An Atmosphere

downloaadEverything is about energy. We use the phrase: they do something “religiously.” Which means that person is constant and repetitive in their intentions toward a certain thing. And whatever we do constantly will attract to us the energy associated with it. What we attract can be very coarse (deceit, for example), or very high (human purpose, for example), depending on what we are doing. Over time that connection grows and grows, until we become  just like it – an expert in physics, a world class criminal, a saver of abandoned animals, or a spiritually connected life. This is where our freedom of choice comes in, because the more consciously we choose, the more potent the attraction. So, what do we want to be with? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dream state got interrupted, to some degree, by how much I was itching, and it even kind of got incorporated into the dream. Because it felt like I was suddenly trying to make other people itch less, too.

But I do know that parts of my dream I was in a building, and I was with one circle of people, and then there were other small groups of people meeting. I remember there’s this renaissance type man that I was kind of interested in that was in one circle, that I’ve known a long time, and it’s like in some ways I was trying to attract his attention but we never quite got the timing right.

And also, at one point, I got up and left the group and I went down to another part of the building and, as I passed a room, I don’t know if I thought it was a restroom or what, I went in, but as I look in this room I see it’s kind of empty and something’s kind of been tossed or pulled across the floor a bit. So it’s been more of an abandoned room.

And I realize an animal has gotten in there, and it’s kind of playful. And so I kind of go more deeply into the room because I’m kind of curious. And then I find this little animal that had obviously gotten in a box and dragged it a bit, and I found this very playful. I kind of liked that, but then some other people came and it felt like they were more serious so I had to leave the room.

And then I went back up to the area where we all were and it felt like, when I tried to connect with this man I knew before that the timing was always a little off in terms of I’d be in one circle, or he’d be in the other, or we weren’t connecting that well.

And then I was itching so much and I noticed other people were itching, so I was trying to do something to help with the itching. But I realized whatever I had been doing wasn’t working that well. And then it felt like I came up with the idea that what people really needed was something like Vibhuti which is the ashes of a holy person. So it felt like if I could get the ashes of a holy person that that was really what would help people stop itching. So I was focusing on how to find ashes because I had the feeling the ashes were the solution. That’s the most I could remember.

John: I knew what the dream meant right away because what you were describing was something that I would call atmosphere. An atmosphere is something that a person develops, the atmosphere that one develops that is meaningful, that leads to a consciousness, is an atmosphere of stillness.

Well, I guess the easiest way to say that is that the average person has 1,000 meaningful things that they have to do, and a person who is like a saint or something, gives up, surrenders, and has nothing that they have to do because they have hit a kind of stillness in which they go into that.

And that which they go into is an atmosphere, and that atmosphere is an atmosphere that permeates out from how they are, and who they are, so just being in the presence of that atmosphere puts other things at ease in a stillness.

So in working to develop atmosphere, or if the theme is atmosphere, a thing that keeps that from developing are things that keep one from being still – and itching, and scratching, and twitching and all of that stuff are all things that bring one’s attention back into the outer, from the inner in which there is a stillness.

So the itching and the distractions and all of that stuff set off a type of mindfulness that has a grip, or a hold, upon one’s nature. And if one doesn’t let that go, then you can’t go into a deeper stillness. Now stillness comes in degrees, like there is a type of stillness that’s still fairly active and has to deal and contend with things, and you can have a heaven and a hell as a consequence of that. You know, you can be afflicted in some fashion, because that is a type of stillness that may have sorted out certain dullnesses, but still is involved with life in some sort of capacity, up and down.

And then as that stillness becomes even subtler, then even more and more drops away in terms of meaningful things, that one is inclined to consider meaningful, they drop away as one surrenders more and more to this quality, to this characteristic, that’s within the stillness, which is called atmosphere.

And if you reach the atmosphere to the point that a saint reaches the atmosphere, then you have an atmosphere that permeates wherever it is that you go. And so what you’re doing is you’re taking and using and incorporating the itching into the scenario where you’re realizing that it has an effect, or impact, upon being able to sleep, or to go somewhere.

And then in terms of trying to transcend that, you start to try to work with others, in other words, feeling that if what you have come to realize as an issue, others have as an issue, and if you work within the capacity of others who are like that, then everything can transcend to a greater stillness that way.

So what’s interesting is you went along almost in a way of portraying this, it would have been easy to miss I suppose, from one way of looking at it, if you hadn’t factored in that last little bit that made it extremely loud to make sure that there was no way that you wouldn’t understand this: that the subject was atmosphere. And the letting go led to a type of dying, which led to a kind of result of which something arose from that, that a stillness arose from that, and you had your own terms and inflections of something that you understood and had been touched by, in terms of your psyche makeup, that crescendoed on through.

So you went at it, you started off kind of slow, and then you went at it and all of a sudden at the very end you did an image that made a huge leap all the way through to the emptiness. Isn’t that interesting?

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