Stillness Lost

HathorThe true understanding of what it means to be a saint isn’t generally known, and what does the halo represent? As we spoke of yesterday, a life attracts energy by the potency of its intentions (the word “saint is associated with certain religions, but the attainment is represented in many). And a life can attract very high energies when those intentions are aligned with human purpose and universal purpose. If that is done for a long time, such energies connect, and stay, with that person, and the radiation of those energies can be seen (by some), which is the halo represented throughout history. We are all capable of this, but what truly makes a saint special is that they have consistently chosen to live their life toward a greater purpose, rather than for personal interests. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I’m having to take who and what I am against something that is more balanced and firm that I have never actually faced before. So, in the dream, without any preparation, I travel to a place where I must confront a presence that is more firm, resolute, and intent than anything I have ever dealt with before. Such a presence is so overwhelming in its beingness that it overwhelmingly weighs down everyone who comes before it.

To make matters worse, this is what you would call an away game. In other words, it’s not something that you deal with in terms of your regular routine day, routine life. You’re going to this other place which is more than you can handle – that’s why it’s an away game. In your normal day-to-day you wouldn’t be that confrontive with yourself.

So what I mean by that is, I have to travel to where this naturalness is most at home and deal with the force at a time, and in a format, in which this force is most invincible. In other words, I don’t sneak up on it, I don’t backdoor it, I don’t try to figure out how to get to where this is at by figuring out its weaknesses or anything. I go up to this force straightaway, in terms of the invincibility and the power of this force.

I don’t know of anyone who has ever gone up before such a force when the conditions that exist are so overwhelming. Yet I did this and, in doing this, somehow, in a way that I don’t necessarily understand and can’t say in words, I somehow remained unwaveringly focused, and in doing so found an intent in my natural self that somehow succeeded.

This was a surprise because I didn’t know I had it in me. Not only did I handle this quality, but I also had to be an example as a result that influenced others. So, in the same dream, I had to instruct others in how to handle themselves when placed into such a setting.

Significance: The thing that I went up to is more like a kind of saint, must live in a pristine way, unwaveringly, all the time. They never change. They always maintain that projection.

So what makes an individual amazing is that a human being must go beyond their limitations, when a saint is just remaining true to a wholeness that the saint always embodies. The reason I had this dream is so that my attention is not drawn to ideas, or mannerisms, or what is right or not, but to the all pervading atmosphere that I am able to work with, or embody, because I have the experience. I’ve touched that quality in terms of being able to go up before a saint.

It is the constancy of such an atmosphere that explains the difference between a saint and everyone else, because a saint knows that there is nowhere to turn except to this all pervading atmosphere that the saint embodies continuously.

And so there’s a deeper underlying thread. Because the image comes into the outer as the primary, or as the only, underlying flow, to be in touch with that directly a person needs to sustain an atmosphere in their beingness for it to be known. Such an atmosphere abides in life in a positive, and in a pristine, way. Those in touch with the atmosphere are in touch with peace.

Because in manifestation a human being has 1,000 good reasons to throw away this atmosphere because a human being is looking at 1,000 ways that make sense to them anew, in other words because they’re in all these abstractions, the atmosphere of peace that is an all-pervasive vibration is rebuked as man’s freedom of choice acts to conduct, according to his best knowing or what he thinks he knows best, and that’s what keeps you deviated. And when that happens, in your case you itch. The stillness is lost. So that’s the meditation dream.

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