A Compressed State

energymatterWe know that an atom contains a tremendous amount of explosive energy, yet we can hold a rock with a huge number of atoms without worrying. And all matter is compressed, or condensed, from a much more pure state of energy. And that’s why we can say that human processes are meant to work from the inner into the outer – from energy into matter. Where humans have gotten it wrong is that we only work from matter to matter, or from outer to outer, and give no credence to the inner, which is where everything emanates from. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well this was kind of a hard one because it’s more symbolic, and then there’s a dream afterwards. But what I remember of the symbol is it felt like there was information to be shared, but it came in this design. It had a certain design to it so it kind of looked like a small block attached to maybe a small tube. So it’s almost like something that had been shaped from something larger.

Well it was like a small block, and then it was like a tube, and maybe another little block, but whatever it was, whatever shape it had, it’s like you know it was at one point part of a larger shape. But when you take it off, or you separate it, it kind of has a life of its own, it has movement.

And they kind of become alive, and they have a movement, and something is passed on because of that. I mean you get something because of that, and it felt like I was kind of watching that, experiencing that, or seeing what that was about. And then it went into a dream.

John: So what you’re describing with a block, and a line, and a block, and a line or a tube or whatever you want to call it, is you’re describing space and time. And that there is an importance to that, but that importance to that comes from an innerness.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to acknowledge, or to recognize, from within, the inner flow. The theme of the dreaming, for me, had another step in that it recognized how an outer orientation had commanded the attention, and had obliterated, or veiled, the recognition of how the inner flows into the outer – and that the outer is a reflection.

A time space thing is what you’re looking at, the tube being more of a line, and the block being more of a space. And that the line is the out-breath and the space awakened, with the out-breath line being the in-breath spatiality of something. The line touches a spatial dimension, and then from that something quickens. I guess that’s how you’d say that, and that’s how we have to go through it. That’s how we have to proceed.

That’s the loci characteristic that we’re contending with on a physical plane. And, as you’re saying, it’s important, it’s significant. It becomes almost totally insignificant, however, if there is a total failure to recognize the inner behind all of that. In other words, just because the other has gotten dense, and grabs the sense attention, doesn’t mean that that’s the end all, be all of what’s going on. That’s just a compressed state is all of an energetic wholeness that is not limited to time and space.

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