Losing the Here and Now

i21112sWe can think of it this way: in any type of serious relationship we commit ourselves to (a partner, our children, a work project) we must begin to put the needs of that relationship before our personal needs. We pay more attention to the subtleties, and respond in the best way we can to support the bigger picture of what we hope that relationship can blossom into. It is just this way with our unseen relationship and, by paying close attention, we develop our ability to understand what is required. It’s impossible to let go of our self all at once, yet we can put new foundations into the bigger relationship, and then we grow into it as it grows.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so now I go into my approach of trying to contend with this. In other words, before this was just an experience, and now I’m contending with it in the dreams. So to begin with I’m in a large empty warehouse. I’m talking to Dean on the phone. He asks what I think is going to happen to the price of silver. I say, “It is going down.”

He seems surprised. I say to him, “I think I can explain to you by looking at this from the standpoint of what is going on in the outer.” In other words, there’s an energetic there and that energetic, how that energetic is, explains why something that may not make sense rationally, why it’s going down, I’m proceeding to say that I’m not quite sure; I haven’t quite reached inside to grab to do that. I can feel the articulation inside of me, but I haven’t pulled it out.

When, all of a sudden, I see some ruffians, a gang, trying to break into the place, into this warehouse, this empty warehouse I’m in. This is a huge empty warehouse, and I’m on the far side of the warehouse, and I see them trying to pry the door open.

So I say to Dean, “Hold on,” as I drop everything and proceed to immediately make my whereabouts visible so they will go away. In other words, they think that it’s abandoned and they can come in and rob it or whatever they’re going to do. First of all, it’s empty anyway, but that’s the nature of things; if it’s empty then there’s always got to be something you can carry away.

So the meaning is that on an energetic, inner level, I am situated in a place of emptiness. Outside of this space things are falling apart. To try and explain why that is strains the relationship I have in terms of where I am at. The dream is saying “hold on,” and, at the same time, I am making myself visible.

The theme of dreaming has to do with how do I relate to a self when waking up upon the plane of the soul, a place of nonbeing. The dream is an answer to that question. The answer is hold on and, in the holding on, I make myself visible in the empty space. Because the energetic theme of that is that of waking up upon the plane of the soul which, said in other words, is a die before you die. This being a dynamic where the physical senses mind no longer dominate, and that dynamic, in other words, is said to die, I am okay in hanging on and making the presence of the soul a more visible sensation in the empty space I am in.

So you could see the quibbling, and I go image after image where I quibble about this first one way after another, and then there are two images which further explain the dynamic I am contending with that is affecting my attention on a theme of waking up on the plane of the soul as the subject matter.

In the first image my response to this, as a process that I am having to contend with, is it is an issue I am not sure I can handle. In other words, there is a rearguard comment: I am just trying to survive. And I’m making this comment, and I’m inside a plane that’s flying high up above, and suddenly I’m jarred awake because a missile is hitting the plane.

Meaning: There is an awakening that is imminent. In other words, you’re not going to avoid it. However, it’s not all black-and-white like that, because here comes the next image.

In the next image I’m at a teller at a bank, kind of proceeding at the teller. The appearance is that I’m going to make a deposit, or I’m going to make an installation into life is what it amounts to, but there’s something that’s not quite fully sure of that. And that has to do with $100 that I gave someone, and that person is in the back of the line observing me, in other words, is part of a process, has an issue in that the person with $100 is not going to deposit that $100 until they make sure that I did my deposit. In other words, did I commit or not, you know, which way did I go? How did I do this?

The meaning is the awakening that is meant to be, and the seeing and knowing therein, is a tentative condition, in other words, it’s not certain. It is dependent upon whether or not I follow through with an inner beingness or not. I say that because in the first image, and in the meditation dream, I am reacting to this sudden shift as if it is too much for me.

Apparently there is a part of me that actually thinks it is dying. For that to be true means that, on the physical level, there is still a way I like seeing myself. So, in other words, the bewilderment is such that something can’t quite quicken energetically, $100 representing an energetic. Something can’t quite quicken energetically if you don’t figure it out, if you don’t come to grips with how it’s meant to be.

So, in the next image, I’m in another room of a house wondering how it is that I am handling the changes that are happening. I go into the little bedroom and in this room is a person who is hooked up to an IV machine.

Meaning: The theme is that, as a result of a pent up force, as portrayed in the meditation dream, I am wondering if it is possible to function on the soul level as a non-self reality. The other dreams are indicating that I’m having trouble accepting this shift, on a soul level, as a reality and am fighting on behalf of a dense physical energetic level as being important, too. So in this image I am noticing that the waking up process is engaged and I am contending with this unknowable shift by keeping myself tied to an outer orientation through artificial means. The artificial means in manifestation has to do with holding onto and injecting myself with an image of self.

And then in the last one I wake up saying to myself that, in the outer, there are certain things that are not going to change. That it is just going to have to be that way.

And the significance, or what is going on, is I am contending with the here and there of my beingness, above and below, and I know that the plane of the soul is a plane of existence, yet this is also a plane of existence. I am both.

In the prior dreams, there’s a concern about losing the here and now of physical existence. Why the drama? Apparently I’m concerned about the ramifications of what is occurring with regard to what is entailed in the waking up process. I’m not convinced that the waking up on the plane of the soul isn’t a kind of checking out from physical manifestation and, as a result, I am concerned about the appropriateness of such a shift.

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