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Light-PrismLet’s face it: if we are good at something, we can become one-trick ponies and keep doing what we are good at in every situation. That may be useful to us, but it is very limiting to the universe. We are really designed to be able to respond in a huge spectrum of ways, ways that are appropriate to what it needs and is calling for. Tough love only works with some people, standardized tests only reveal some capabilities, and pizza is great but we can’t eat it for every meal. What limits us because of psychologies, or social pressures, or economic realities can hinder our spiritual journey, where we are asked to broaden our versatility because it’s not about us, it’s about something much bigger. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, it feels like I’m looking at a very simple building. It’s like one or two adobe rooms that adjoin, or maybe one large adobe room. And I’m working on healing, or bringing into balance, something there, or someone there, almost like something there.

And I finally get it in balance, and then someone else comes and they want to work with it, so I’m correcting them because it feels like they want to work with it as though it’s red, and I’m telling them it’s more of like this deep blue line and so they have to relate to it differently.

They also want to work with it verbally, and I’m telling them they have to work with it nonverbally, and correcting maybe what position in terms of how they work with it. Because I know I’ve finally gotten it in balance, and I know that it’s blue, not red, and it’s a vibration that’s more nonverbal than verbal. And so I’m kind of showing someone else how to work with it.

John: So you’re taking and you’ve taken that whole thing that’s in a menagerie of a flow that doesn’t necessarily have a pristineness yet, which is your first dream, but you’re honing in on it because you have to hone in on it, because you are required to reach a particular destination where something is needed that’s in a hospitalized condition.

And so, in this dream, you’re working at this in a step by step way in that you’re finding a way in which you can come across that, initially, works in a particular schematic. And that, of course, is like breaking through a density, but it doesn’t mean that you can do it if the scenario, or octave, change is a degree or two off or, in other words, goes to a red which is a different way of being from whatever way it was that you were able to come across that happened to be in keeping with a frame of reference, or focus, that you have acquired.

In other words, each of us has a quality in our nature that is able to hear something more deeply, in terms of what is real, in terms of an aspect of oneness. Now I’m saying aspect because it might be our particular thread that goes straight through, but from that little spark, or little light, it needs to expand and open up to take in more and more and more of the spectrum of it all.

And so we all have a means of back-dooring ourselves, so to speak, to where we can hit the divine inner principle, or dharma, or quality of ourself that is at home on the other side – but we hit it in such an infinitesimal way that we don’t necessarily notice it, or we easily lose it, because when the situation changes, when somebody new comes into the room, whenever the dynamic shifts to a different color, to a red, or to a different beingness is what that is really trying to say, then are you able to multitask in terms of the need to where you take what is suddenly now there and you relate to that, as it needs to be related to, so that so much more is able to happen in terms of that being intertwined, and connected, as well?

In other words, you’re finding that when something is such and such, and so and so, you’re able to go right straight through. But throw a different vibe into it, throw a different energetic into it, change the scenario a wee bit, and now how do you do? And so you’re meant to be able to be ambidextrous, or have a quality that is empty and free flow enough.

And so your dream is one of being able to catch up with more of the dynamic: being able to shift, adjust, and adapt to whatever changes are in the environment. You’re able to multitask better. It’s actually a trait that’s more developed in the feminine makeup, in terms of its overallness in the outer, that’s more natural to it. It’s a trait that’s more in keeping with the feminine quality.

The interesting thing about the dreaming last night is it doesn’t go to a blind side in our nature. In your dream it’s going into a quality of something that actually is fairly well developed in you, as if now it’s time to hone it, or to expand it even more so. One of the schematics of the dreamworld was to take that and give it another spin, to twist it to becoming even more attuned.

You know, in the past, the dreamworld can often take something that’s a little awry and jerk it around a little bit in terms of trying to get it to burn off some sort of dross that’s in the way. This time the dreamworld is taking something that is already in a kind of flow, and has a certain kind of recognition to it, and it’s spinning it so that its subtle recognition becomes accentuated so much more even. It’s already at a point that is interesting, in terms of what is important to the whole, but it can be made so that it penetrates, and comes across, and reaches into, and opens up even more?

And so the dreamworld is basically approaching the wheelhouse of things of your nature, but it’s doing it in a way to try to tell us that, aha, there still is more grounding, or more communication skills, or more of a scientific quality or aspect in terms of one’s makeup that’s able to come through even more – and it’s throwing that as the curve ball to notice.

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vanishing-point_01Often, when someone, or something, is in need, we are at our best. We overcome the obstacles that are in the way because we understand what is at stake, and the importance of rising to the occasion. In the outer world, these situations can be easy to see. On an inner level we may only feel them very subtly but, as this dream image shows, the consequences can be just as dire. So our dreams can help us by showing us the importance of a connection. Here, a man drives a car across country to reach his family in need; what seeks to derail his journey is less important than reaching the goal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: When I first woke up last night it was because I was coughing a lot, and it felt like rather than remember a dream I was just remembering a few minutes of a movie I’d watched before going to bed.

And the movie was about a man who was driving a classic car, a Dodge Charger, across the desert trying to get to his wife and daughter who were in the hospital. And he keeps having to evade policemen and others who chase him because they’re assuming if he’s going fast he must be… well, he’s either running into a speed trap, or he must be running drugs, he must be doing something else, you know, so everybody keeps getting after him from one state to another.

One person even chases him in a car that’s a black version of the white car that he’s driving, so it’s kind of a symbolic movie. And that movie just seemed to be on my mind a lot about the chase, plus my nephew has just gotten the same kind of a car, a Dodge Charger, which is kind of a muscle car, to restore, so I must have been associating it in some way.

And it just seemed to be this sensation of being in the desert because he was driving across Monument Valley and, you know, all the different colors like Monument Valley, you have a white car versus a black car, and the speed of it trying to chase. So, initially, it was like I was just trying to work with the cough and feeling sick, and then that movie was on my mind a lot. And then I had a dream.

John: So what you’re talking about, what you’re describing, what the energetic is, what you’re seeking to figure out, what you’re trying to close in on is a format, a methodology, a mannerism, a schematic upon which to proceed from A to B, between two points.

And so you’re still trying to sort that out in a way that comes across, so that it’s non-combative for one thing, meaning there is no chase or anything like that involved. 2) It’s not too fast for the situation, which means that you’re not creating a vacuum, or a desert kind of vibratoriness in which there’s nothing able to be denoted because your approach to yourself is out of twang with what is in the environment, is out of twine with connecting to what you need to connect to, that is in an environment.

In other words, the environment that you’re having to connect with is something that is needed, and there needs to be a relating in terms of that which is needed, which is in a hospital. And so what’s happening in terms of catching up with the, we’ll call it, hospitalized side of yourself is you have to find the right tone, space, mannerism, speed or however you want to say it.

Basically the overreaching schematic of the dream was that of, how do you come up with the means of communication that is able to make something, bring something clearly through, in a knowable way?

And so what you’re doing with this energetic of the dream is you’re looking at the characteristics, or mannerisms, in which your listening center is adhering through a process, or a flow, that needs to be aligned, that needs to be in sync more with bringing something from A to B. That’s what you’re doing is you’re playing with this A to B, and the way you’re playing with it yet is more of a kind of mystery.

In other words, the dream is there to cause something to sort, or streamline, in a way that facilitates a going from A to B. And to facilitate that, you have to contend with whatever there is that’s a discombobulation in bringing that clearly through. And so you’re working on sorting that out in your dream.

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6-3Discovering uncharted territories is a passionate pursuit for humans: the New World, the  depths of the ocean, outer space. It is natural for us to want to claim new space. But what if that inclination in us is really built into our design so that we can bring consciousness to what is unconscious? Created so we could discover what is on the inside? Because when we shine the light of our attention into new places, so much more becomes possible – particularly for our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the dream, I am inclined to believe that I may be doing something wrong when I lose myself like that, but then of course when you wake up you realize, oh my goodness, it’s amazing what’s going on here. Because the dream is pointing out that in the emptiness, and stillness, and a letting go, I’m able to access within a place therein that I am able to merge into, and merge with.

In other words, it’s not like it’s separate, it’s part of me. It comes out and it automatically sweeps everything into it. And this is a merging into a wholeness that energetically permeates all of life, and it permeates it from the inner level.

That is why you don’t try to control, or regulate, the light because it’s controlling things from the inner level and you in the outer then would be imposing controls that prevent this from permeating. So the idea of it being a problem, in other words, the fact that it sweeps over everything like it does is just a pun, because when you settle back you see that there’s a wonderful result in being able to take in a flow, through one’s self, that is connected inner and outer, and outer and inner; it flows.

So that’s the meditation dream; so that has to be broken down. And so, in my dream, I proceed, or take you, to a past in which I had lived which is in Hungry Horse. And we go to Hungry Horse to where there is a river that flows through the area, and the river is at the lowest level I’ve ever seen, so low that I am able to cross the river to the other side, which is something I have never done before.

When I was a kid there I never did this. There are others there that give you concern, just seeing them. It’s just they were hooligans or something, but I know everything is okay. In other words, they’re kind of trying to like maybe keep this place to themselves and, once one gets over that little trepidation, as you look you’re amazed at the trail system that exists – that I didn’t know was there – because I’d always assumed that this is a pristine area, which is what it was when I grew up, unexplored, and it’s natural beauty had been untouched by man.

So we come to a place where there are kids in a small pool that looks wonderful. I ask if it’s a hot spring. They say that the water is only about 50 degrees, in other words, just barely survivable in a situation in which outside it’s still snowy and could still be part of a melt going on. It could be very cold.

So I go and check it out. It is fine. They’re bullshitting. It’s comfortable, but not hot, but the pool is small and probably too small for you and I. So we keep exploring, and I seem to separate from you and come to a place where there is another hot springs that is much hotter, and that’s kind of even enclosed a little bit, and when I go inside young people again, not old people. We’re the geezers over in this area.

When I go inside, the kids that are here are kind of drunk in what they’re taking in. You find the place. You come looking for me. You find the place and, as you look in, you come across as like an official authority the kids have to follow. And you say that the cans, the beer cans, got to go. And, of course, I know that they think you’re an authority figure, but I know that it’s not quite what it appears. And so I just get off and we start walking away – so the old geezer amongst these youngsters is leaving.

Suddenly, off to one side, I see like a natural slide that goes from this hot springs and, in the far distance along this slide, it comes to another hot water pool that is connected to the river below, and that’s where the old geezers are at. And so I say, “Why isn’t anyone taking in this natural water slide?” And they tell me that it is too hot.

I joke with them that it is probably fine. I have no proof of that, I just suddenly seem to think that maybe they’re kind of misguided or something. So, I have to check it out. So I get into the slide at the top and find the water to be wonderful. It’s not too hot and, in the far distance at the other end, I see people – that’s where the grownups are at, and they’re swimming around.

So it appears to me that if it’s okay at the top, and the water flows down and goes into that, it should be fine all the way. It can’t be like they are imagining. Just as a last precaution I decide to go over, you and I we’re going to go over, just to make sure it is okay.

So when we get over to where the area is approximately at, to my surprise, as a last step, suddenly we have to take a man-made elevator up to the top of a tree and proceed across from there.

I took you into a past in which there is a lot of power, but when I grew up there the power was deprived. That’s Hungry Horse, horse is power. This power place had been like a hungry ghost unable to get out from its shadow. This time something is different. A roaring river that separated the area I grew up in from inaccessible pristineness on the other side is now accessible. So now that we’re able to cross over to an area no one when I was kid had ever gone, I find it has become discovered by kids and is a wonderful place to explore. In other words, what I’m seeing is not what I had expected to find on the other side.

So then as I explore further I find a hot springs, I realize that this hot springs is connected to a kind of a waterslide, and it is from there that I can see that this natural slide goes a long ways to where it reaches a river way below, and this waterslide connects, in other words, from a youthful innocence of an energetic to the adults in the pool of their own.

So to get there the last step is we need to take an elevator up a Tree of Life and, from there, cross into this zone.

So the meaning is the dream is portraying how much I have grown consciously, in that I have come to access a dormant inner power within that was limited in what it could do long ago, but is now able to cross, in other words, to take this growth and go over into a pristine realm, or the other side.

In this area things are wonderfully different, although at first glance that isn’t apparent to the feminine side of myself, because it’s new and so you have your preponderances. That part is naturally fearful because this is an area of unknown.

Not only do I find an abundance of inner into outer hot springs that no one in the past was aware existed here, I discover that the innocent young people who are the first to find this place are kind of keeping it to themselves, so it remains yet in a kind of unconsciousness. Adults are too prudish or fearful or quick to dismiss to be able to know that there is something more. The energy consciousness of an inner youthful innocence likes it that way, and is inclined to keep it hidden from old souls. But you and I have taken steps in which we are no longer deluded, or fooled. In the end I am able to close the gap between young and old, and am able to handle the waters between the two zones; in other words, to make the linkage.

The way this fits with the meditation dream is that a greater mergable consciousness is now possible in that the time has come for assumptions about this being a no-go zone to fall away. In falling away life in terms of access and appreciation of what had been inaccessible inner levels unfold. Wrongful, or false assumptions, when they fall away, reveal a powerful inner flow, and there’s power behind that that connects old with new, or maybe you’d say new with old, and unconscious with conscious, or conscious with unconscious, depending again how you want to flip that, upon the other side inner level of my beingness.

Until it became possible to access this inner pristine place I was not aware that, on this other side, so much there needed to be opened up there again in order to realize, recognize, and appreciate how connected, how new connected to old, how above touched below, how consciousness affected unconsciousness, and that in general that on this other side the means existed for a greater fullness of consciousness to rise up anew.

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