Moving Freely

the-stages-of-a-spiritual-awakeningIt is a great truth of spirituality that everyone has to awaken for themselves – in their own time, and in their own way. Many ideas, events, or encounters in life can trigger such an awakening, but it still must be freely chosen by the person. The reason for this is because, in a culture that doesn’t esteem spiritual growth (relative to economic or career growth), the person who awakens must generate their own passion for the journey – and no one else can do that part for them. Awakening is the beginning of the journey, not the end. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In one of the dreams, like you, I am a traveler, only this time as a traveler I have stopped at a place to rest a bit. I don’t describe the outer scenario around it. It’s just a place… it’s like a two-room place, like a little shop or something. There’s nobody else there but the shop owner.

And I stop there, and then a short while later a bum comes in and wants the business owner or me to give him something. The business owner says to me, “Don’t look at him or he won’t leave you alone.” And he’s not thrown out of the place so, if he can’t bum anything, he at least can rest a little bit here. So he falls asleep.

And even though I haven’t really looked at him, or spoken, to him I know what it is that he’s really looking for, or asking for, and it isn’t the kind of handout that he has been settling for. He just needs a push and he will find, inside himself, the way to breakout of his stupor.

Well to me it’s kind of obvious, and so to begin with I can’t wait for him to wake up. But he just fell asleep and just keeps snoring away. Finally I shake him awake and I say, “Can’t wait any longer. Now is the time that we need to leave if we are going to make it to Libby today.”

I’m a traveler without any sophistication and the way you get there is you walk and, somehow or another I’ve got this figured out how I can walk the distance between Cow’s Bell and Libby in one day. And I just automatically assume, just on the strength of me saying so and recognizing that what he really wants is something more along these lines of breaking free in some capacity, in other words, it certainly has got to be nauseating to just bum and get some sort of creature comfort that lasts you half a day at the best, or something like that. He’s very temporal.

And this is a means of bootstrapping himself and taking a step. And he looks at me kind of in a taken back way. Of course I’ve done this in such a way it’s as if I’m creating the appearance that this is what we agreed to do, and I’ve never talked to him, so obviously he’s looking at me kind of shocked, but I did it in such a way so that it penetrates, and so he has to respond.

So he says, “Well, you go ahead.” And I say, “You don’t want to go?” Ad he says, “I’m staying behind in Cow’s Bell.” And I say, “Are you sure you’re okay with that?” And he says, “You go ahead.” I can tell that the idea of going, and walking, and stepping out like this is something that’s a bit much for him, and scares him. So it’s easier for him to be a bum and settle for creature comforts that he thinks he could find just hanging out, but deep down I know that if he were to take a step he will find that he could break that trance.

So the meaning is, I am a traveler who is a world that needs awakening. Many people are easygoing and just accept things to be as they are. That’s the shop owner. Often they are good people who give strangers like myself, and the bum, a place to rest. There’s nothing I can do for such a person, until they realize that there’s something more that they need, other than to just go ahead and take in their hospitality, and hopefully they see in providing the hospitality that there is actually something more, and maybe they can see how they intertwine more to what else there is as opposed to just resting on a certain comfort that they have, which I know has its limits.

So the shop owner, the first party, is trapped in his scenario. And then there are a few who are looking for something but do not know what it is that they are asking for, or seeking. They think it is some sort of temporary creature comfort concept. If they weren’t so weak in spirit, and therefore asleep, they might get it. The bum doesn’t really have anything holding him back; the shop owner does. What’s holding him back is his weakness that is just in his head.

So there is a way of perhaps affecting him. You’re not going to move the shop owner. So I try to shift him into taking a step, but he isn’t able to find the energy to break free. I had to push him with the opportunity, or present him with the opportunity, because you never know. Maybe the time has come for him to take a step to break free.

For him that will be a big step, a scary step, but at least I threw it out there and he had to at least swallow that as an opportunity, possibility, or option, even though he would fall back. And, in falling back, at least he will remember that there is something that related to him more directly as a person, and thus helped him to see himself more for who he really is, as opposed to something that is so beaten down that all he can do is act like an animal, so to speak, not able to rationalize through that he needs to be able to freely go back and forth instead of being helpless like this. I’m not asking him to do anything more than what I do, and come to know the free flow that is liberating.

The significance of the dream is I am dreaming about the atmosphere of beingness. I have learned to travel without reserve. I have also come to know that the reason others are not able to be this way is they are held back by their surroundings, that they think they need, such as the shop owner, or they don’t know their real need because they remain asleep in a beaten down way from having settled for creature comfort handouts that keep them from growing up, or breaking out, of an unconsciousness.

These are the two primary types in life. Everyone is able to relate to each of those types to some degree or another. Only when you let go of all of that are you able to see yourself with the open eyes and move about more freely in life.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Moving Freely

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