Staying the Course

mudslidedTo be in school in a dream implies that something is being learned, or taught. If we add to that the image of the school itself being carried along in a mudslide, we can think about a dramatic change or shift associated with the learning and teaching. And the point is to be able to ride out the changes, to not be thrown off course by the disruption, but rather to learn from the process that has been set in motion, and awaken to find yourself in a new place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember is my very last dream – and that was mostly because of the sensation.

In the dream it feels like I’m an observer and, at the local high school, it’s been partially evacuated because of mudslides. And it feels like there’s a group of people that are kind of rushing to one room, so they want to get credit for being there when the school slides, like if they make it to a certain room. It feels like there’s 18 or 19 of them.

And then at some point the school is going to slide in the mud. And I remember the sensation of the school sliding, and they will get credit for having been there when that occurred. That’s all I really remember of the dreaming.

John: So what you’re talking about is that you’re in a space, or level, or zone, or however you want to call it in which something is being shifted. In other words, it isn’t as ordinary as it looks, as part of a transitioning that is meant to take place.

And that the characteristic of the place where you’re at is that it is a place where something is awakening inside of yourself, in which something is waking up, in which you’re being taught, or guided, or some input is occurring. And that by taking and allowing that to continue, or be present, in this place you reach the point that, if you stick with it over a long, long course of time, because it’s a process, that ultimately you’re shifted. Or, in other words, as the dream says, you get credit for being there when it transitions, or when it slides, or when it goes from one modality into another. Isn’t that interesting?

It’s kind of the theme of the dreaming, actually, meaning that the theme of the dreaming was that there is something that one is doing, and you’re kind of let in on the inside of it, that the approach, or manner, of how you’re going about something in life is deemed, and you’re being told that it’s deemed, to be an aspect of the process that goes somewhere.

And that you’re shown where you’re at in relationship to the fact that it is going somewhere, only you don’t know, in terms of what you’re doing, how this is going to necessarily end up because you cannot conceptualize it from the frame of reference that you’re currently coming from. However, you go along with a process, and then suddenly something changes. Or, as you would say in your dream, you get credit for having stayed the course. That was like the theme even.

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