The Gamble

oneness-raysThe most difficult thing we will ever do is to fully put our trust in the wisdom and guidance of the universe. It’s a gamble, it’s a risk – or so it seems to us. But the universe is what created us, and to be under its protection is the only truly safe place for us. And such a level of surrender is how we can become connected to the wholeness of life. What we do in life is important, of course, but is anything we’re doing more important than becoming part of the universal purpose – and to be in its cover and support its unfolding? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, I’m carrying what feels like an overwhelming appearance. This is the atmosphere that I am in, which triggers the following dream.

In the dream I see a woman who is strapped to a conveyor that she’s unable to get free from on her own. I seem to have a key that can affect the situation, but she’s not in a position to take it and I know that this key will jam, or stop the system, the conveyor system, which has her trapped, in other words, she’s strapped down to it, if this key is properly used.

So I toss it over to where she is lying – and it goes under her. I am of the opinion that this object will stop the conveyor belt, but because this key is where she is at but not in her direct possession, the odds are against this working. I still feel the oppressions, because the odds are 51% that this will not be timely.

Meaning: The key is an awareness which currently exists as a resolution solution means to an oppressive situation that predominates. The key seeks to be more than an awareness. It seeks to be lived. Currently that is not the case.

Having an awareness of the inner connection creates hope, although now the time has come to take it on consciously. The dream is saying that if I do not find a way of reaching beyond the heaviness of the situation I am in trouble, in terms of the scenario of being stopped, not being stopped, but being obstructed from what is unfolding.

In other words, there can or cannot be a kind of wheeling away that is successful instead of saddened, because it’s not only strapped to a conveyor but the conveyor can actually be wheeled away like it’s a type of wheelchair. The hope is that the key that I have to awaken is able to unfold.

Directly following this image I see myself as being a quarterback who is unable to avoid what is coming. I am told that the odds are stacked against me. In the dream, I make a long pass that gives me relief. I do not need to see the result; I can feel the relief even though I don’t see the result, or the effect, physically speaking. I just know. I know because I feel that a wonderful state of beingness is vibrationally washing over the scenario.

And then this result is followed up by another thought and the thought is that I’m aware that there is a presence that sweeps over the situation that I find myself in, in life, and that I am in that as a focus. In other words, there is a focus that is able to bring about relief, in other words kind of a residing over, taking care of, kind of quality.

It’s like what the teacher says in terms of the student thinks that he’s got to do this, that, or the other – but it all falls on the teacher. The question that remains is, what happens if the effect, based upon a currently existing presence goes away? I’m looking at how it was for the students of Hazrat Inayat Khan when he passed away. A lot of confusion set in. They now needed to live the inner presence and beingness as an aliveness from within themselves, and not be dependent upon the overriding grace of their teacher.

And, in the last dream, I contribute a jacket to a worthy cause that is headed up by two people. In other words, I have come to believe that these two people are doing something worthwhile. I don’t necessarily have to understand it, but I contribute to it, and what I contribute is a jacket. And I come to learn that the intended purpose, in terms of how this jacket was meant to be utilized, got squandered, but the jacket is now, in fact the whole action itself fell apart and, out of the remains of what fell apart is this jacket that is now worn by one of these two people.

I could take the position that I got ripped off, and perhaps even consider trying to retrieve the jacket. I don’t do that. I instead hope that the presence of the jacket will generate an effect that is of future value, in other words, it will cause something to arise from a depth within. That is how I must see things, or there will be a heartfelt loss that will permeate.

And the meaning is, the dream is talking about a condition that exists with me in which there is a hope and focus that will come to fruition. It is as if a kind of gamble is made upon how it is that I am, and perhaps the gamble was made because I portrayed some sort of interesting inner characteristics, but whether or not they come to a fruition is a kind of overriding question that is underscored by a trust that has been bestowed. It’s not taken back.

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