Getting Reacquainted

m222ultThe ways of this world tend to make us lose our natural connections, because we are born with everything we need already in us. So to reunite with a long lost cousin, in a dream image, is to reconnect with a part of ourselves that had been set aside and forgotten – a higher part of ourselves. In our development journey, we reawaken the connections that we’ve always had in us – that’s why it’s called “awakening,” rather than “finding” or “creating.” So we awaken what we have left behind in our early life processes, and we bring those aspects of ourselves back together – because we need all of our higher parts to be able to make the journey that lies ahead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of the first dream is, it feels like I’m at home where I live with relatives. And it’s like I become aware that a cousin, a male cousin, that I was really close to when I was younger and I thought had died, that actually the family had just separated us because they felt we were too close – and he’s still alive, has been living in Canada or somewhere.

So, he’s going to come and visit. And he comes, and it’s like I just feel in this kind of odd space with him because he was important to me, but I had thought he was gone, and so now it’s like trying to get acquainted, or let someone know where your life is at. And, at the same time, you have an idea of who they were, but you don’t know quite who they are now, or what they think of who you are now.

So there was a certain awkwardness that had been caused by the separation, and trying to kind of find: how do we relate now, compared to how we related then? That’s what I remember of the first dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re portraying something that has shifted, or changed. And the way your portraying it, is you’re portraying it as if it is something new, that was part of yourself, that you kind of held in an out of sight and out of mind capacity, while you were being and going through life in a particular way.

And now that you have shifted, this is now present as a way of being that you’re now able to relate to, or factor in to, how it is that you see life – which you had stopped doing before. Now it has opened up to you again.

And the thing about the image is that it is still an image of a beingness. In other words, it may be another level of yourself, but it still represents an existence. In other words, it’s not yet a state of non-beingness in which you have totally died before you die. You are, instead, taking on another level, or quality, in an unfolding and an awakening emergence of yourself as a wholeness.

And this part, that had been veiled out, as if it was foreign to you, is now able to be taken in. And what that effect will mean has to be taken into account in some manner, or another. And if what this means is taken into account in some manner or another, that some manner or another will be the new burden upon a heart that is striving to be free of everything, and in nothing but a soul essence of the whole.

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