Elevator Going Up

elevator-arrowThe biggest barrier we face, in terms of reaching a desired goal, will always be ourselves. Humans have shown time after time that if they are fully committed, very little can prevent them. So it is with the setbacks and difficulties of a spiritual journey, because there are parts of us that like the status quo and will resist the changes we are trying to make. And because they are part of us, it will appear to us as rational thinking. That’s why we need to tell our whole self about the journey we are trying to make – and why – so every part can get on board in support. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation dream I’m having to contend with things in an area that is deep below. I would like to leave earlier because I do not like how it is that things feel, but others, meaning other parts of an awakening consciousness of self, and these other parts are who I am in a wholeness, have not reached this awareness unequivocally yet.

So what I’m describing is this. I have this image in which I’m at some deep depth, and this is like a deep depth that you carry as a tone, or a mood, or a mannerism that you feel in your heart, where you’re weighed down by something. And actually you can be kind of fractured by what is going on because it’s almost a bit too much.

And so something that is like that, a bit too much, can leave you a bit scattered. And so in that scattering you can then notice the various nuances of the multiplicity of things going on around you. And a person who is not able to have the courageousness, or fearlessness, or whatever it is to be in all of that becomes a person then who sees things busted into a whole bunch of pieces.

And so each of those pieces copes. These are all pieces of themselves. These pieces then cope at this delirium depth that they are at within, and it copes up to a point where all of these pieces get it that this is ridiculous and that they need to take a step beyond it. And it’s kind of like a light bulb goes on at the same time. In other words, you come together, and so all of these pieces then are then ready to leave simultaneously – but until then, you’re still fumbling about trying to find a balance.

Now the way it’s seen in the image is when this suddenly gets it you’re kind of somewhat surprised because you all get on the elevator at the same time, going to go to the top, going to go home. And when you all get on the elevator at the same time, and you look around it was like, huh, just a little bit ago this part was trying to do this, and that part was trying to do that, and of course none of these different parts and fractures of yourself were going to work.

And what happened here where you all kind of got it at the same time, and all got on the elevator to go up at the same time, all had this common epiphany. Now all these little parts of yourself as they come together into the elevator is a greater beingness of yourself. And you now realize that when you were fractured and cracked, so to speak, into all of these different multiplicities, that you were in a condition in which things could readily fall apart because you needed the wholeness of yourself in order to cope.

And so when you first get into an elevator that’s like this, you realize that it may not work. In other words, you’re still fairly close to the way you’ve been bludgeoned in your multiplicity of things. That’s still kind of an odor in the air of things. So when you get into this elevator there is a part of the elevator that has a hole in it, and in this hole you can see the cable, and it’s a cable that, you know, may even scrape on a portion of the elevator that has been broken, or is open there, and there is always the danger that the cable can break, which means you could come crashing back down. That yes, you can come together courageously, and yet still something else could happen and you come crashing down.

But in this image one is fortuitous in that this doesn’t happen, and they actually have come together in the nick of time, before everything has fallen apart, and are able to go to the top.

So that’s the image, and with that is a very deep meaningfulness, in terms of what is going on with the energy of things in life, which is what I am acutely feeling, in terms of this being a byproduct of how I am aware of things around me. In other words, the realization comes together for all of those who are with me, or in me, meaning the parts of myself that awakened, awakens to a greater wholeness. And when that greater wholeness is awoken it clarifies how a creativity is to be in this place. In other words, this is the responsibility that one takes on.

So I notice that what it is like vibrationally for each and everyone I am with or, in other words, all these parts of myself, as we all get on the elevator at the same time is how the design is to be, in other words, all of these parts, all of this catching up, leads to the greater design. And in the greater design there’s nothing really going on because we are everything.

We all feel a breakdown is imminent. We feel a breakdown is imminent because that’s the vibration of what it’s like when you see yourself floundering in all of the multiplicities of separation. And that we are all going in the elevator of life home, meaning when it comes together then you kind of break the trance, which means that a responsibility affects the whole. In the journey depicted as an elevator chain, that has a whole and whatnot, that is jeopardizing the unfoldment.

This now becomes a relatability between one thing on one hand, and another thing on the other hand, and then there’s the journey, and then there’s the whole suspense of the journey. Will this elevator be able to go home? Because here’s the elevator mechanism, a chain there, that’s exposed, that you can see into. You can’t just take for granted that this elevator can go up. This other could break. I mean there are still things that are in a state of energetic disarray in terms of how it is that you have caught up with what you feel in an overallness.

So a person warns me to stand clear of the chain which could snap and, if it does, a collapse of the elevator of life will occur. The outer effect, a direct consequence of an inner energetic, is something we all have to contend with, this being a reflective example of a direness that exists in the overall design. It’s a design that has a direness when the parts of yourself are all scattered this way and that way, but when they pull together there’s the true soul self.

Realizing that all of this are multiplicities of levels that open up, and that there is the denser quality, or the more direct way of looking at it, and then comes all of the little idiosyncrasies that have to all come together in order to go home, in order to take the elevator, so to speak, of life, the journey, the elevator being the journey.

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