A Different Octave

human_ascension-250x227Culture and history have put many heavy layers of veiling upon a simple truth: we are all human beings. And, as human beings, we are part of a single tribe, and are all born into the same physical design. As we develop, we can begin to reconnect to that sameness because we can let go of the surface differences and remember that we have all been created for the same reasons – and as part of the same purpose. No matter what else, this will always be true, and can provide the deepest bond of all between us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it felt like I had a dream in which, initially, what I remember of it is it’s like I’m having dinner with people that I know at a house. And then it feels like I travel, and one of the members of that family, a man, is going to meet us at the other house.

It seems like there’s a little trouble with the traveling from one to the other and, on my way to the house, I must be a man at that moment because I run into a woman, who has a son who’s maybe about ten and, in talking, I suddenly realize that I was the father of the son. And she realizes it, too.

So then we’re going to travel on to the second home where everyone will be coming together: she’ll be there, the son will be there, I’ll be there, and then the uncle or person from the previous dinner is going to be there, along with a group of other people. So we’re all going to meet there. That’s, I think, the end of the dream.

John: So, what you’re describing is kind of like what’s called a caravan of souls. And then on the various paths that exist out there are the tariqas, in which there are similitudes that open up. One has described this way of knowing each other as something that is kind of done by the smell, which is a higher octave of smell, apparently, because there’s probably something to that.

And that what you’re describing is you have accessed a level of awareness, vibrationally speaking that is, that is making and bringing unto itself that which it has a commonality with. And so what this dream is doing is giving you all kinds of interesting information in terms of how it is, and why it is, people associate in the ways that they do. In other words, you’ve got some people that go around and have a particular way of carrying themselves, and that’s just kind of how it is.

And, in your dream, what you did was you, in your awareness, where you put together the sound quality from your first dream in which you’re accessing levels with inside of yourself that way, you are expanding the recognition of a kind of creativity that exists in terms of a similitude opening up awareness that has grown. And it’s shown as growing by more and more kind of awakening.

In other words, you’re not the father of some woman’s son, literally speaking, yet you are connected in terms of a quality of energetic that has come to your attention, or has come unveiled, which you had denied and now no longer deny, which means you have let go of something in order for that to be so.

And so you’re portraying it in kind of a linear way of saying it, but on a higher self way of saying it this is a quality of knowingness. When you put the first dream together with the second dream, it’s a quality of knowingness that has opened up for you in manifestation through sound. Isn’t that interesting?

In the past the attention has always been dwelling upon the idea that there’s information found in light and that, even though I know and could know but never had gone there before, with the idea that there is a flip side that is also there, in terms of information available through qualities of sound, vibratory sound, I didn’t really address that because it’s easier to look at things, for me, in where my wheelhouse is at, which is an aspect of bringing an energy down and through that is in essence an aspect of sight, or light.

And, of course, I hadn’t pondered the fact that you have a certain kind of receptivity to being able to facilitate that, and even understand it, in some aspect of your subjective nature. And that the reason you’re able to understand that has a lot to do with a certain quality of similitude found in common sound that you may not be able to hear, or denote, as being like that because it is something that can go beyond the loudness of your senses. It’s subtler than the loudness of your senses.

And thus it has helped me to understand why it is that I suddenly found that I can go somewhere in sound and that there’s more than the sound, just like that was introduced as a first technique. And then these other techniques that was teaching people to pay attention to in terms of how you generate thoughts, and let go of thoughts, and stuff like that, is actually working with a quality and principle now of that sound, in a different octave, that is more like light again because thoughts are like light. It’s just that they’re misaligned, and when they become perfectly aligned then those thoughts create, they manifest.

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