Too Much Juice

Early spring windows cleaning. Maid cleans window.Cleaning is an important idea in dreams and in spirituality and religion (i.e., “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”). Why? Because it is the nature of high energy to be cleaner and purer that lower energies; we all know the feeling of a newly cleaned room or space compared to the static energy of a dirty space. So, as our body and our thoughts are our space and ecology, we will attract to ourselves the levels of energy that can “live” there. So in our journey we let go of our coarseness to make space for something higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So then what I remember of my dream, it feels like I’m traveling with someone else, it feels like another woman, actually, and we go to this house. It’s a three story house, and the windows are rather dusty. And we go and peek in the windows; it feels like I peek in at all three levels. And when I look in at the top level, the window there, I can see all these tiny little mechanical people or things, you know, on a shelf there.

Then we go down and we go in the house, and I’m telling whoever’s with me that we should start at the top of the house, the room at the top of the house with the window cleaning. But first we have to go in. It’s probably part of getting permission, but I realize that actually the women that live in this house are witches. It’s not necessarily a negative term, it means you have to be a little careful.

So we go in and one of the sisters, or the witch that I kind of recognize as being more in charge, her room is the one on the top, and there’s a lot of things in this house. It’s kind of crowded. And so she takes us up there and I look up at the window and, like I said, on a self, a high shelf in the room right before the window are all these little tiny figures, and one of them is kind of a clown-like figure, a man. They’re only like a couple inches high.

As we go over and we’re setting down some things to look at the window, we’re probably going to start cleaning it from the outside or the inside, I don’t know, we’re just setting things up right now. I have a discussion with this woman that’s in charge of the house, because I realize this little Tin man is probably going to make his way down to where we are, and I realize that the issue is he’s a little bit addicted to juice. We must have some juice with us.

And so I’m looking at her to guide. Do we put out a little for him, or do we have to watch it and not set any water or juice down because he’ll come and take it? And at the same time in the back of my mind I’m just assessing that, when you’re in a house full of witches like this where things can kind of come alive and move around, you just have to be very careful with what you do.

John: So you dreamt, first of all, the fact that in the consequences of an outerness, the first part, which has to do with the line, or the tube and the block, has to do with how a cycle of orientation and creation is meant to quicken from just that of mere breath.

Yes, it’s created out of breath, but it goes back from breath. And it goes back into the total innerness which encompasses all that exists. The thing is, to do this from a top down approach, there are three or four steps and I was looking to see if you would describe more than one. In other words, first of all it’s recognized that the first step is not a step where you climb through the density of trying to figure things out in an outer context way, which is the way people are when they’re lost in time and space in the outer.

You work from the top down, and you work from cleaning things from inside to out, in a top down way, so that you develop a visibility experientially, vibrationally, of what it’s like to connect with the top down or inner coming into outer. But you have to be very, very careful because what stops and hinders most people is the innerness, if you catch up with it too quickly, is dangerous. It will throw you awry. It’s too witchy or something if it’s of a physical orientation.

The way I saw it is, the veils are such because of the degree of outer orientation, that you have to create the inflection that goes all the way through, you have to create this inflection so that the light bulb moment, so to speak, hits in subtle ways so that a person doesn’t get burned out or get overly affected.

The realm that is around this contained, controlled, or under the effect of what is considered witch-like energy is a realm in which you can have an aliveness that awakens between the inner and the outer. In other words, what gets cleaned in one sense almost becomes a question because in an outer context way you can have images, for example hypnagogic images, that are neither awake nor asleep – in the wee hours, we’ll say, of the morning. And there is a huge reconciliation of that, but is that too much juice? Is that something that you can then carry into the outer and bring through to the next step, and the next step, continuing to bring this down?

So what you’re doing is you’re pointing out how this works in a spatial way. It works kind of in a spatial orientation from top down, where what opens up is kind of an energetic that can even seem somewhat dangerous because you are able to reach through and beyond, to a certain degree, the domain of human limitations. And, in doing that, that’s dangerous because it’s witchy, and it’s also dangerous because you can get caught in that orientation.

That’s why things happen very, very slowly. You’re subjected to the intensity in a very, very subtle way. It’s not explained or pointed out to you too directly because you have to go through and absorptive process to keep coming down, and keep coming down, to hold all of that within life.

But to begin with, if you just got overly indulged in how it is, in terms of this directness of intensity of a quickening between the inner and the outer straightaway, you would set off a collateral effect, and not mean to do that, that would be inclined to blow up the potentiality straightaway.

So the inner coming into outer happens in a careful subtle way; that’s why we don’t have special rings, and special clothes, and any kind of notoriety because it’s not about that. It’s about this other just opening up as a natural flow – and not any hoopla about that natural flow. Any hoopla about that natural flow becomes the danger again.

So you’re dreaming the importance of this very, very first step, and you’re dreaming this first step in terms of its effect as an aspect upon the feminine domain of manifestation. You’re dreaming it as an awakening that touches life, but it’s hard to fully grasp the glimpse of it because it’s happening from a top down point that’s got all of the veils yet in place so that there isn’t the immediate overwhelm that would be too much.

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