Wisdom of the Flow

eternal-h0Humans have a seemingly irresistible urge to control things – and we can see how out of control that can make everything. In spirituality we learn to trust in the wisdom of what created us, and trust in how it is unfolding. By doing so, we connect to its flow. Then we can express that flow into the world through the lens of our uniqueness, yet still giving it its natural outplay. To try to steer or control it implies that we know what’s for the best, which causes immediate disconnection from what is already in process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I really struggled with dreaming last night. In the dream I did have, it felt like this man came into town who had about six women under his control. And sometimes the women were different colored, like I remember one was colored red. I don’t remember whether the other colors were as distinct as that one.

He would bring them into a room where I was, or I would go see where they were, and he had certain outfits picked out for them. And they were to come and get their clothing and their outfits. And it felt like I was trying to gather at least one or two of the women and take them with me, but there was another man that would come in, that was kind of controlling, that seemed to stop that.

But I was hoping I could do it in the future. It felt like I was just having trouble getting everything to come together so that I could, either because someone would come in and interfere, I had to get the outfits, or maybe the women weren’t there right then.

So it’s like the dream was kind of a struggle because I was trying to find a timing that was right when I could get the women to come with me, or have them have the right outfit so they could come, but the men still seemed to be in charge.

John: The theme of the dreaming is working with various levels, and what’s involved is that you’re recognizing that the seed thought, or an innerness, is coming in that is opening up possibilities in terms of consciousness, in other words, ways of perceiving the different aspects of light in which there’s imbedded knowledge.

And what you’re doing, that you’re having to contend with, is you’re attempting to take the various aspects of conscious light and try to control them. I would never guess that it could work that way, that the feminine in charge of this domain would find itself with this control problem, in that instead of just letting go, and letting something like this flow, because everything is meant to flow as an intertwined energetic connection, that the feminine would take these various levels of light, or levels of consciousness, or levels of insight, and would attempt to steer or guide them to serve her own capacity.

And so, we all know how as the seed thought of a consciousness from inner into outer comes down through the masculine and then is taken in by the feminine, and extended in an overallness, into the planes of manifestation – but what we didn’t realize, in terms of accessing the various levels and sorting these various levels into the overall of manifestation, what wasn’t recognized, or realized, or looked at before was the fact that the feminine has, once it is able to come into its role in manifestation, has to go through its own barriers and levels of control.

And so the dream is giving you information in terms of how it is that you are beating up on yourself, so to speak, by making things harder than they need to be, thinking that the various colors, or levels, are something that you need to somehow or another monitor, or direct, or guide, or free up as opposed to just let go and let them be – because they actually know what is best. They know their own way.

Because our idea of how to fix something is not a fix, it’s still a kind of control. And that, deep on an inner level of a world soul quality that we’re connected to, a deeper innerness of our own being, it is understood that what exists, exists in this wholeness of a letting go – and that the doingness gets in the way of that which is naturally there.

So your dream is pointing that out to you, that you don’t have to do all of that that you think you have to do. You just have to let go, trust, and realize that there is a wisdom behind the flow that will seek the course it needs to seek, and will wake up an unconsciousness that needs to be woken up – as opposed to you feeling the unconsciousness and trying to get there through some means of control.

In other words, just accept that which is coming in, as it is coming in, how it is coming in. Now you don’t accept it in the Haight-Ashbury thing where, you know, everything is a flow and whatever has happened is fine, but you accept it as a connectiveness that is able to be on the multiple levels, and not have to take a particular level which is one of manifestation, and take what is coming in from a higher self, or a quality of an innerness, you don’t have to take that and direct and steer that all anew in the outer simply because you think that this better facilitates the opening up of a consciousness effect upon an unconsciousness. It doesn’t. It is a doingness that just gets in the way.

So your dream is making an adjustment, in terms of your responsibility as a person who has to take into account the spatiality of manifestation, in terms of how it is able to be in relationship to the quality of an innerness opening up. And that the innerness does not have to be filtered, and monitored, and guided as if it can’t work unless one noodles with it. One just has to let go and let it be.

It’s not like you’re ever cut out of the loop on this. It naturally then flows through you as part of how the process works, in terms of the feminine’s overallness of the outer, but it doesn’t take on any stigma or something that limits the potentiality when a person thinks that they have a role, or responsibility, on a doingness level, to engage in as if they actually know, and that this other coming in doesn’t or something.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Wisdom of the Flow

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