Ongoing Process

775If we take every image in our dreams literally, it could cause us some confusion. Case in point: in this dream the dreamer, a woman, is touched in a sexual way by another female. And it might be easy to say that this implies some deeply suppressed fantasy, but that isn’t the message here. We are all of the characters in our dreams, so if we are drawn close to the same gender, or even to friends or family members, it will only make sense against the backdrop of our inner life. We are trying to get close to, and make a deeper connection with, an aspect of our inner life – represented by one of the genders, and of a certain age group, to point us toward understanding the process we are in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I remember the second and third dreams. I lost the very first one. I wish it would come back.

But, in the second dream, I seem to be, going on a, I was going to say a journey, but it’s more like a trek, and that there’s a number of us going, and a quest – it’s something like that.

And it begins to take us up a mountain and some people kind of go on the regular trail, and then some of us have broken off and we’re going on a steeper kind of unknown trail. And I’m doing it more alone, even though there’s other people there. It’s not like we’re going hand-in-hand; it’s more like we’re spread out.

And, as I go along this kind of steep and unknown trail it’s closer to the edge. Then it feels on about the third leg of it, I go into a building. The building even is still going uphill and I go through some rooms, and I come in and lie down in a bed. And my Hawaiian teacher is there and she comes and gets into bed with me. And she touches me in a way that’s slightly sexual, but it’s more like it’s just… because she’s also kind of pulled a blanket over us, it’s also like it’s just awakening some kind of energy.

And she’s talking to me about that, but I can’t remember what she said. And then she gets up and leaves, and there’s another woman there that’s talking to me about whatever happened. And I realized I could have gotten lost going off on this trail, but I did okay, because it was a rougher trail. Then it seems to go right into the next dream.

John: So the underlying theme or motif is still this quality of atmosphere. In other words, the spatiality that one is in, where one finds a sense of balance, where things feel copacetic in the environment.

And for you it is viewed, in other words, viewed is more of a masculine way of saying it. For you it is experienced, or felt, in kind of an overall context. In other words, it’s like you’re denoting yourself in a spatiality and, in that spatiality, you’re aware of what seems to be needed, and what seems to be missing.

In other words, you’re always wondering, and pondering, in terms of putting the overall together, in terms of just a general context of being. And the process of doing that is an ongoing continuous process as one journeys, so to speak, or continues to keep climbing, or going through the paces of things. There’s always the ongoing process of adhering to, or holding onto, a quality of the overallness as one unfolds.

If you were to get to a point where things were bewildering, or overwhelming, that is when something would have to take a step back, or slow down, or in which you would in an overall process be afflicted in some capacity and would have to, somehow or another, go through that stigma, or affliction, in order to be back into a flow again.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Ongoing Process

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