Mystical Mountain

Piotr Putko

Yesterday we saw how bringing together our inner aspects gave us our greatest power (see Personal Power). Yet how do we find our way when the road ahead has six different, all beautiful, paths to choose from? Well, there’s only one way, and that is to trust in ourselves and in our connection to our higher guidance. A human being’s reason has always been meant for the maintenance of things. Creativity, and forging into the unknown, is the realm of the higher systems, and we have to trust in them, and listen to them, to find the right path at the right time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Carol: The three dreams are sort of brief, at least the pieces that I can remember. So the second dream, I’m at a Native American center and there’s lots of activity. But the thing that stood out most, and I was with a friend, a lady, and there were all these bright green paths like almost surreal color green like not of a natural… I mean they were real, it was grass, but it was so bright.

So they were these winding, perfect paths. There must have been, maybe six, I’m not sure, but they sort of all meandered down this kind of mountain, but not a high mountain. So they’re all sort of kind of going out from this center, and the friend I was with she didn’t want to go down. I was like, let’s go down one of these paths, and she didn’t want to. And I ended up staying with her, so I didn’t.

And then I’m in this kind of turmoil and confusion, but I got away by myself and I ended up putting a blindfold on myself. And I started to walk through this area with a blindfold on, and that’s when it actually was very cliffy, like almost that I was on the top of a mountain.

And I said to myself, I want to see how close I can get to the edge by just sensing. So I did that, and I got right up to the edge, and then I knew that I was on the edge and I took the blindfold off. And then later I remember thinking I need to keep this a secret, that I did this, because I could’ve fallen over the edge. And so that was that dream.

John: So where this has progressed from the previous dream is that you’re acquainting yourself with green. Green is the highest color. You have the white as an aspect of the masculine, you have the black as an aspect of the feminine, you have the pulling of something together as a quality that then is green, that lives life, that holds it as it really is on the inner and in the outer.

And you have six paths, so it does make one wonder, especially because it’s an early dream, because sometimes you can be told, you can have that sense, in terms of what it is that you’re working upon in terms of levels of an awakening of vibratory energy.

Those who try to look at an awakening process look at the colors and the aspects. They take light and they say light embeds within it information. You can only go so far trying to understand information reading it in books, but the information that is accessible through an accessing of light – and there’s a light color at each chakra – that information is a knowingness. You just naturally have it. It just opens up in front of you.

And so the higher self begins on the level of the heart, and then you have to bring in the above and the below. Now these levels of light are levels of awareness that is just naturally there that opens up for you. This is just this man’s creative way of describing how something opens up.

You can go back and you can look at painters from the seventeenth century and compare their paintings to paintings that are done now, and those who have done that are inferring that people who live now have access to more aspects of light, or colors, than what people aspected as painters way back then. And they go so far as to say that they just didn’t see it. And now you have a way of seeing it, or knowing it, as a kind of evolvement.

A mountain symbolizes obstacles and yet you climb the mountain; north is also a direction that has to do with the spirituality. In the north, under symbolism, is a mystical mountain. And accessing this mystical mountain is like climbing the mystical mountain, or coming down from the mystical mountain, bringing something through into life.

It could be that on the sixth level, an aspect of your higher self, is where you naturally pop open in this lifetime. Your dream is trying to tell you something and the part that’s kind of we’ll say a little more black-and-white in it is the green. And then you think of the feminine side of your nature that was in this particular house, that was trying to hold a particular quality, getting the memo of something more under something under a black hat, and into this dream, you now come to a green and you come to six paths, or like maybe six chakras.

It’s a higher-self quality nature man readily has as part of his manifested body he has seven chakra levels. You appear to be playing in those regions, because you’re playing with subtle energy now. So that’s a mysterium, yet to be figured out. 

Your second dream does have the mountain of the obstacle. It has the paths coming down from it. The blindfolding of yourself. You reach a point inside of yourself where you have to know how to walk where you can’t see. You can get to a particular point where you can feel the vibration. That’s a very interesting quality because the masculine won’t do anything that it doesn’t have a hammerlock on, that it doesn’t have some sense of power and control on. But the feminine can feel in the dark, can sense in the dark. Some part of you, you’re doing this, and it makes sense. This is brilliant.

So yeah, that’s an interesting quality. That, then, is a field of, or a zone, a depth, an atmosphere of a greater beingness.

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