Adding to the Equation

BalanceAre we always conscious of the role we play in the unfolding of life? Sometimes we need to be the pro-active agent of events and steer them in some direction. Other times we need to be a container of the things that are important – as others are involved in their unfolding. So we play many roles at different times but, most often, we are not conscious of these roles. But our systems know better and, in this dream, the dreamer is being shown that the best role she can play, in whatever is occurring in her life, is to bring to the situation a sense of balance – so that what unfolds doesn’t veer too far from its intended path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my coughing really got in the way of my dreaming last night, so I only have two brief dreams. One dream it just felt like was down in Las Vegas and I have gone to see the woman whose husband had just died, which meant I had to go over and ride the elevator up to where her unit was. And I had gone in there because I’ve never seen her unit before, and it was like I was going to meet with her and there were some other people there. I just don’t remember any details of that, other than that.

And then I had a second just brief dream, just now, in which I seem to be walking into an office setting and there’s a girl that’s come for me that wants some help with a budget. And a woman I know from New York, who’s apparently a supervisor in the office, walks in, and she’s a blonde lady wearing kind of a red outfit. She walks up to a file cabinet and she knows where the budget sheets are. I didn’t know where they were.

She opens up a file cabinet, and then she looks at me because, apparently, not only is there some kind of budget sheet in the file cabinet, but then whatever else I need is going to be printing out. She’s pressed something, so it’s printing out on a computer in her office. So I’m going with her to go get the forms for this girl so she can have a form to figure out a budget. And that was when the alarm went off.

John: So, if you put the two images together, what they portray is that there is an expression that flows through you, that goes out and touches something in life, and that something that it touches in life is something that is not generally considered where one would place an attention.

However, there is something about that that is deemed important. The fruition of which is not in keeping with the way that one might feel they need to take into account – under current circumstances. It is important from the standpoint that it balances out something in life. In other words, without an effect or a touching in this particular regard, or area, where there is an opening that exists, there is an imbalance in the overall equation of things.

And so what this dream is saying is, because the dream is always you, what it is saying is it is saying that there is something about the nature of your makeup that is designed to function as a kind of balancing mechanism, in which the effect that is brought into a situation is meaningful -but meaningful as a quality that is important to uphold a balance that is important in terms of some overall equation, or picture, to how something needs to be.

In other words, what the dream is saying is that what you’re able to do and see is not something that will necessarily comport with the spatiality of your usual ordinary appearance, or way of seeing yourself in life, or of conducting yourself in life, and yet the involvement, the connection, is important in that it sets in motion, or furthers the setting in motion, of something essential and important to the general overall equation of life.

So what the dream is saying is you are that component, that is and does that. That’s interesting. And because you do that naturally, unequivocally, it has an effect that awakens or infectiously sets in motion something in life.

Now what the dream is hinting at is that it is something that comes to pass. It both is and isn’t something that is tangible. In other words, it is tangible, and yet it isn’t tangible, because it’s also something that is awakening something, somehow, somewhere, in some way important, in a manner in which your graspability is still at bay.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Adding to the Equation

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