A Vibrational Force

San-Andreas-1-We rarely acknowledge how sensitive we are because the world requires that we be strong and keep pushing onward. But we are incredibly sensitive to everything that happens to us, both inside our bodies and in the outside world. And our systems are left to handle the collateral effects – while we move on to other things. Some of that processing and handling happens in our dreams, as our systems try to communicate the distress we are experiencing and to sort out the absurdities we often have to deal with. Understanding our dreams can help us troubleshoot some of the stresses we otherwise would miss. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream, it’s like I’ve gone to work at a mental health center. And I go into the office and I used to see people who come in as counseling, but then I look at the people in the office, the supervisor and the secretaries and everybody, and then I walk out of the office and I walk into like a workshop area and there some people are working with clients that, you know, I guess have had more severe mental illnesses, and they’re just showing them things on the worktable.

And I realize that these are the people that I’ll be working with now and it’ll be different than I worked before, which is more spontaneous and everything, that probably what they need are basic skills training. And I’m sure that there’s people that have written even manuals that I can find, that you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheels if you’re doing basic skills training. There must be manuals around somewhere to just start out with when you’re working with people that need that.

John: So, initially, you’re working at a type of mental health center. And then, suddenly, you find yourself at another type of mental heath center that needs to be approached in a different way?

So, you went to work in this place thinking that it needed to be one way, and find out that it needs to be another, that you need to take a step back, huh? And, in taking the step back, you’re approaching it in a different way. In other words, you had a particular notion about what it was going to be like when you went there, and instead, when you go there, you realize everything has to come back to basics.

So basics means back to square one. Well, what’s square one, if you were to try to look at this dream in a symbolic way? Square one’s probably coming back all the way to how things are in the outer, and to come back to the basics in terms of the outer means to come into the outer, or to hold something for the outer, so that the outer can be aligned.

In other words, you started thinking it was one way, that there was something that could be done, and you ended up realizing – by having to take a step back – that you had to go all the way back to not necessarily working with what could be done, but with recognizing the general overall need to hold that which is the basics.

That’s interesting.

Jeane: In the next dream, I’m at some kind of a hotel in the mountains, because I can look out my window and I can see down into like a square where there’s people and activity going on, and there are other people that I know that are in nearby hotel rooms.

Well, I suddenly realize that some of the people nearby are turning against others of us that they perceive as different, and killing us. So, someone, she acts like she’s a friend, comes and knocks on the door. And I carefully lock it so that she can’t get in, because I realize she has a gun and is going to kill the one or two of us that are in the room.

And I even see that there’s bodies piled up outside the door, so I’m very careful, you know, just to be quiet and step aside. And I look out the window and I notice what’s going on there, too, but it feels like if I can be quiet and wait until a certain energy passes it will be okay, but for right now if I were to open the door or anything she would just shoot us.

John: So the first dream that you had is basically giving you a blueprint in terms of how it is that you’re able to function. That’s a bit of a shock, actually, because one is so used to having to contend with things.

So, in the second dream, it’s as if you kind of let go of those basics now and, as a consequence, are being overwhelmed by deeply imbedded energetics that still affect the way you see yourself, or conduct yourself.

In other words, these are like energetics that rise up within, maybe as a type of unfinished business or something, and those are energetics that are associated with something that has yet to be aligned with the heart – so that the heart can experience other levels, and the immensity of these other levels.

This is something that haunts you, or affects the heart, as an energetic that affects the heart. The way that your heart is affected by such energetics, you generate the following dream image to point out the burden that’s being imposed. It’s as if by pointing it out this way, it’s like explaining the conditions that you find yourself in. Yeah, they may even be outward conditions in the environment, but nevertheless they are conditions that you find yourself in that you need to let go of or you’re haunted in a particular way. I mean, that dream is hard on the heart, isn’t it?

I mean it creates a heavy heart, and it creates a condition in which, you know, if I were to try to go to sleep under a condition like this it would be in the way, which means that it stops and it blocks a process from awakening, and unfolding. And it comes from something that’s ended.

In other words, yes, it’s an image that you created, generated; the image that you generated is from a depicted vibration that coincides with the reflective outer image that you generated, which means that it’s something that you carry inside of yourself that sits there and shapes the way you perceive yourself, and carry yourself, in relationship to life.

In other words, it’s a vibrational force that keeps you in a separate motif, as opposed to, from the first dream, the blueprint, is to go back to basics and let all of it go, and not try to steer it in some fashion, or have any control over it, because what’s needed is the holding of a space so that something can see itself, or understand.

In other words, there’s something about relating to the outer now that creates a distraught condition over one’s demeanor, and when something is awry, instead of it feeding something in terms of opening up other levels and creating a greater overallness and beingness, it is triggering this kind of very strange outer dementia.

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