En Garde

Fencing sport competition. Duel. Dark black background. Sporting Women.The world is littered with terrible stories of what people were willing to undergo, or worse, to impose upon others, because they were so convinced of the rightness of their position. The mechanism of deep commitment is a good one, and natural to us, it’s just that it mostly get used in the wrong way. What such passion should be used for is to defend ourselves from anything that tries to derail us from our spiritual, or purposeful, path – something greater than ourselves – rather than to defend any manmade concept or our personal identity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream has a duel-like quality to it. In other words, there’s a man and a woman in a rectangular room, with no furniture, and other people can come and observe. I think there’s even like a one-way mirror or something. And they’re across from each other, and it feels like they’re about to engage in a duel, and that the stakes are pretty high. And it has to do with one’s reputation more than anything else.

The duel I guess will be verbal. There’s someone that comes to observe and see if some words or things that he’d spoken were going to be used, but then the man who begins it’s almost like he just walks around with a certain intent and so you can tell that he’s saying something. He’s directing energy in a certain way, but it’s all nonverbal, and there just seem to be several episodes of this going back and forth.

At one point when the woman kind of begins another round of this, she’s so certain about her position or something, she’s even willing to give up what she’d gotten in a divorce settlement, not from the person she’s dueling, in her life. It’s almost like she’s willing to give up all these things she’s had. I guess just because she feels like her point is really correct.

And so that’s the most I think in some ways I can say about the dream, because there would be times when you were expecting to see what the kind of battle between them looked like, but it was all nonverbal.

John: This is a dream that’s pointing out how you can get caught up in taking on an absolute-type position inside yourself, and little things can have an absolute quality to them in that you don’t mean it to be that way, but they can get a hold of you and affect how you see yourself, or perceive yourself, in terms of relatability.

The need to have to express yourself in a particular way, or to look a particular way, or to be interesting in a particular way, those are all afflictions that can get a hold of one’s attention and cause one to project, or feel that they have to project, a particular appearance or mannerism.

When you get like that, or when you carry that quality of having to maintain an appearance in a particular way, that appearance, that mannerism, is what is important. Any need to have to maintain something like that stands in the way of letting go.

What’s interesting is the time that you have a dream like [we’re currently seeing the teacher]. When it comes to the teacher, can you really be empty? If he were to talk to you, can you really relate in a way that doesn’t have to put on a particular kind of mannerism, as a veil, that you’re comfortable wearing – or think that you need to wear? Can you really be open and free, or do you have to come from a particular identification in order to be comfortable around someone who leaves things so wide open that that can be unnerving to your nature?

So it’s a dream in which, what aspect of a nature, or mannerism, are you still holding onto, and projecting? And having to then feel that, to recognize that. And it even has kind of like a shadow effect in there, in that whatever it is and however it is that you project yourself, still with the idea that that’s how you’re expected, or you feel that you’re having to expect yourself to be taken in as an appearance, to the degree to which you do that, sometimes that’s considered okay, as long as you watch that.

And you watch what you’re doing to distinguish yourself from the total letting go. You’ll notice if you listen to people they all do that, each person does that, and the ability to take and be immersed in a space, and an overallness, requires you to let go of a context or mannerism that you maintain or feel that you have to portray yourself.

And thus are these various techniques to try to get you to realize that what you’re doing is just a matter of projection that stands in the way of being in a state of totality, in an overallness, like the technique of listening to someone to the point where you actually can be who they are. You can assimilate who they really are as an essence.

Which means rather than reacting or having your mannerisms that come up on your own that get in the way, as they are projecting their mannerisms, you learn to recognize how to hear them, to be them, at a deeper point of essence – by just being totally receptive to where they’re coming from. That’s being a good listener, but more than being a good listener you’re getting out of the way of yourself in terms of how you have to respond or appear.

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The Education

moonchildWe know in life that, for the most part, we educate our young in the manner and ways that we were educated. Yet, with our inner lives, a young person is an energetic of something that is awakening in us, still vulnerable and impressionable. And for us to allow this young energetic to find its fulfillment, the approach should be one of listening to what it wants and needs, rather than putting it into some old pattern or formula that we have already established – for to do so is to stifle its possibility in us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next image was a little harder for me to pull out, but it feels like I’m going somewhere. It feels like maybe it’s a parade where they’re selecting Miss America or something like that. It’s going to have a beauty contest involved in it.

On my way there I seem to pick up the responsibility for this little girl. I have a friend that I think comes to help, too. The little girl seems like she’s come from a very privileged home, and is very naïve or inexperienced about certain things.

Rather than have to carry her the whole way, I decide to let her ride a bike. But I just have the parts of the bike, and I start putting it together, and it has these little copper knobs I have to figure out how to connect one part to the other and then it becomes a whole bike.

So I get the bike together – it’s actually a tricycle – but then I realize this girl had come from such a privileged background she actually doesn’t know how to ride it. So then it leaves me with a dilemma of maybe trying to get her to ride it now and then, but actually carrying her and the tricycle to the parade.

I think on the way there I have a couple of stops. I remember at one stop there’s a man that sits down and starts talking to us. He has a uniform on and even though he has a certain light about him, I’m kind of put off because I have the charge of this little girl and you don’t want little kids to talk to strangers, you know.

Then there’s another instant where I have to stop briefly at my house and have my friend watch her while I take a shower. Then it feels like we finally get to wherever the parade and the contest will be.

John: Well, it’s like looking at an older side of yourself and a younger side of yourself. In other words, you make things out of matter – the one element that’s important to making things industrially, it is considered the industrial component to making things out of matter, is copper.

The older part of yourself has learned how to function, and is functioning, in the outer world as if you can do this stuff literally. As if you can make things out of images and reflections, in other words. It is a little bit… goes around and around in circles as part of deluding one’s self, but you can do that.

The younger part of you is a part of yourself that doesn’t know how to ride the bicycle or the tricycle or whatever it is, because it sits in a state of innocence where it hasn’t yet bought into the inflection to the point where it indulges, and then when it indulges then it contends with what it’s like to mess around or play with the tricycle.

The older part of you thinks it has to take charge of this younger part of you that isn’t getting the memo, that hasn’t yet figured it out, that has to be taken care of. And that’s the game that goes on in life. The parents take care of the children, but the way they take care of them is they indoctrinate them into the outer.

And when a baby is born it identifies with the soul level, and it stays with that identification on the soul level until that ego starts to be developed in its nature. And then the development of that ego causes it to find its own way and mannerisms in terms of coping in the outer. And it’s said that a baby as it is in the in-between phase, is kind of in a type of protective security where it doesn’t hurt itself or fall down. It’s almost like it has a guardian angel over it, and then slowly but surely that even disappears.

And the child is supposed to have developed certain traits for coping purposes and it comes into taking this on on its own. As a consequence you then are caught in the outer. You described almost a depiction between some deep part of yourself that is able to be outside of the outer identifications, and then the part of you that has gotten caught in the identifications.

Then you’re seeing that you, in this state, are of the opinion that you have to indoctrinate those conditions upon the younger part of yourself as opposed to, what if the younger part of yourself had it right all to begin with, but is being compelled to be in the outer and adopt all of these traits as part of some sort of game or journey that the soul has to make?

If it’s a game and a journey that the soul has to make then why, what’s the reason? Well, the only reason that one can give is to gain a deeper sense of the divine, of the connection that one has to the Whole, to gain that in a more deepened awakened intimate sense.

That’s the only reason that one can think for that making sense, because otherwise it looks like a dirty rotten trick – and it’s the opposite. In other words, when you see it like that, you’re inclined to think that what’s going on is the opposite of what should be going on. And yet what’s to say that you can’t have the awareness of the essence, like the child in terms of its soul, in terms of an encompassing quality that sweeps in and takes in everything in the universe, and then also hold that, maintain that, carry that, emanate that into the outer in which you have everything all defined and confined?

Who’s to say that you can’t somehow or another do both? If you are able to somehow or another do both, then from the state that is confined and defined and identifying with things, there is a great sense of reverence and appreciation to the greater Whole of itself, that is everything.

And that would be getting closer to what is the essence. That would be the means of the essence of being able to experience that essence while in a human body, so to speak. That’s kind of the game.

That’s why following dreams is so difficult, because what you tend to see in a reflection could cause you to draw a whole different conclusion, could cause you to draw the conclusion that there is something about the child that’s amiss that has to be indoctrinated into the world that you’re in.

And what if it’s the other way around? In other words, the whole spiritual journey process is not based upon the teacher taking and showing an acuity about this, that, and the other in the outer. Instead, the teacher reflects the ability to let go of it all and therefore what comes across is a huge inner depth that is free – and that inflects across. A purity like that inflects across.

So we accept this under those conditions, but we don’t accept it when it’s portrayed as little child to us as adult, kind of thing. We find something wrong with the little child, but if we find something wrong with the little child, then why don’t we find something wrong with the teacher who takes us back to that essence?

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Heavy Energy

234gesWe all know the feeling of being in chaos in our lives, and we all have baggage from the arc of our experiences. What happens to them? And why does time heal our profound hurts? At one level, it is because we have processed the intensity of that energy through our systems so that it no longer has a hold on us. And that healing always comes from within. In this dream we can see the mechanic of it, where the dreamer finds herself in chaos, and literally engulfed in luggage. Yet she is able to find the part of herself that can absorb and process the heaviness out. We all have that in us, but sometimes it can be difficult to let go and allow the process to work. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Carol: The third one is really short, and it seemed like the whole dream was very confused, like just kind of jumbled up in a way. So I was staying in a hotel, with my sister again, and a friend of hers. And my sister’s friend’s relative just died, so we were in this hotel and I think it was a resort place.

We had like tons of luggage. We took over the whole hotel room with luggage, and like our clothes were everywhere, and it was kind of chaotic. And then, at some point, I go off to adopt a cat because I found this cat, and this was so beautiful. It had pink eyes, almost like pink diamonds. It was very unworldly again, a very unworldly color, and very shiny, and very much like a gemstone; less like an eye than a gemstone.

John: So let me try this out. So the pinkness in the eyes with the quality of this cat, this cat had the ability to absorb something. And the general aspect of the dream is a weightiness with luggage and something has died.

Does the dream have a quality of a little bit of grief, to which the cat has an ability to, in its way of throwing something out, but then also in its way of having the quality of something in its eyes able to absorb, heal by an absorbing?

Carol: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

John: Is that the vibration?

Carol: That’s it, yes.

John: Wow. See, that’s like a progression, isn’t it? You could see how that progressed from the first dream. That’s a tool.

That quality in its highest manifestation, meaning, like I guess however you’d say it, in terms of it being in the outer, where the eyes can be like that and, at the same time, it is an aspect of precociousness carried to a higher degree of a freedom aloofness – but not an aloofness that goes into a transcendence that doesn’t do anything for life – but it’s in life, but not necessarily touched or affected by it.

In other words, you can kick a dog and whatnot and its loyalty will always be there, but with a cat you know it’s going to hold, it’s not going to demean itself. And yet, at the same time, it rises above the demeaning aspect of energy in life, forgives in a way, so that it can absorb. And so with the light, that light, with the color of the eyes it takes something in.

Now the highest expression of that, it is said, that a teacher who can see and can touch, on a level of the soul, with that kind of quality, sends something straight to God. Now that’s a funny way of saying it, but that’s how it’s said.

And so, let me make up a manufactured image of this happening in kind of its… we’ll call it a trite way. Let’s say you’re going about and you’re profoundly touched by something, someone does something that really touches the heart. And so a certain quality comes to the eyes even when its deeply touched by that, and that communication seen as an effect that touches another, or another corresponds to that, creates a kind of interesting transporting or movement to somewhere very nice, and deep, and sweet and healing – on a consciousness level.

It’s that kind of cat, isn’t it? Wow. More information isn’t it? That’s a big marching order to catch up with something like that because most people always have some holdout aspect of themselves that shows, that’s part of their demeanor, that’s how they have to consider themselves in a separate capacity. But to have eyes like that puts you into the vacuum of a wholeness. That’s like transported to God, and can, if really, fully developed, transport in the environment that that can rest upon, and penetrate, can affect that in the same way.

It is said that just being in the atmosphere of a teacher creates interesting transformative effects. And the light of the soul is considered something that is seen in the eyes, that causes the connectivity to that, like a transporting.

In other words, if you were to take and substitute the word God in for soul it would be like that. That’s a very interesting thing because you actually do something like this invisibly. When you’re touched by things you’re just touched by things and, at the same time, you just being yourself don’t think anything of it. That has an effect that touches things around it. You just being how you are, you being like that softens heavy energy.

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