A Knowable Flux

Human-Aura-Energy-FieldWe live in a body on a planet, yet that is not the limit of our being. Being in a body on a planet is the limit for animals, but humans are designed for much more. We can receive energies and create new things, we can bring energies together that have never been together before. Yes, we can exist solely at the physical level, but that puts us at the level of animal, not at the level of a “being.” Our development can elevate us and connect us into the energetic realms, above the physical, where we become a greater possibility for the purposes of the universe itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The prior meditation dream cannot be left in just the context of that. What is important in terms of consequence of consciousness is that the inner needs to come down into manifestation and become visible, and accessible, in manifestation. That is what being in this loci, in other words, in the physical plane, and being conscious on other levels of a greater beingness is all about.

So, in the meditation dream, the consciousness is activated in the image, but the importance of this activation is not to take it home in an inner only way, but to bring it all the way through into manifestation so that the effect is clearly visible here.

So, as I go back into the meditation dream, what is there is a bride and an eager groom. I am like a wedding marriage facilitator, only in the dream I am there to facilitate the connection so that the Kundalini energy of the inner, and the Kundalini energy of the outer, come together in the fullest connective way possible.

The bride is in a container to protect the treasure of her beingness. In other words, it’s like a little compartment. And she’s in this little compartment, housed inside of it, and so I take the container and place it on my stomach, as I lay on my back, telling her to not come out, the time is not right.

I then reach over, as I’m laying on my back, to the groom. I’m using the energetic twining, because they say that in the stomach everything going on there. I’m using the universe there to hold the space, and so I now reach over to where the groom is at, instructing her to stay in the box and veiled until the appropriate moment.

I bring the groom close and what I’m doing is actually linking them together without yet fully releasing, or making it all apparent, so what is to be seen and experienced in terms of the inner into outer experientiality of life, there’s no gap. What I am doing on my back with the bridal chamber box on my stomach is grounding the energy in a way so that the consciousness isn’t lost to manifestation only. In other words, when the masculine comes down and touches something in manifestation and something awakens, then there is a kind of a giving back.

The key is, how do you keep all this here and there simultaneously? Because you have the propensity of an in-breath, just like you have the propensity of an out-breath. And so you have a grounding in manifestation, through me, able to be in an innerness as well. In other words, that’s the ceremony aspect here now. The difference is that the vibrational that goes into all there is is retained on all levels. That’s why the stomach, and the box on there, represents all of the levels as you pull the bride and the groom together.

It isn’t caught on strictly an outer passion where the sight that is important stirs the unconsciousness but does not fully awaken it, and the energetic of the masculine is not overindulgent and extended outwardly into the feminine wholeness as a release that isn’t sustainable vibrationally.

What I am doing in the dream image is taking consciousness that is in the masculine, that was in the meditation dream too esoteric, and in a consciousness in the feminine that awakens arising up from the depths of itself as manifestation, which again can be going away, too, instead of holding something in life, and bringing the two together as a thread that twines and intertwines as a constant tapestry utilizing a plug in, in other words that box sitting on me is like a plug in electrical grounding chemistry set that includes above and below simultaneously. Isn’t that interesting?

So the observation is, it’s as an innerness that has to come down and be immersed into the reflective outer, there communicating itself fully for all to see. Or another way of saying it is, it’s done in a way in which both are seeable and hearable as an overall oneness awakened on all levels.

I say “all levels” in that in the meditation dream I explored the innermost, and in the sleep dream the Kundalini energy on this side is connected so that a tangible revelation and knowability comes all the way through and into manifestation – deemed to be the lowest level – which means that you’re closing all the gaps then. So you’re dealing with all the levels. And when this is able to happen then all levels are activated, or quickened, or become tangible, become knowable, recognizable. 

See, deep down, if you get really esoteric about this again, there’s never anything going on. There’s no beginning, there’s no end, there’s just the path. And then if you really, really get down to it, the path is there as a play, as some sort of means upon which to facilitate something for visibility and experiential purposes. But if it always was a nothingness it still is the same, it’s just a reordering of the energy, pulling a quirk this way and pulling a quirk that way in it, in order to play with itself, I guess.

And, of course, it’s a hard way to have to play with itself because if it gets caught too densely then it actually gets fearful and acts like it can die, and if it gets too esoteric it knows that it can’t die and it gets out there and becomes too removed. And so in between is all of these levels and all of this stuff going on that needs to be in flux, in a knowable flux.

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