Clarity Unfolding

d333oadThe need to pay for things in the outer world is a reality of life. But it is also true for our connections to an inner life. What form do such payments take? They take the form of greater consciousness of why we do what we do. And the form of greater responsibility for our energetic effect on things around us. Said another way, the energy worlds deal with the person we are when we are alone and being our natural self, not any facade or act we use to navigate the circumstances of our life. And that’s because what we think and do creates the energy that connects us to everything, whether good or bad, high or low. Again, that is where our freedom of choice resides. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I just remember my last dream and, in my last dream, it feels like we’re temporarily somewhere and, because of that, must be in the north because I decide I’m going to go visit my trainer’s boot camp.

And, at first, I think I’m going there to observe, but I participate, and because I’ve participated then I need to pay him. So I take some time to write it out, and I’m kind of surprised that I participated, but mostly I participated because we were in this area and we went around in a circle, and we did different exercise in that circle.

Well, then, a couple days later for some reason I decide to go back again, and this time I’m there a few minutes but he’s going to move us from where we are outside, to a gym that’s inside. So again, I’m sitting down and I’m writing a check, but where it would have been $45 for some reason I’m writing a check for $40. And then he’s going over and he’s talking to another girl in the group because she’s been coming for awhile, but hasn’t paid.

And so it’s like we’re trying to get all of that out of the way before we go to the gym. That’s all I really remember about the dream.

John: Your dream is pointing out the difference, or kind of a distinction that exists, between how it is that you perceive things in an outer way, versus an inner way – in that in an outer way, if it’s strictly an outer way, you actually think there’s more going on and, therefore, you even would be contemplating paying more when you’re learning how to relate in a sense of the outer.

But, as you develop a sense of the inner, there’s something that changes in terms of perception in that things actually make more sense. And so it’s as if there’s less pressure, and it’s as if there is less going on.

Actually there’s more going on, when you include the inner, because now you have the obligation and the responsibilities of seeing things on both an inner and an outer level. But, when you are strictly limited to the outer, things are more black-and-white and you sort things out differently.

You initially make distinctions, when the inner opens up, as if you’re dropping aspects of the outer, and your dream shows that you’re trying to figure out how to sort that out based upon the fact of what you pay, and when you pay, and how you pay, and all of that, using the idea of paying as type of recognition, or seeing, as a form of how you come to cope, or pay attention.

Initially, the focus is upon things in an outer orientation and the price of admission to doing things in an outer way. And then you come to know that that is tied to, or connects to, something in an inner capacity and so you don’t have the same weightiness, or something, in the outer, and thus the sense that something is easing up, and thus the sense that in that lightness you pay less.

And so in trying to contend with, and in contending with, the aspects of whether or not something is paid, and how much is paid, and when it’s paid and all of that, also brings in the element of bewilderment in terms of what is going on. When the attention is a paying that has to do with the outer only – and now there’s a paying that has to do with the inner – you’re having to notice that there is some sort of distinction awakening, and unfolding, and, as you notice that, in other words a noticing that is a sensation, in a sensation way, you’re coming to grips with how things are in a new light.

Even though the dream has that whole sense of transitioning going on in it, it seems that there is a smoothness to it because you seem to be noticing things in a way so that, as it’s unfolding, you’re able to unfold naturally.

The dream doesn’t dwell upon what would normally be the case for most people that are more affected by the outer orientation only. The dream doesn’t portray you as having a lot of stress, in terms of bewilderment, in terms of having to try to sort things out. It does show that there is still a clarity unfolding, but you seem to be doing it, you seem to be okay with that.

Whenever you happen to make a transition between recognizing things as happening with an inner motif to it, and not strictly an outer, you generally go through, especially if it’s a first go around, you generally have to go through a tremendous amount of confusion, and bewilderment, and shock, and surprise. But you don’t dwell on that, you don’t seem to have that. You seem to be doing it with an interesting cadence.

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