Handling the Pace

remAs things speed up they need to become more and more streamlined in their design, like a race car, or else the things that are not streamlined will cause drag, which causes turbulence, which can break apart the vehicle. We can think of our spiritual journey in just such a way: we need to let go of all the aspects of ourselves that aren’t useful for the journey – the personalized views which create judgment, criticism, selfishness, competition, etc. – and, as we let go of those aspects, we gain speed from our higher energetic connections, our universal connections, and then we can go much further, safely. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so I laid back and, in the wee hours of that, kind of came back and glanced at it a bit and wrote: I’m not in a position to influence an outcome that I am placed in. So that’s kind of like the theme. In other words, there’s a speed in that, there’s a timeline in that, and it’s not under my physical control, not really, although I reflect it. In other words, I could have said this: I’m not in a position to influence an outcome that I am aware of, and it wouldn’t have quite been true because I am aware of it, subtly. It’s more like I am placed then because I am amnesic to that awareness.

So to better understand this, in my sleep – I like this story, it’s really quite an action story, but it’s very deep in what it’s trying to say. So in my sleep in which I go into the dream for further information or, in other words, like you did, I create a storyline.

And it starts off in which I am driving a vehicle that looks like every other vehicle on the road, has four tires, but something isn’t quite the same. In the dream, the vehicle I am driving is going at a pace next to another vehicle that is also going at breakneck speed, and we both appear to be identical in terms of appearance as we go through life at breakneck speed, at this breakneck pace. In other words, one’s kind of like a shadow of the other.

So we come to a curve in the road and both vehicles flip completely out of control and roll over and over. Somehow I survive the accident, but my vehicle doesn’t. I go over to the other vehicle to see how things are there. The driver was killed, but his vehicle is fine. It was hardly affected.

It is built like a truck. It has an engine that is more powerful and a frame designed to take more abuse. What really shocked me is it doesn’t have four small flimsy tires like my vehicle, which is not designed for the pace I’m putting it to.

This vehicle has two huge tires, like maybe you’d see on a truck, it had tires that were big, big tires and they were right in the center, one in the front, and one in the back. And so, in the dream, I am told that it’s like a train. You know, it’s designed to go very straightaway. And of course the whole tread line and look of this is it’s designed to hold the road. It can turn, it could weave, it could do whatever it needs to do to hold the road providing it is driven like a train, in a straight way. A train is on a track, and on that track it’s designed to fit that track, but in this case this vehicle flipped on the same curve, but because of the indestructible design it is fine.

So, of course, the driver’s dead, so I pull him out. I get into the vehicle, I have to figure out how to start it and whatnot because it’s much, much more than whatever it was that I was driving, and I’m shocked because it looked so identical on the road, but they’re not. And I figure out how to start it up, the engine roars in a most profound way, and so I decide to take this vehicle, as if it is now mine, and leave my busted up vehicle behind at the scene with the driver who did not make it. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

So there’s a regular meaning and a deeper meaning. At the pace I’m going in life I must adopt a vehicle that is capable of handling that pace. This is a pace in which I am destined to die before I die, in terms of a certain physical aspect of my nature, or a quality, you know, that settles, you know that looks at things in a limited dense way only.

This is a pace in which like a train leaving the station there is no turning back. In the dream, the part of me that is indestructible survives. This is a vehicle in life that on the outer, at first glance, looks like everything else on the road, but is able to adhere to a timeline that is more straightforward than other vehicles in manifestation. Plus this vehicle is equipped with more power, and equipped with a nearly indestructible presence. In order to come into its own in manifestation, I must lose the part of myself that isn’t quite letting go. And, in the dream, that is what occurs.

Deeper meaning: This dream takes the meditation dream which raises the issue am I able to ever really know what is truly going on, entrench it by pointing out: why should I care? I am provided with a vehicle designed to proceed in life in a most unusual way. All I simply need to do is let go and accept this unfolding reality.

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