Environmental Karma

karma-3Over time we may get a sense that life is putting us into certain situations repeatedly, as if giving us opportunities to learn how we can better handle them. This is a concept of Karma. We may experience this in relationships, or as we are faced with deep-seated fears. And it has long been said that every struggle is really an opportunity for growth. But what we may not realize is that when we face that challenge, and learn the lesson, that situation will no longer arise in our life – so we can free ourselves of the repetition. Of course, there’s always something more to learn, and new struggles ahead, but when we are faced with a repetition we are living in the past, not growing into our possible future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I’ve come through so much struggle to be free of the oppressors around me that, in the end, I’m able to be withstand all forces that had stood up against me. And they had stood up against me almost as if it was part of the way things are in life, or as if it was like a natural right.

So, in the dream, I’m in a house that I am now able to leave, but have come back inside for one last look around before I venture out into the cold on a new adventure. In other words, it’s like this is a place where I paused at awhile. I’m normally a traveler, but I paused at this place awhile and, in pausing at this place awhile, I have accumulated or developed a certain history – and now I’ve dropped it.

And so what is here that’s left for me is very, very old, just but a flicker because I’m dropping it all, meaning that I’m no longer held in this place by some sort of traumatic way in which I am looking at myself.

So, in other words, this is an old ramshackle house that I’ve come into. It’s been there for a long time and there’s nobody there because you’re meant to move on. There’s nothing I can relate to here anymore. I mean there can be things that can try to come and find and be there, and whatever they are I see as oppressive, an oppressiveness that doesn’t have any force or effect upon me anymore. And so I’ve come back taking one last look. I’m about to leave. I’ve let go of it. I have actually transcended it; and yet there is still ancient memories of what had been.

And so I see in this upstairs area an old, gray jacket that I had left there from long ago, and had forgotten about. And I figure, you know, I could put that on, but where I’m going that’s not going to be sufficient because it’s cold out. And so I also see a jacket that is heavier, that is also mine, that speaks of a time that’s not that long ago, and that I could put that on. And I can carry this in kind of a dual capacity, the lighter colored jacket and the darker colored jacket, and proceed into the new future.

The jackets represent something of yet an ancient memory, but a memory that I’m free of, and the lighter jacket is something that speaks of a better fair weather time, and the darker jacket is something that still reflects a few things that one still has to go through, even though they’re free. And what is it that you still have to go through? You still have to be here. You still have to be here. You can venture out, but you still have to be here; but you’re here in a way that isn’t touched by manifestation and things going on like everyone else – which means that you’re able to face whatever forces there are that come up against you.

So somehow I kind of know this. In other words, I carry this part in me, and I’ve always wondered about this part, in which when I do something I think that it should work out in a particular way, almost as if I’m karmic free of what can befall it in a dire way. And I’m always kind of in shock when it doesn’t quite work that way because I feel like I am connected in that way in a deeper part of a letting-go quality of myself. So this deeper part of this letting-go quality of myself is what I’m exploring.

So, in looking at everything before I leave, and someone from the past is coming up the stairs having entered this ravaged house. And I think to myself, how ironic it would be that I get caught after all I have been through. And then I look again and realize that I am okay in that I have learned this final right of passage and the shadow of a past that I overcame to get free of has no affect upon me anymore.

And so the meaning is that when a person reaches a point within, in terms of inner presence and freedom from basically the outer illusion of things, when you truly have done that, you’re no longer then creating the energetic thoughts and mannerisms by which something can haunt you. When you’re not really free is when you create that, and if you’re truly free then you’re under a kind of protection in which outer life has to honor this other beingness of you, of who you are. It can’t keep throwing nuances and things to hold you back because you’ve transcended that. It only throws those vagaries of things at you when there’s still something that you need to grow up in and learn.

So this is a truth that reorders things, so in other words, that causes things to be as things need to be when you’re free. You’re only thrown if you have an energetic that’s behind causing that to have to be like that. So when you don’t have to be like that you can sit there and be on a path that’s separate from the fallout that happens in the outer for others. In other words, you’re afforded a protection from within that others, who still have shadow dynamics and unfinished business, are not. Others still denote a vibration that brings onto themselves issues.

In this dream, I no longer project a pattern in life that is invoking collateral effects from the outer, which is like the greater teacher always throwing something at you until you finally get that you can let go of it and, basically, I have let go, I’m just taking one last glance around. There is no spell or trauma, that has a hold on me, that has to be lived out here anymore. Everything’s been done so I am free to wear whatever coat I choose, be in whatever setting there is.

And, of course, the setting now is a shift to something else, and whatever is going to be involved there, and in this setting where something has run its course I’m able to conduct myself in what I would call a karmic-free way. In other words, there’s nothing that’s going to continue to malinger and have an effect upon me. Because it’s a common conception by everyone that whatever you do there’s always going to be something that’s going to keep coming up, and the average person doesn’t realize that it doesn’t have to be this way, and it only is this way because they carry a certain mannerism, or notionality, or energetic yet that hasn’t quite been released, or that they haven’t integrated.

The deeper meaning of this is I dreamt about a place within in which there is no longer the chains of karma that bind. When free of such reverberations, I’m able to be in a world but not part of it, meaning not caught up in it so that its effect is this way and that way because of something that I still leak in some capacity that it has to feed in terms of my delusionality. So to be in the world but not affected by an environmental karma is an image of having reached a place of inner stillness where the lower self no longer has any force, or power, over who I am.

When I am in such an all pervading stillness, from which all there is around me are flickers in the last stage of letting go, I now have an auric presence that penetrates through all there is. To be able to be in the world, and yet not part of it, is to be free of the karmic spellbinding ways. In other words, it’s to be able to affect the atmosphere around me, as opposed to being in scenarios that have a hold yet upon my attention.

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