Inner Value

subliminahAt the end of the day, what can a person truly rely upon? In times of struggle, or stress, we can turn to friends and family for support, but for us to have real strength it must come from our inner foundations. What do we believe? What do we value? What kind of person do we want to be, and what kind of life do we want to live? These are the questions which help us form the pillars of our response to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And the more conscious we can become about these inner values, the stronger our position will be when we face adversity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I am looking at the collapsing effect of what others trust as a truth in the outer; in other words, what they rely upon, look to. I’m looking at the collapsing effect of that, because it’s not true.

In the dream I am observing this loss of value to be like a pressure that is the result of an overriding predominant effect. I am okay if I have made defensive actions to offset the collapse. If I just go along with the collapse, in kind of a blind way, then I’m not getting it. But I can be okay if I recognize that there is the collapse and allow myself to be shaped by what needs to be – in relationship to how something is to unfold.

The collapse is a force that goes against those who are leaning upon material security. Of course you can be leaning on the security as a way of thinking, too. It doesn’t have to be physical, because that’s also physical.

The tearing away is an intensified force because, in physical existence, in which there are obligations, the intensity for those who are engaged in the outer under times like this, it can be stressful, it can be very awkward. It’s awkward because there’s a derivative effect of a meltdown in which the same force has to go about and have its effect.

To be okay from that is to experience this within, gracefully, in other words to not fight it, to be aware that this is happening and just watch it and go along with it. For those who identify their security with the outer conditions, however, there is a steady pressure upon them that feels like a taking away of their well being. That can’t, of course, be and is an illusionary delirium, but it’s up to each person to recognize that, and note that, and then to let go.

The meaning is a collapsing effect takes what people are leaning upon, for security purposes, in the outer, and destroys such a basis. Those who do not have an inner recognition, and aren’t able to look within and identify something quieter, will suffer from what I guess you could say is an identity kind of crisis.

Those whose value in life, which is externally oriented, meaning those who do not have an inner orientation, are the ones who see themselves as a dependent upon the outer cycle. Those who are oriented to the outer are subjected to fears, and pain, as an unfoundedness that is on a physical plane level, which feels like a collapse to them. Or, to say it another way, I am experiencing within a cycle in life in which a foundation based upon the outer structures becomes fleeting – and the ones who fail to relate with this gracefully are the ones who are caught in the up and down which, little by little, tears them apart when the forces contract and play upon an attached psyche.

This is a period of time in the evolutionary process where there is a need to find an offsetting inner stillness. Otherwise a frenetic-ness of appearances in the outer, which are perceived as being forces that are subjected upon a person in that there is a taking away of that which had been a perceived meaningfulness, grip the psyche, at this time, in a grief and pain. The suffering is from an identity, meaning a false identity, because there isn’t the inner recognition. And the tendency is for this to be quite noticeable with those who see themselves as well off physically, during such a cycle, because they are not able to hold onto an outer motif.

Those with a mindfulness, in which they are at peace and quiet when the outer is going up and down, possess an inner demeanor that is still. In other words, they’re capable of experiencing a latent inner dormancy that is imbedded inside of themselves. That’s what it means to be able to possess an inner demeanor that is still – and that is a quality that is like a mindfulness.

I mean it’s a still, still, very still mindfulness that is hidden as if just for the times that we are in. In other words, it’s kind of an inner value that has no dependency upon outer appearances for its overall well being-ness. It just kind of arises, as you set aside, and learn to set aside, the effect of something that’s predominating as an outer heaviness. You set that aside and you find the inner quietness as a kind of shapeable guidance.

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