Out of Flow

Shane Turpin

It can be confusing, sometimes, to ask ourselves: who is the real me? Because there is a part of us that looks out for us, that guides us, and that can warn us of impending danger – yet it can feel separate from our normal conscious thought patterns. And because of that, we often don’t listen to that voice, or trust it. But that voice is yet more proof, like the guidance of dreams, that our systems are looking out for us and want the best possible outcome for us. In fact that voice is us, but we are estranged from it by having lost connection with our full complex by relying only on our brain. We can change that, however, by listening and responding to that inner guidance more and more. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream it feels like I’m living somewhere, it feels almost tropical because the house is that kind of house you see in the tropics that’s kind of one level, and kind of open to the outdoors a bit. And I’m with my great niece and her husband, and I’m in a hurry.

Things are a little bit in disarray and I have to go somewhere, and I have to find some clothes. And so I borrow some Bermuda shorts that actually belong to her husband, and put them on, because I’m in a hurry. And they don’t fit perfectly, but they fit well enough to wear wherever it is I have to go.

And I remember we’re all a little amused by that, but they seem okay. And I’m just kind of in a hurry, so they’ll do. And then I have something to wear where I’m going and we can sort out the rest of the clothing, and the picking up we have to do, when I get back from wherever I have to go.

John: So, when in a maze, it’s easy to adopt something that can work, in some seeming way, that isn’t necessarily natural to your makeup. And, when you do that, you can actually pass the buck, so to speak, in terms of coping with how it is that you’re able to recognize, see, hear, and know how something is able to be.

But another interesting facet, of the dreaming last night, is that it had a slingshot effect. In other words, you would dream something that isn’t necessarily as it should be, that is kind of a temporary-ism or something, or is kind of an action to make the best out of a situation when you’re not in sync with how you’re meant to be. And then making note of what that feels like in relationship to its differentiation of how it is meant to be.

The reason why you can dream like that, and look at life like that, is so that you’re able to hear when something isn’t right. In other words, you’re tuning in to how it is possible to open up a familiarity to the inflective language of a kind of guidance – but a guidance that is not directing you in saying this way, and that way. It’s directing you in a way that shows you how to hear the “no” inside of yourself.

So when you put on something that isn’t yours to get by temporarily, to the degree to which that is uneasy, because you know that it is not a permanent condition that you’re meant to sustain, which means that you can’t take and go to sleep and suddenly say, hey, I can make this work now, you are meant to be able to hear, on an energetic level, what it is like to be able to see when you’re being directed to stop, or to go in some other direction.

In other words, it’s one thing to dream where everything opens up. It’s easier to remember dreams like that, too. When everything’s opening up, and you’re getting gifts, and you’re being supported when you’re on a path that seems to be going somewhere.

It’s another thing to dream in a way in which there is kind of a stoppage, or stalemate, or thwarting of an unfoldment, which may have even been an unfoldment that was unfolding, but now has stopped. And you might not have quite been able to stop yet, and are still trying with the idea of this, that, or the other as if you still have these malingering ideas that this can get you by yet, or that this is still okay because it was okay, or deemed okay, at a given point temporarily, or momentarily, in time – but not now.

Can you hear that? Can you recognize that? Can you note that as you go about your affairs of living in the outer? Can you hear that innerness that is also there as a form of guidance, but instead of a guidance in a flow, it’s a guidance to stop you when you’re out of flow? Isn’t that interesting? That’s the theme of the dreaming last night. Isn’t that a strange subject?

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