Pointing Outward

oeaThis dream has a frightening premise to its imagery, but it is speaking of an issue that almost everyone on the planet is dealing with: we seek solutions to inner problems in the outside world around us. What does that look like? An inner pain makes us want to become rich and powerful, or an inner pain makes us want to eat sweets, or an inner pain makes us obsessive about sex, or cleanliness, or just about anything. And this dream points out that inner pain requires inner solutions, and that begins with knowing that we all have a purpose greater than anything this culture can offer us, and that the universe wants us no matter what. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this dream, when it starts out, I feel like I’ve seen a man take a little boy, who’s wearing blue, and he’s buried him, or hidden him, and I’m afraid he’s abused him. But he’s hidden him away, so I have to go find the little boy.

And I feel like he’s hidden him in a locker in this room where he’s hidden him somewhere underground, so I am going through these rooms, on an underground level, searching for this boy. And it feels like there’s a servant in the background that I feel sometimes helps me.

So I keep looking for the little boy and, of course, the person who had the little boy even denies that he exists, or is not helping me find him. And sometimes I have to dig through mud, or I’m looking through cupboards where I feel like maybe he’s stuffed him in a cupboard.

And, at one point, my search leads me above ground almost to like a village square area, and then some of the villagers seem to show me this large structure that I kind of roll along the ground; I don’t know, it’s some kind of just a frame with things on it, and they show me where to plant it, or at least, you know, make it stable.

And then it feels like I start digging underground there, because now I’ve realized that there’s more than just a little boy that I think has been spirited away. And the little boy wears blue all the time, but there’s also some little kids with bright yellow hair – and some of the people searching for them have this really bright yellow hair, too – so I’m beginning to figure some of this out.

And I go to where they showed me how to stabilize this frame I was rolling along and I start digging there in the mud, and I suddenly reveal, down a level, the floor of a room and the wall of a room, and I see I can drop down underneath, and then there’s a whole underground structure there. I’m going to go searching for the kids there, and find them.

And now I have found that there’s something about the hair color, like whether have blue hair, or you have yellow hair, and touching your head in a certain way, and it can help me maybe locate these kids because I seem really intent on doing that. I’m not going to give up. That’s the whole dream.

John: So, what’s abused is something on the inner. And the attempt to hide is an energetic that is attempting to do something in an outwardly designed way.

And so whenever there is something that is conducting itself in an outward way, as opposed to an inner recognition way, it’s an absconding energy, in other words, it’s an energy like in your dream in which something has gotten lost and can’t be found.

An approach that has an outer design to it, corrupts. It has to acknowledge, or recognize, the inner in order for it to be valid. When it doesn’t recognize the inner, and has found a certain kind of dexterity in terms of trying to create a relative understanding of things in an outer capacity, it is working with the color of blue because blue engages the intellect, or the clarity, that one has in relationship to their surroundings.

It’s a higher-self color, but it can’t go anywhere, it can’t advance any, and eventually gets all caught up in going around and around trying to constantly figure out variables because the access of that is like a type of penetration into the lower levels of the higher-self – an access in that capacity is a trying to reach up in an outer capacity way. And it attempts to solicit and commission energetics that have an inner aspect to them.

The reason why it seeks to have energetics to have an inner aspect to them is because it knows something is missing, but what that sort of thing does is that energy that has an inner aspect to it is yellow, and what it does is it contaminates that, it absconds that energy. It doesn’t take the energy, that sort of energy, and figure out how to function in an inner capacity way. It takes that kind of energy and tries to turn it around to its outer capacity obsession. And something like that then affects the value of what needs to unfold, in that it is not breaking through. It is instead continuing to spiral, and spin, almost in a spellbinding way.

You can hear inner, but it cannot take that in in a capacity that touches a knowingness of freedom for itself. Whatever freedom it feels is a subrogation of that energy to serve, and function, and be reflected and point outwardly again – as opposed to accepting, and surrendering, to the inner flow.

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