Vibrational Content


We all know the lengths we will sometimes go to avoid something, to put something off, or to deny it altogether. We can be very stubborn. It happens in dreams as well, as this imagery shows. If we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, we can see how something that is awakening is characterized as a strange creature. And to avoid that “creature,” it is shot and blown to pieces. But that isn’t the end of it – not when our unconscious wants an outcome for us. It has to be ingested, or taken in, in whatever way is possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So last night I mostly just remember little scenes. One scene, I’m in a room in the department store that my dad used to have. It was an upstairs room where we used to store things, or steam the clothes, or get things ready to take out and put in the store.

In this case, I just seem to be meeting with some friends – and there’s something that we need. And then I see this creature come in and it crawls up on the floor. It almost looks like something with legs like a king crab, except it’s hanging upside down on the ceiling, I guess. It’s in this room and it’s hanging upside down on the ceiling.

It’s crawling across the ceiling. It’s got these long kind of, looks almost like it’s got crab-like type legs. It’s just a very strange creature. So, anyway, one of them shoots it, so it falls in a puddle on the floor.

Then we have to leave the room to do something, and some other friends come in when we’ve left. Well, when we come back, the friends tell us that they really enjoyed the chips and dips that we left for them. However this creature fell, it fell into something that looked like a pile of chip and dip and they just ate it, you know. That was kind of shocking to me, you know, but they thought it tasted good.

John: Well, first of all, you’re going through a number of levels here. First of all there’s that which appears to be an awakening, or an opening, within that flow of the store, that supports the store as a kind of inner into outer kind of room.

And then you can go in that room, and the various parts of yourself can start coming together so that you’re able to then see the multiplicity that is intertwined in all of life. It’s like a centipede that you saw, multi-legs and multi this; all over the place.

But it was a creature that had multiple arms and legs, or however you’d say it, which is an image designed to correspond to a vibrational sense, it isn’t just the linear one or two arms, two legs, two this, two that. It’s something that’s much more all-pervasive; has an aliveness.

Now that aliveness is something that is a little surprising to you that it’s like that, and you’ve come into this room that is your utility room, so to speak, to the store. And you’ve come in to that room with your friends. Normally that room is just something that works in conjunction with the store, but you’re there with all kinds of friends – so all parts of yourself have constellated there, come together there, and then something so much more is able to be seen in terms of the bigger picture of an overallness

And you can’t quite do it justice by how you perceive this creature of multiplicity to be, so you have to blow that up into a million pieces and realize that it is something that is taken in in a capacity that has to do with an all-inclusiveness. In other words, there’s another shift that needs to happen in that you don’t just see this as something that is everywhere, I mean an overallness and a wholeness that is more than the linear way of perceiving something. You actually have to, and do, experience it in terms of its intertwined vibrational content.

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