Group Interaction

electronIf we want to become part of a group, in life, we involve ourselves in it; we can’t stand outside and just be absorbed in. And it is the same between our life and the universe: we must become involved in what the universe is doing. And that comes from inside us, as we act in unison with universal purposes, such as helping things refine. How do we do that? By making constant, and incremental, improvements in ourselves and the world around us. Treating what hurts with compassion, and finding solutions to problems that improve things for all, not just for some. Why? Because that’s what the universe does, and we want to mirror those mechanisms in our life expression. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember about dreaming last night is that I was with a large group of people outdoors, like in a town. I remember going around and there was an involvement with this large group. But I don’t remember any details, except for some reason I was thinking about it, but it was a little bit more like the Iron Man gathering, or some kind of large gathering, rather than just like being in a city. It was more like a large group that I was purposely interacting with in some way, or seeking some information from, or something.

John: So it sounds like the setting that you’re in, with the large group, was that it somehow or another washed out an aspect of how it is, and who you are, in a succinct way. It’s almost as if you settled for a flow, an overallness, that has a succinctness in it. But whether you have the succinctness for yourself, or if it’s just a succinctness that’s a consequence of the group – that becomes the question.

It’s as if there’s a kind of confusion, in terms of how black-and-white you can be. I shouldn’t say black-and-white, but how straightforward you need to be in terms of your energetic mannerism. And because you’re taking and you’re seeing yourself in an overall, in which there is something in the overall in terms of the image of the overall that has a wholeness to it, and what I don’t see is how it is that you’re properly seeing yourself in relationship to that wholeness.

Now the proper way of seeing yourself in relationship to the wholeness is that you have to have a succinctness, a clarity, a non-blurry, non-bewildered way of being. If you’re trying to see yourself in relationship to a wholeness in some sort of homogenized effect, in that in the wholeness there is something that might be represented in a solid way – but you’re seeing yourself as a consequence of bifurcations that are happening around you – then you get compromised, and you get washed out.

So how did it leave you feeling, a little scattered?

Jeane: I don’t know. I felt like in the dream somewhere I was looking for some kind of information, or trying to pull something together.

John: Yeah. You’re always looking and trying to pull something together whenever you’re compromised in some fashion. It’s almost as if you step back and act like there’s always a way of being submissive. The step-back is like a way of going at it in a quieter, lesser way, not as clear, not as succinct, not as straightforward with the energy.

There can be an action, however, that goes straight to the point. And that action will feel wonderful. It will feel ecstatic. It will make you feel complete. And so you’re experiencing this in order to denote what it feels like to have a mutable condition that is compromised by the environment.

In other words, in order to catch up with the soul, you don’t catch up with it in some sort of wandering sense. Yes, you are a part of a whole, but you’re part of a whole that has a clearcut energetic, to itself, in relationship to how it is in the whole. It’s not something that’s unconscious or amorphous.

The whole is, is it’s like a will of the creator, or of an extreme inner, higher, side of yourself that is the creator – if you view things that way – that everything is you and, therefore, if everything is you there is no outside force that dictates. In fact, the superiors and all of that stuff ultimately argue, if you view it that way, then the guidance comes from a clarity and a succinctness of your own being, and that you don’t kind of hang out as if it’s going to catch up with you, in some fashion, in relationship to what’s going on in the overall.

It just is there. It’s in the bones, so to speak. It’s very loud and clear. And, when you’re that way, the memo is clearcut, too. And the listening center you have is straightforward. It’s not compromised in some blurry way because you’ve had to make some equivocation or something. 

So what this did, it’s interesting what the effect was, I mean this vibrational effect. In you, this sort of thing noodling around in the atmosphere caused you to look at what it’s like to try to find an answer to a puzzle, inside of yourself, in an overall – knowing that you’re a part of a wholeness, and you’re trying to find it in some way of looking at the wholeness, as if you can compromise or do something so that it will ameliorate itself to your attention.

And for me, I went very blunt, very black-and-white, and very succinct, knowing that one had to be that way energetically or otherwise things are going to just keep going around and around, especially if there is something that is haywire, or misaligned, behind the unfoldment.

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