Going Somewhere

imag6789esDream images can be elaborate sequences, or they can be very simple, yet they can deliver a similar message. The basis of so many fairy tales and myths is that of a journey, but it is never a direct route from one place to another. The traveler must always make stops along the way, or detours, during which something is learned, gained, or taken into their possession. Because what we will need when we arrive is different from what we have when we set out. And that is the story of a life, and also of an elevated life, or spiritual journey. Sometimes it can even seem like everything is pointing us to the same destination. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had several dreams; I lost the details of the very first one. And the dreams run into each other.

I know in the next dream it feels like I go to a hospital and find a woman there because whatever I’m looking for she tells me it’s not there, and she gives me instructions on where I need to go next.

It’s going to involve leaving that structure and I’m going to have to go down a pretty long road, or path, and find another large building, and the person I want will be there. And I may have to walk through a part of town that’s kind of tricky in doing this, and it’s going to be quite awhile to get there.

It feels like when I leave to go to where I need to go next I do get a ride with somebody, and I’m sitting either in the passenger seat, or a little bit in the back, and I’m staring at the visor above the driver. And there’s a number on the visor. It’s maybe like a six-figure number, and I’m doing something to alter it. It’s her number in some way, but I’m altering it.

And the way I alter it it’s like I have to go to one number, I do something energetically that changes that number, and then I have to start at the beginning and work my way up to the next number which becomes a little clearer then, and then I alter it. And then I have to go way back to the beginning and somehow energetically I go up to the next number. And as I do that the numbers become clearer to me because then I have to change them all in a certain sequence.

And then it feels like I’m going on down the road and finding my way to the building wherever it was that I needed to find what was going on next. That’s about as clear as the dream was to me. It almost felt like three dreams that run into each other.

John: Multiple levels rna into each other is what happened. In other words, the dream starts off to where there is kind of a sense of having to go to a place where actually you’re going to meet somebody. So what is there is something that’s drawn to you.

So at that particular point you’re looking at yourself in terms of trying to access a wholeness overallness of your beingness on this level, in the manifestation level. And then in catching up with that then you have to bring that through. Now bringing that through looks opposite the way the masculine brings something through where the masculine brings something down into life, so to speak, to awaken something in the feminine. But the feminine, when it has brought something through, in terms of its being in manifestation, it then is able to play on the levels in which something is handed back on the in-breath.

And so you were changing this and changing that, only this time you’re using it as numbers, when another way of looking at it is you can look at the energy lines of manifestation – but you are no longer in a set mode, you’re in a motion mode. You’re going through levels. You’re not just taking and dwelling upon the energy lines or whatever that would be visible from the prior dream, in terms of this loci, in terms of this level only. You’re now looking at something in motion as you’re going somewhere.

So what you’re doing in your dream is you’re working on multiple levels, and so the in-between deal where you’re working with numbers is showing that you’re in motion in terms of going through levels. In other words, you’re dreaming the flip side of what I dreamt. You’re dreaming it from the feminine standpoint that the in-breath is in motion, something has woken up from a standpoint of manifestation. That’s why the first image had to do with something that had to do with another woman, which is manifestation, and then you start traveling to try to figure out and understand these various changing numbers, which means you’re in motion of giving something back in terms of going through levels, and if you were strictly in manifestation like in the first image, an image left there in which you’re able to see something as you’d see energy lines, but now you see numbers because you’re in motion.

I guess it’s proceeding with levels only you started off in a building; you started off trying to find something in a building that had to do with another feminine aspect. Then you went from that into numbers and then, ultimately, you’re going back to a completeness, or a wholeness, of place which is another building.

In other words you start with an outer building and you’re going to an inner building. So the outer building you’re starting with is like the point where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, and the in-breath is where the numbers are at, and in the building where you’re going to end up is more at the top again.

It feels down below because you never can quite make that transition, and it’s hard to pull all of that image together because it’s not like you truly understand that yet. And so you’re inclined to constantly be reverbing to back down below where you can get off the ground a little bit, or you can get into the magic of things where you’re working with numbers. But then, of course, the literalness of being in manifestation sucks you back.

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