im234agesIt is a wonderful urge to want to help someone or something, but there’s a caveat: everything is in process, and everything has its own timings. So when we seek to prevent someone from having a painful experience, we can’t know what lessons they may need to learn. In fact, in terms of other people, in terms of the planet itself, and in terms of universal purpose the most effective way we can be a help is to continue our development, because a developed life elevates all the lives it touches, which makes more possible for those lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then here’s another kind of one that’s a little shocking.

In this dream a dynamic exists where I find that I go about teasing people who fall for the prank that I tease them under over and over again. This is a trait I always do. I seem to do that. I’m always setting something up. I’m a prankster. I keep hoping and thinking that in doing this it will cause something to get it, and find it odd in that even though I’m play acting the result and the reaction is as if it is real.

So what it’s doing is I keep doing something that shocks this person, and then in their shock there’s the split second of shock where they take it too literally, and I keep trying to get the person to see what it is, and how it is, that they are responding each time, over and over and over again. That there really wasn’t ever anything going on. I make that really plain.

Thinking that if they could see themselves they’ll get it, and the way I try to get them to visualize this is I make the comment that, if a picture were taken of the effect of what I’m doing upon them, in terms of how they react and fall for it, in some fashion each time, if they could just see the picture of that reaction, that shock, eventually they would see through their trance and, as a consequence, quit putting themselves under it. And that means that they would take a step into a greater freedom of themselves, rather than always falling into the same habituations and reaction over and over again.

The meaning is the ability to step back and watch, which is kind of what I’m trying to do when I take and shock and tease a person is to get them to step back and watch, just like I watch, or be a dispassionate watcher, meaning not something that reacts to every little thing, and that is a step in the path in terms of recognizing what is going on. And what is going on really isn’t what you think is going on, because nothing is going on, and they need to just see that the whole thing is a play act.

Okay, there’s that, but there’s also the other aspect, which is the part of me that partakes in doing this sort of thing as a dynamic. I let everybody know it’s an obvious spoof, and that by diffusing it like this I’m hoping to be able to reflect and inflect an insightfulness for others to get. And I do this sort of thing a lot, and I will act real serious about something hoping to flip it a bit to break a stigma, or trance.

This is a dream that is causing me to look at the mannerisms, both mannerisms, that which is attempting to do something, and that which isn’t; because you can get caught. It’s kind of a cynical thing; you can get caught in that, too. By looking at it I am able to better see what works and what doesn’t. In other words, the cynical aspect of approaching it like that, and playing like that, is still separate, and distant, and aloof.

So, at some point when I see that the shock keeps happening over and over and over again, and that there is nothing that’s changing, conceivably, then, I’m supposed to get it in terms of what works, and what doesn’t.

And so what I’m supposed to be able to see is that when something is too much, and I’ll notice it as being too much when over and over and over again something keeps repeating, what that means is that I have to actually, instead of keep the distance, I have to come down into life. I have to relate more directly with how something is in terms of how its at, and where its at, for there to be the participation of an intertwined nature – or otherwise, in a roundabout way, I will be keeping something hypertensive instead of breaking through.

The idea is to build something up, just like with the bum the idea was to offer an atmosphere so that the bum could go somewhere, and can get somewhere, could be somewhere. And in your dream the idea was to recognize that you just needed to hold a space, which is like an atmosphere, as opposed to relate to either part, either the ancient part that echoes in some capacity that can have a fascination, and you can indulge in the fascination, or on the part in which there is still something that you feel that makes life easier that you need, and that these are the levels upon which, in a feminine way of looking at things, in terms of your feminine way of looking at things, that everything rides in terms of its in-betweenness to some degree or another.

And what you find is important is this other part, what you come to glean is this other part, that comes to realize that whatever your placement is in life, to some degree you need to see that it has a certain quality of vibration, that there always is some quality of vibration, and that a true traveler doesn’t indulge whatsoever in any of it. So these are the sleep dreams.


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Moving Freely

the-stages-of-a-spiritual-awakeningIt is a great truth of spirituality that everyone has to awaken for themselves – in their own time, and in their own way. Many ideas, events, or encounters in life can trigger such an awakening, but it still must be freely chosen by the person. The reason for this is because, in a culture that doesn’t esteem spiritual growth (relative to economic or career growth), the person who awakens must generate their own passion for the journey – and no one else can do that part for them. Awakening is the beginning of the journey, not the end. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In one of the dreams, like you, I am a traveler, only this time as a traveler I have stopped at a place to rest a bit. I don’t describe the outer scenario around it. It’s just a place… it’s like a two-room place, like a little shop or something. There’s nobody else there but the shop owner.

And I stop there, and then a short while later a bum comes in and wants the business owner or me to give him something. The business owner says to me, “Don’t look at him or he won’t leave you alone.” And he’s not thrown out of the place so, if he can’t bum anything, he at least can rest a little bit here. So he falls asleep.

And even though I haven’t really looked at him, or spoken, to him I know what it is that he’s really looking for, or asking for, and it isn’t the kind of handout that he has been settling for. He just needs a push and he will find, inside himself, the way to breakout of his stupor.

Well to me it’s kind of obvious, and so to begin with I can’t wait for him to wake up. But he just fell asleep and just keeps snoring away. Finally I shake him awake and I say, “Can’t wait any longer. Now is the time that we need to leave if we are going to make it to Libby today.”

I’m a traveler without any sophistication and the way you get there is you walk and, somehow or another I’ve got this figured out how I can walk the distance between Cow’s Bell and Libby in one day. And I just automatically assume, just on the strength of me saying so and recognizing that what he really wants is something more along these lines of breaking free in some capacity, in other words, it certainly has got to be nauseating to just bum and get some sort of creature comfort that lasts you half a day at the best, or something like that. He’s very temporal.

And this is a means of bootstrapping himself and taking a step. And he looks at me kind of in a taken back way. Of course I’ve done this in such a way it’s as if I’m creating the appearance that this is what we agreed to do, and I’ve never talked to him, so obviously he’s looking at me kind of shocked, but I did it in such a way so that it penetrates, and so he has to respond.

So he says, “Well, you go ahead.” And I say, “You don’t want to go?” Ad he says, “I’m staying behind in Cow’s Bell.” And I say, “Are you sure you’re okay with that?” And he says, “You go ahead.” I can tell that the idea of going, and walking, and stepping out like this is something that’s a bit much for him, and scares him. So it’s easier for him to be a bum and settle for creature comforts that he thinks he could find just hanging out, but deep down I know that if he were to take a step he will find that he could break that trance.

So the meaning is, I am a traveler who is a world that needs awakening. Many people are easygoing and just accept things to be as they are. That’s the shop owner. Often they are good people who give strangers like myself, and the bum, a place to rest. There’s nothing I can do for such a person, until they realize that there’s something more that they need, other than to just go ahead and take in their hospitality, and hopefully they see in providing the hospitality that there is actually something more, and maybe they can see how they intertwine more to what else there is as opposed to just resting on a certain comfort that they have, which I know has its limits.

So the shop owner, the first party, is trapped in his scenario. And then there are a few who are looking for something but do not know what it is that they are asking for, or seeking. They think it is some sort of temporary creature comfort concept. If they weren’t so weak in spirit, and therefore asleep, they might get it. The bum doesn’t really have anything holding him back; the shop owner does. What’s holding him back is his weakness that is just in his head.

So there is a way of perhaps affecting him. You’re not going to move the shop owner. So I try to shift him into taking a step, but he isn’t able to find the energy to break free. I had to push him with the opportunity, or present him with the opportunity, because you never know. Maybe the time has come for him to take a step to break free.

For him that will be a big step, a scary step, but at least I threw it out there and he had to at least swallow that as an opportunity, possibility, or option, even though he would fall back. And, in falling back, at least he will remember that there is something that related to him more directly as a person, and thus helped him to see himself more for who he really is, as opposed to something that is so beaten down that all he can do is act like an animal, so to speak, not able to rationalize through that he needs to be able to freely go back and forth instead of being helpless like this. I’m not asking him to do anything more than what I do, and come to know the free flow that is liberating.

The significance of the dream is I am dreaming about the atmosphere of beingness. I have learned to travel without reserve. I have also come to know that the reason others are not able to be this way is they are held back by their surroundings, that they think they need, such as the shop owner, or they don’t know their real need because they remain asleep in a beaten down way from having settled for creature comfort handouts that keep them from growing up, or breaking out, of an unconsciousness.

These are the two primary types in life. Everyone is able to relate to each of those types to some degree or another. Only when you let go of all of that are you able to see yourself with the open eyes and move about more freely in life.

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A Traveler

R984We’ve seen many sci-fi movie scenarios where an Earthling finds themselves on another planet – and what do they do? They observe, they study, they try to figure out the meanings of things. But, as a rule, they don’t get personally involved, or think that it is about them. So how is that different to our situation? We find ourselves born on a planet hurtling through space, and we are meant to study, observe, and learn what we can, but we are not meant to get personally involved. Why? Because in a 1000 years, everything we know will be proven wrong, and everything that seemed to matter won’t matter at all. That’s why the spiritual path is important: it offers a way to become part of the things that will still matter in a million years. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The last dream I remember I ran into an old friend of mine who kayaks a lot and I want to go out kayaking with him, at night, and he wants to spend the night with me. Usually we’ve just been friends, but it feels like in the dreamworld maybe we’ve had a relationship where occasionally we’d spend the night together.

Well, we go out kayaking, and then we seem to come to an area where I run into a woman I know and she’s been learning some dance, a rather complicated dance, from an aboriginal of some kind. And so I’m studying the dance because it requires her to kind of squat down, and get flipped over, real primitive dance, but she seems to be able to do it. And I’m interested in it, and maybe meeting the person that was showing her the dance – although I’m not sure I can do the dance.

And while I’m doing all this and the three of us are together, I realize that I think he makes love with her, and I realize that when he makes love with her there’s this thin stripe of color. It might be like a thin stripe of green, with maybe a pale white that goes down the middle, that would represent that. But if he were to make love with me it would be a different color, and maybe with other people there’s a different color yet that each thing represents.

So I’m kind of interested in that. And we’ve gone to her house. It feels like they’ve gone to bed. I’ve gone to explore the dancing, or I’ve come back to her bedroom. I think her stepmom, who has a room next door, comes into the room, so meanwhile our friend is hidden under the blanket, but the stepmother discovers him but she doesn’t seem to mind. She’s explaining why she doesn’t mind.  And that’s all I remember of the dream. It was just an odd little dream where I was studying trying to see these different colors and the dance.

John: The theme behind the dreaming, as a general subject matter, is that of atmosphere. Now what I mean by atmosphere is you’re having to feel what it’s like under different scenarios, and so you’re not actually contending with things anymore. You’re more recognizing the characteristics, and mannerisms, in the environment that you’re in, which means that a part of you is free.

In other words, you’re able to travel, or to move about, as opposed to being overwhelmed or contending with something specific that you have to burn off as a dross. Now, it’s not entirely true, because in the watching you’re still pondering these different colors of which the effect of a particular mannerism upon you would have a certain way in which you would correlate, and relate, and be brought into having to contend with life. But this is more your way, actually, of understanding a freedom.

And you could take all of these traits and you could say, okay, on one hand is the trait of something that is looking for something, that feels that it’s missing something, and so it doesn’t know what it’s looking for and so it settles. It finds itself ending up going from this to that, settling for this or that, always looking but never really finding the pure light, or what it is that it really needs.

And then there’s another part that takes and conducts itself with a certain free flow, and in this whole thing, you know, you’re kayaking which means you’re on a path, or on a journey, and to you these are things that are perceivable along the journey. In other words, there’s another friend that you run into that has a free flow, that dance. It has a throwback memory in terms of how it is to just let things flow, or hang out.

And so you have these two extremes in yourself and, technically, you’re somewhere in-between – and you’re not sure if you should be in-between. In other words, you’re able to watch and see that something which is free tends to sometimes then get caught up by something that is needy, and what that tends to look like in terms of the effect that rubs off, and you’re starting to see that there is this kind of vibrational world, or reality, and it’s a reality in which one’s relatability is color-oriented.

You have the lower chakra colors and the higher chakra colors, and they all contain information, and within the information is a certain way of functioning, and relating. And you’re able to denote that if you were to appease yourself of that particular need of this other, that it would have another particular aspect effect, definitional quality of light effect, upon you.

And so you’re coming to know, and you’re coming to recognize, being kind of as a traveler, rather than taking on specific identifications, you’re coming to know that it is in the traveling that everything is important, what is important is important. In other words, a beingness in any particular way has its limitations. Sure, there’s the part that can do the sophisticated dance that hearkens back to the aboriginal and an ancient memory and whatnot, but that still is trying to hold onto something – but it’s freer.

And this relates to the part of what you see in life, the part of one’s self that has a deeper, inner knowingness, but still leans on that knowingness as if it’s a somethingness. And because it still leans on that, it is still subject to the effects of another part of one’s self, or extreme, in life, in which people don’t know any better that they’re just going about looking for this, that, or the other for satisfaction purposes – thinking that’s the end all be all, and find momentary satisfaction, but don’t realize that what they settle for in that momentary satisfaction, or coming together, is another kind of limited spectrum of being, or trance, and that one can go from one mode to another mode.

And yet as a traveler watching everything going on in life you’re able to see how it’s like this, or it’s like that, and so you fortunately have a freedom to be able to travel, to kayak, to basically bicycle about things because you have a sense that there is something more. Now you have this sense of something more because you can tell this by being a good watcher, by being able to see that if it’s like this, it’s like this, if it’s like that, it’s like that, and you’re able to denote what that actually signifies vibrationally, or as a color.

And so you’re coming to know it in the feminine way of a quality of how it is that you notice, in terms of how you are able to be, or carry, yourself. It is a type of seeing, but it’s a subjective type of seeing. In other words, you’re not taking and making clearcut black-and-white distinctions. You’re just noting it, and in noting it you’re letting go of it. In noting it you’re seeing to be something, recognizing it to be something, and some part of you as a traveler quality knows that anything that is denotable like that has its limits.

You don’t need to know what that is, how to octave that. You don’t need to play a good, better, or best. You’re just drawing a general assessment of that, and you notice that no matter what you do to shift this way, or that way, it is always something that has a particular effect, or quality, and what you’re looking for as a traveler is something that has no effect and no quality upon you.

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