every level is a new beginning – as we align our life closer and closer to the ways of the universe itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of my dreams is, it felt like I was trying to get a certain alignment to happen. And the alignment… something would begin moving through my body from right to left, and I couldn’t seem to get the shift, or the alignment to happen.

I finally figured out that maybe I was sleeping on the wrong side of the bed for the alignment. I mean, that’s the best I could come up with. I think I even asked you if I was on the right side of the bed or not.

It just had to move through in a certain way, and things had to be lined up in a certain way, and I couldn’t seem to get it. And so it’s almost like that frustration drove out any other thoughts I had, or any other dreams. It was like I just couldn’t get that alignment to happen. I was so frustrated.

John: What you were trying to comprehend as a sensation is how something comes in, as an access, and that access that comes in, to put a word on it, is called the Will – with a capital W.

And you’re not the Will, but you have access to the Will. And, if you’re able to reach that, everything else drops away. In fact, if this Will is viewed in an outer context you can look to be kind of reckless because the access to something like this is all there is for a human being to catch up with.

If there’s such a thing as consciousness, it’s the access to the Will that is the consciousness. And that when one meditates, or does whatever that they do, if there’s an alignment and such that you want to use as a word, that is all about being in a place in which what can flow through you, can flow through you, without there being any fear or any reaction. Fears, reactions, things that affect the heart are stop points, or end points, that occur in terms of something unfolding.

The sweeping from right to left is interesting. I’ve never experienced it from right to left. I’ve experienced it from left to right. It’s a quality, it’s a spirit energy quality, that one can easily push away but, within that, is an access. And so if there’s even such a thing as a training, the training is this access. The more you let go to this the more you appear to be trained in some capacity, but you’re not really trained, your just able to follow the access to the Will of what is in the overall. And the overall is just a vibration, and your access to that is an access to an inner vibration.

And, therefore, that’s why even in outer appearances you can be quite peculiar to a person who is observing something like this in an outer way because you’re not going to make sense of it, except in some sort of relative fashion. You’re not going to make sense of this because it is not something that is tangible, in a way, to the senses that is absolute. It can only be tangible to the senses in a relative way.

It can be experienced in an absolute way, however, but the senses of one’s reactions or fears, the way they take something upon themselves, gets in the way. So it is really an amazing state of being, so you kind of had a glimpse of something that’s very peculiar, in that regard, in that if it would have fully made itself known it can kind of drive you a bit crazy because, as you come to recognize or to see this, you’re going to have your reactions. You’re going to have to put veils on that because, following the access of something coming in, and to, and through you, is a kind of quality that to the mind would have to be seen as, if the mind has to see it that is, it can’t because to the mind it’s magic, you know because to the mind it doesn’t follow any ordered principle.And yet this is the ordering of all of the principles of everything that there is because it’s the essence of the inner, and its full aliveness.

So you catch up to it in bits and pieces – the spirit energy of things – it’s kind of an interesting way of just being situated in life so that what occurs dances around inside of you as a language. It has its own language, has its own knowingness, but it’s an access. It’s not the Will itself, but that access can be such an access that it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between what is an access and what is the Will.

So this is how inner and outer come together. The access comes in as an inner, and the Will has to do with what is created. And so the access and the Will can come very, very, very close to each other and, I suspect that ultimately yes, I suppose that there is a coming together that is a oneness between the two – and that’s an absoluteness, then, because then it’s an aliveness of everything that there is.

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