Adjusting Accordingly

23deb58Have you noticed that dreams almost always have some aspect of travel in them? It can be in a vehicle, or on foot, with others or alone, but we always seem to be going somewhere, or trying to get somewhere. And that should tell us something about our unconscious processes that understand that we are on a journey all the days of our lives, and our dream images offer a road map, and guidance, and rest stops, and helpful hints for this journey all along the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it’s like I’ve gone back to New York and, in outer reality in New York, there’s a couple that had personal growth seminars, I used to help organize, that I had a falling out with.

And, in the dream, I’ve gone back to visit them, and I even go in and they’re beginning to organize seminars again, and I just kind of sit with them, and watch, or visit a little, and then I leave. And you and I are together, and we come out west, and first we’re traveling around west, maybe we’ve stopped a bit in California.

And then the woman shows up. She was under the impression that we were going to go to San Diego and organize for them again, or I was. And I explained, no, you know, we’re not getting re-involved or any of that, and we’re actually going to the Northwest, we have just been visiting. But she leaves, and I see that after she leaves that what she had done is she had left on the table some envelopes, and one was from her husband, and the other was from her, and it was the income they had received for the seminar they had just run in New York.

John: The dream is very cryptic in that you use New York as an example of taking a kind of step back, but it’s not the kind of step back that goes into such a denseness that you aren’t able to notice, or to watch, or to see in some capacity what is going on.

So the idea of going back to New York to take in something that is a seminar, in relationship to something in the past, is not a whole lot different than having to be in manifestation in which there are the ideas of life, of mankind, that are being perpetrated upon the whole.

You realize that things have to be put into a motion where there can be an unfoldment, instead of a manipulation based upon the ideals of something that had come up by the way and mannerisms of the powers that be, or of something that is established, or appears to be established as having entered into manifestation in this regard – by traveling to the west. And in such a journey you’re moving towards the completion of a process, and you’re utilizing some of the principles… In other words, you’re just not bambling about in life, you’re utilizing some of the principles of an aspect of an inner beingness because you’re also, in going to the west, you’re going the north, as well.

And the north is the spiritual center. It’s not going to the southwest, which is a delving into the crux of things. It’s nice to be able to go to the southwest where you delve into the crux of things, but that’s not something everybody dare try do. Sometimes you have to take and go a little bit towards just trying to awaken something, as well as journey along, and not necessarily have to do something which the southwest would have be implying.

So what your dream is doing is it’s giving you information in terms of what is going on in relationship to what can seem rather bewildering – in terms of a day-to-day, up and down – and it’s giving you this information almost from an overall kind of perspective of things.

The difference between this dream is again it has an overallness because I’m looking at the idiosyncrasies unfolding. That perspective, as I come to see it, is almost as if something is looking down, or coming through, as a counterbalancing awakening, when in your case it’s just an orientation, it’s just an atmosphere change, going from something that is projected in the east of one’s past.

Now what’s interesting, too, is your approach. This approach seems to know how to handle things with greater dexterity than the approach of how I’m looking at it, which seems to incur more of a direct impact in terms of how things are, and thus hits levels of pain. In your particular case, in an overallness you kind of have an overall sense of what isn’t right, and move, and adjust, accordingly – without having the specifics of the impact to have to contend with.

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The Inner Net

tu280Here’s the thing: we no longer live in a world that we can compartmentalize. We can no longer avoid what is happening around us, or keep ourselves protected from it – like we used to, by building borders, walls, and fences. All of our protections now need to live inside us, in the form of what we will or won’t allow, and in terms of our principles and values. Which means it’s important to have a higher purpose, because it is above everything else that is man-made, and that will give us the guidance we need to get us through whatever we may have to face. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’ve just joined a group of friends who are spies. I’m also a spy, like I’ve gone over to the house where they all are. We’re kind of like… I don’t know, we look like we’re in our 30s, maybe, and they have a mission for us to go on.

And I’m kind of joking around because I know when we go on our mission, where I’ll be a spy, that I can be effective because when I go with this one man that’s my partner I just really dumb down, you know, in terms of appearances, and that’s how I can get the most information being a spy. So that’s the first dream.

John: So what the dream is indicating is that you’re in a situation in which you are unable to cope with what is going on. In other words, you’re meant to catch up with what is there. In other words, you’re kind of like a spy, but you are shown, by this dream, that the only way that this is going to work, because anything that you are apt to do is apt to expose you, or create a problem, is you have to dumb down, which is another way of saying that you have to let go of however it is that you carry yourself in order to be able to be in that scenario.

Jeane: Then I have a brief dream where it feels like I’m going to be sent out as a spy on another mission, but what I realize is that usually when I’m sent out as a spy we go out of town, we travel some distance to where we spy on our assignments.

But this time they want me to spy right at the town where we are, and I don’t know how that’s going to work. But the guy who’s in charge says he’s going to disguise me as though I’m Japanese; and I’m just not sure this is going to work. I’m not sure it works if you try to spy right in your own town.

John: And so what you’re shown here is that, from the first dream, you’ve learned that you have to just let go because you’re not able to function under any predilection of your own, in a given scenario, because it’s too complex for you to be able to contend with. So, in order to properly handle that, you have to, so to speak, disappear yourself, and then you can somehow catch up with whatever the action is.

In the second dream, you’re shown that this is something that is occurring in the here and now, in the moment, and it is not something that you have a choice in in terms of it being over here or over there, which is kind of a transcendent way of looking at things – and in terms of being with things as well.

In other words, in the past you were able to take and dismiss things that affected you as being something that is over in this category, or over in that category, in other words, always somewhere else, or some other part of life that you’re not having to bring into the here and now. And in the past it was always something like that. And, of course, in the past we didn’t live in an intertwined world in which there is the, as the statement was saying, we weren’t living at that time, in what is now the internet of everything.

But the better way of saying it is: the inner net of everything. And in this inner net of everything you’re bombarded with information. In other words, they’re pointing out that a baby born today has to access, at the moment of birth, basically, a data stream of a lifetime all in one fell swoop at the beginning. Or that a person living today has to go through more than what a person went through in a lifetime back in the 1500s.

In other words, it’s the inner net of everything. And so what this dream is saying is that this condition, what is taking place, is in the here and now. It’s not something that you can dismiss in some sort of transcendent way. It’s not like the be all of things is somewhere else, always somewhere else, always outside of one’s self. It is right in the here and now and has to be dealt with now. You have no choice in the matter.

Jeane: Then I have a brief dream where it feels like I’ve driven, and I have this white convertible. It’s an older one, a big white convertible. And I’m visiting some friends and family, and my nephew from California is there.

And I notice that when he wants to help out, like he thinks maybe there’s something that needs to be fixed on the car, he’s just so exuberant in a way that he flips the car over to look at the underside of it, to fix it.

And I’m kind of like, oh no, you know. I think I get someone to take him in to take a nap, but I go in the room to retrieve some clothing from that room and it’s like he hops up. It’s like I’m trying to do something to help, but see that I need to get him to mellow out in some way. He just is kind of overly exuberant with anything he wants to do. And then I’m trying to figure out does a nap do it, does this do it, does that do it, can I help him kind of even out a bit?

John: So this is actually a dream now that takes those first two variables and is telling you that in order to handle that, in order to be in a world that is like this now, that you have to chill out, that you have to somehow or another take a step back, you have to let go in some fashion with yourself, that the way that you are and everything is keeping you spun out and, therefore, over the top – so that there’s no way that you can actually grasp what is important, and what is necessary.

So, in that sense, you might say that this is a personal dream, but it’s an interesting personal dream because it’s personal in the context of what you’re having to confront, and are going to have to deal with, in terms of what is unfolding at this point in time. And, in order to do that, you have to chill out, you have to take a step back, you have to let go, you can’t keep spiraling in the way that you’re spiraling or you’ll never get it, you’ll always be in a state of bewilderment – and probably worse than bewilderment.

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Integrating Everything

i076sWe’re all busy. We’re all involved in so many things that it’s hard to imagine taking on one more thing. But, are we involved in It? Because religions and spiritual paths are created as road maps for us, us humans, to become involved in It; It being the greater unfolding purpose of the universe. That is what we come here to do. And It is purpose; everything else we may do here falls under the heading of “randomness.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the main dream I had, I’m a man, I have a son who feels like he’s maybe teen years, and we’re taking him through a building that feels like a cross between the inside of a dam and a museum. You know how sometimes a dam can have those big generators and big things going on?

The purpose of this is it feels like I’ve invented some process that has to do with the dam, or how the electricity is generated, or something. As a result of having invented this process, it’s like I go to a place of the building and I’m actually generating some electricity, or doing something at a place.

And someone comes along and they’re talking to me, and almost half joking with me, because I invented a process that was really worth millions, but I was only given a few million. And I’m kind of joking with them about, you know, I’m still kind of part of this generation of energy and I’m… you know, there’s only so many million you can spend in a lifetime, anyway. So I’m like joking about all this because, in a sense, I have what I need and I’m still part of something that’s generating electricity, and I’m kind of involved in that process.

John: Great dream. So, the initial setting is that you’re somewhere between this power plant and what you consider a museum; in a building that’s like that. And the museum, of course, carries a multiplicity of things, and yet you’re experiencing something that goes way beyond the multiplicity of things.

In other words, you’re experiencing the energetic, or the power that relates in some fashion, through you, as you, and yet there’s still the multiplicity of things. So where it has a sense of in-betweenness, and that in-betweenness blurs away because some part of you is the power plant, too.

But where it doesn’t blur away is that you’re going there with your son. So, what is it that you’re trying to do with the son? Are you trying to introduce him to something? You’re trying to show him a greater connectivity?

Jeane: It just feels like he’s part of the flow of energy that’s me.

John: Yes, he becomes an integrated you. This is kind of like an advanced image from the standpoint that it does pull together, when it all flows like this and comes together, this pulls together the wholeness and the overallness in life.

Otherwise, you have levels upon levels to have to contend with. But if the museum and the power station can be one and the same, then that means that all of the levels, all of the multiplicities, integrate with that inner flow. They come together in terms of that inner flow.

And when they come together in terms of that inner flow, then there’s a closeness, then there is a connection, and the connection is energetic, because you’re carrying the energetic, and that energetic then intertwines.

And so it all flows through you. You know, if you were to try to break this up, which you don’t do because you’re representing the wholeness, you’re representing an overallness, you’re actually representing the higher epiphany of the feminine wholeness and overallness of things. If you were to try to break this up into pieces, like components or something, what you would have is you would have that energetic would be like God, or it would be the thing that teaches, the thing that is the innerness that is all-pervasive.

And the things that are there, in, say, the museum of the place, are the various levels. They all carry a component, a derived, reflective component of some aspect that relates, but has been separated in a way so that it may have gotten a little askew from that energetic.

Now if you can bring this energetic straight down and through, because you embody this energetic and it is actually you, and if it can be you in its completeness, then it takes into account, and it sweeps up, and it integrates everything in the museum. And when everything in the museum is integrated, then the purpose of life has been met, and the consciousness that each of us is meant to reach has occurred.

In other words, there’s no more struggle, there’s no more differentiation. In that sense, if you use the word ego to represent something that is still separate, there would be no ego either, then.

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