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There are thousands of years of various religions, and there are any number of books that can speak to the nature of a spiritual journey and human purpose. And there’s also this dream, which shows, in the simplest terms, the idea that we are born into something that warrants that we figure out what it is, and why it has created us. Just the acknowledgement that we are here on behalf of something else is a big step away from the personal, physical infatuations of life. And that can set us on our path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my dream, I feel like I’m young in it, and I have a sister, like we’re teens or preteens, fairly young. And, at some point in the past, it’s almost like our mother had died and our father has disappeared, and so we’re looking for our father.

We must have a guide at some point that helps point us to this island that our father lives on. And when we go to that island, then we start looking for him. And as we look for him, it feels like we have to crawl through secret compartments, and crawl spaces, and up and down, and then finally we come out into an apartment that’s my dad’s apartment.

And he’s actually happy to discover us when we get there, but it was kind of spooky because some of the crawl spaces are kind of tiny and intricate to crawl through. But we made it, and we kind of got familiar with them. And then we find out that one of the reasons that there are all of those crawl spaces, and the reason our mother disappeared, had to do with aliens that come to the planet. You’re at risk from these aliens.

So at some point, the aliens do show up, but I’m able to get away from them, even though it’s a close thing because I have a familiarity with a crawl space so I’m able to crawl up or down, or know that there’s a corner I can turn and go into, and hide, and feel like I get away. And much of this time I feel like my sister is around also, but she’s kind of invisible. I never really see her clearly. 

Then there’s a slight shift where I seem to be investigating looking for more information on the aliens, and that kind of takes me away from where my father’s living. And I’ve gone into an office where some doctors are that I used to know, and I hang out a bit in the restroom, and the restroom is kind of structured oddly. 

There’s like an anteroom, or a waiting room, outside the restroom, and then if you go through a door to the left there’s a little corridor and it goes to a men’s bathroom. And if you keep going straight you just go around the corner and that’s where the woman’s bathroom is, but it’s all kind of together in a way.

And I can hear one doctor come in, because I’m just around the corner in the women’s, but he’s kind of a mild-mannered doctor, and I know the other doctor who’s a little more adventuresome probably has the information that I want.

When I go to him initially he’s reluctant to tell me information on where the aliens are, or how I can find out more about them, but I get enough information from him to know that the guide that helped us find the island can help me. And it feels like the doctor has even thrown a tip to the guide, in terms of some gold coins, so I go over and I look over this wall into where the guide lives. 

He’s kind of sitting facing forward, almost like his apartment is more of a car than a living space, and behind his chair is the tip that the guy threw, the gold coins, and there’s also I see some money that I think is a tip that we must have left him. 

So I pick up the two gold coins that are behind his chair to hand to him. He’s sitting in the front of the chair, and he indicates that actually in order to get information on the aliens two gold coins wouldn’t be enough, he’d need three. 

So I start sorting through the tip we’d left for him and I see these smaller gold coins. They’re more like a dime size rather than a quarter size, but I finally, as I dig through, I’m able to find at least three of them. And I feel like this must be the equivalent of the bigger gold coin, so this is going to be enough. 

And  even though I can tell maybe the doctors or other people don’t want him to tell me, he then points to a poster which kind of has swirly ocean colors on it and the name of a couple of scientists, or a picture of them. And he indicates that the one scientist is the one that has the information that I need on the aliens. And that’s when I wake up.

John: This is a really big dream. To begin with you’re starting off just kind of on your own, learning the ins and outs of getting by in life as best you can. In other words, it’s called developing a certain understanding about how things work.

In other words, going and realizing that there are these corridors of ins and outs and ways that you can conduct yourself that seem to get you by in some sort of narrow context way. As a consequence of that, over a course of millennia, or lifetimes, or who knows what, you’re coming closer to recognizing that there’s more going on.

In other words, you’re at a point where something now is capable of happening to you, so that you can be speeded up, or so that you can start to take on the greater characteristics of something much, much bigger. 

In other words, you’re not just some really small thing just working in a real, real small mud puddle, crawling around in these avenues, and corridors, and tunnels of life, that you have learned to do, in kind of a way of coping with all of the personal aspects that make all of that sort of thing work. You’re suddenly now starting to realize that there is something more. And that’s where you start to bring in the characteristics and the traits of something much larger. 

You are looking at the mother characteristic or trait, which is a wholeness in creation, or manifestation. And you’re looking at the masculine quality and characteristic, which is like an energetic coming down from the creator. You’ve gone along up to this point in terms of maintaining your own identification, and now you have to start to take into account: what is the mother, and what is the father of things?

You’ve evolved to the point where you’re starting to look for the mother, or you’re starting to look for the greater wholeness. And, in order for that to happen, you have to get information from the father. 

Well, part of getting this information from the father is this can be a bit much because change always happens that stirs things up from within, and that you have developed, over a course of time, the ability to handle this kind of change that could have dire consequences, or denser consequences, to a person who doesn’t know how to channel it, or steer it, or focus it. 

You apparently have learned how to handle it, but to the degree to which it is still foreign to you it comes across as alien energy trying to disturb or affect you. And all of that gets twisted in you having to contend with that without too great a reactionariness, because the reactions cause you to lose the context of what is truly going on.

So little by little you come to notice, using the bathroom setting or something happening off to one side, you can come to recognize little bits of each. 

And so this starts the process of the spiritual path, as you now are going outside of your own mannerisms and have come to recognize that you are part of some sort of much larger schematic. 

It’s not just those little tunnels and this, that, and the other that you’ve developed a good personal understanding with – that you now have to contend with something much bigger. And so that involves having to become more conscious, or to speed up. 

And so now you’re using the principles of energy. Now everything is energy in manifestation. You were just working with kind of a sound principle. That worked okay, but now all of a sudden you’re in need of acquiring that greater attunement that comes from the light, or the information from within, the father energy. The sound energy is the mother energy. 

The ability to put the two together has to do with picking up, bringing in, a certain kind of inner quality power, or presence, and that’s reflected by the money that you have to pay, or you have to catch up with. And then when you catch up with that, then it automatically inflects and becomes clear to you. 

Well, to catch up with that you have to drop even further, and it’s a continuous process. It’s always more and more and more of the same of these indulgences, or mannerisms, or perspectives that you take on. It’s just at subtler and subtler levels. 

I mean, sure, yes, it started at some point where you picked up a certain kind of rootedness of yourself, in terms of a dexterity of knowing how to go in and out of tunnels and such, bicycle around in life in a personal way, that you picked up enough so that you can then exhaust that as a deviated means and start to reach to a greater soul nature of yourself.

And then start to recognize more of what the true principles of creator and creation, or mother and father, are all about. But you still have this mystery of either having to find the mother, or accept the father, or how all that is, and that involves catching up with an inner power awakening and opening inside of yourself, expanding in terms of a presence or an aura of your being.

And when that happens, then you’re able to catch the hint of things. You’re able to see the principle of something that is divine, bringing the inner, which is aliens, but able to handle that, bringing that all the way in and through into creation, the reflective other end of it, or the flip side of the coin to the creator. Because creation is created in his image, and in that way you catch the hint, you catch the hint or you recognize what is taking place. 

In other words, you are able to alchemically unveil what is going on. You get it, you know it, you live it, and/or start to see it – and that’s the scientist. That’s a big dream, a lot of action in there.

Jeane: There was.

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In our culture, we tend to lump masculine and feminine traits into two genders and seem surprised when the lines blur. But we are all a combination of both masculine and feminine gender traits, with one usually being dominant. Yet that doesn’t mean everything we do should be dominated by a singular viewpoint; like everything else we discover, there is a natural state of balance and a reason to use all the diversity we find in ourselves to navigate the many circumstances we find ourselves in. And, on a spiritual journey, there is another aspect that continually dominates, and that is our personal involvement, or the feeling that this whole “life” thing is about us. It’s really not about us, but rather about how we can fit into the whole of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it’s like I’m supposed to go help with a trial, but when I go there it’s like they want to disqualify me from being the prosecutor, or the questioner, without telling me why or putting me in a secondary role.

And then I figure out finally that it’s because either the opposing counsel, or the person that’s coming up, is somebody that I knew, or had a relationship with, or they think I want to be in relationship with, and that this would taint how everyone was looking at the questioning.

So I’m frustrated with this because I don’t feel like it should really make a difference. Then I see that everything is targeted towards making me forget. And then that starts becoming the reality – everything seems to be targeted towards even making me forget the dream, and it’s so frustrating that I have to fight to even remember this part which you think would stand out because there was a certain amount of emotions.

So it is like that just becomes the outer reality then where I really have to struggle to even remember this tiny bit.

John: What’s happening is as the prosecutor you’re being the masculine. In other words, the prosecutor is a person that takes and goes out and brings in the inflections, and the thoughts, and the sparks, and the energetic that takes and quickens something out of its dormancy, enlightens in that regard, makes something more alive, and more real, and more tangible. 

That’s the nature of the masculine, and that’s what you’re doing as the prosecutor. However, the need is to keep you repressed, which then takes you back into the condition of the feminine. The feminine is a person that takes and doesn’t quite see what is going on around it, and is affected by things that it can’t sort itself through and find the greater picture in life.

And so your dream is indicating that this happens to you when you are overpowered by the idea of something being personal, too personal, and so you are shut down by the fact of them causing this indulgence, this limiting feature, to be used as a means to keep you from invoking, and exciting, and causing something to be seen by a normal, natural, masculine quality expression.

So to keep you from finding this other side, or fullness, of yourself, you are being shown that this is lost, or goes away, or is inaccessible to you when you indulge in what is said to be personal mannerisms that contract and hold you down in a kind of compaction. 

That’s the nature of manifestation. Manifestation is something that has been slowed down with an energetic in such a way so that it is of a sound quality, as opposed to something in a more speeded-up realm, that is not necessarily grounded as a consequence, that comes and appears in the nature of light. Yet light and sound are one and the same.

And so the masculine part of yourself that has this quality of being the prosecutor, or the means of bringing something through that quickens, and awakens, and stirs, and jars, and invokes the situation to have a whole other way of coming out of its condition – that is working with the principle of something coming down into life.

And, by contrast, you find yourself constrained because of personal limitations that are placed upon you, that keep you contracted, so that you don’t wake up to that or, as the dream is indicating, find the means inside of yourself to quicken yourself, so that that which is whole and complete inside of yourself you are able to awaken, all on your own, with your own inner masculine.

Isn’t that an interesting dream? 

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DreamThinkDoIt may sound shocking, but there is a huge difference between believing in a spiritual, or religious, path, and doing that spiritual or religious path. Because if we only engage at the level of an abstract idea or concept, then we are missing the point. We must live the belief or concept, meaning we must put those ideas or concepts into action in our life. That’s how we, over time, become the journey itself, we are its outplay. Of course we know that an idea written on a napkin, but never made real through actions and effort, amounts to nothing. It is the same with our journey; it only becomes real when we do it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream I didn’t pull out as well, but it seemed like it started out with there’s this like milky-colored type substance and it’s almost like I’m pulling something out of it by putting a word together. 

That’s about the most I can tell you. And it was very feminine in nature, whatever I was doing.

John: The pulling something out might have been feminine, in other words, something arising.

Jeane: It was horizontal.

John: Yeah, it’s horizontal. Vertical is not feminine, but then the pulling of something out is horizontal, which is feminine, but the something that caused something to be quickened so that you could pull something out, was masculine.

It’s important because this is a big conception that’s getting in the road. What’s getting in the road is that a person sits back and waits for something to happen, thinking that this is a process where you wait. The idea is that it takes a while to make a soul pregnant or something, and so you wait. And if you wait, you wait forever, because this is also a path of service and you have to be involved and the greater teacher is the outer. 

In other words, every teacher will say that, and so you have to put yourself into the equation of things in order for something to happen. It’s just like Carl Jung in his dream where he saw this yogi sitting under a banyan tree whose face was him, and then he realized that if this yogi woke up he would no longer be in existence, or be alive, or however you would put that. 

In other words, we live in a dreamer/dreamed state, and the inner quality that is quiet, that’s the yogi in the meditation is the dreamer. And all change and everything comes from within, and the dreamer dreams, and the dreamed plays it out. 

Now, if in the dream state you do not keep yourself in the equation of things, because you’re waiting for something to happen, then you are living in a state of conceptualization. You are expecting something to happen out of the blue. 

What happens out of the blue? Blue is a color that’s associated with conceptualization. In other words, it’s a higher-self color associated with conceptualization. When you reach a certain realization that there are parts of yourself that you don’t like, then you don’t know what to make out of that – you’re in a state of bewilderment – so you wait for something to happen out of the blue.

But you have to put yourself into an activation, and then you realize what it is that is meant to be. It happens in that kind of chemistry. It’s alchemy. This is a form of alchemy

Jeane: So that dream proceeds to something I just vaguely remember, but the gist of it seemed to be that I was part of people that were being gathered together to serve in the military, and I’m trying to keep a secret.

So it’s like I’m trying to kind of almost hide in the midst of these other people in the military, thinking I won’t have the secret maybe because I’m feminine, or of how I’m dressed maybe they won’t search me and find whatever it is I’m trying to hide.

But that’s all I remember.

John: It’s similar to that other little minuet in that you have something inside that is the aliveness of your being, yet at the same time you’re required to get into the mix of things in life that is complicated, like military service or something.

And yet at the same time you have your attention placed upon, you have something that is secret, that is hidden. Now, you are thinking in the dream of course that it is hidden upon you, but not necessarily, could be hidden within you. 

And you don’t trust yourself with being able to be in the service, along with the secret, and yet that is what you’re required to be and required to do. In other words, that’s how things work. We have moved into alchemy. 

Jeane: Then I have a dream where I’m with you and another person, and we’ve climbed to the top of some kind of structure. By that I mean it’s almost like these steps have been carved in white marble or something like that, marble or something chalky even, and we’re way up at the top. When you look down it can almost make you dizzy. 

And there really aren’t many handrails or anything. And then you can climb down so far and then you get to steps that are easier to go down. Well, you guys have taken off ahead of me and you seem to have made it down. I’m hesitant, because I don’t care too much for heights.

And I notice that if I go on the other side of this little wall that, yeah, there are these tricky steps that go down partway, but then it looks like there’s a trolly or something down there that one can ride in and goes to a wall and through and on down. So I think maybe I’ll try that. 

You guys have already gone down the other side. So I get part way down and I get to where the trolly is but I see that it’s something that doesn’t really work – I can’t take it. So then I turn around to go back up. 

There are really no railings. It’s kind of hard to do and then when I do start to grab something that I could use to help myself get back up it pulls away from the wall. So it’s looking very precarious, but in spite of that I seem to kind of get back up the steps.

But now I kind of have to get it together to kind of have the courage to go down the steps you guys went down.

John: What I can’t tell for sure is if you actually were doing the right idea. 

In other words, something has to come all the way down, that is true, and you were reluctant to come all the way down, but at the same time your perception of what was coming all the way down is fairly linear. It was coming straight down the steps. It involved one boom, boom, boom. 

And what you were looking to do was a process that was more spread out, in other words, a capability of riding, taking a ride on something, being carried. Ahhh, actually you were finding out that it doesn’t work that way – and that is correct. 

You have to keep coming down, and you have to keep coming down, and you have to come down into life and there’s no such thing as being able to go off and think that something can carry you along, that as you come down you awaken to what you awaken to one step at a time.

And the other was a conceptual approach that had a bit to do with the idea that there was something that could just carry you along into it all. That’s a conceptualization I think that exists on this path, that everyone’s thinking there’s something that’s going to carry them along.

And like I indicated at the very first image you pointed out, it is a process and that process involves an involvement. It’s not something that you hang back and expect it to happen out of the blue, because that’s a taking and there is something rude about that. 

There has to be a corresponding balance. And when you take one step at a time you come to meet and grips with things that are meant for you to understand. And, yes, that can appear linear, but then it does open up going through the depths of yourself because the chemistry of coming down is a feminine nature that’s expansive in a way that you wouldn’t ordinarily anticipate.  

And it’s that kind of expanse that enables you to aspire to that which is being purported to have to come down so that the two can connect, alchemy again. 

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