Breaking Loose

In today’s world, it could actually be considered a nightmare to have an image where you are trying to access something on a computer and you can’t remember the password. It shows how the language of our dreams comes from our daily life; that’s why we often miss their deeper meaning. So the unconscious takes the daily event, of which we understand the feeling quite well, and uses it to tell us another story. In this example, there’s a need to fit into a cult-like situation, and also the feeling that something more can be accessed. And this is our situation exactly – we just need to find our password. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember part of one dream, and in it I’m a young woman, and another young woman and I seem to have become members of this cult, run by a man. And we’ve gone to live where they live, mostly other women there. And I’m trying to do something to fit in because I know, in a sense, that sometimes this cult member if they think that you’re a spy, or just if they think that you’re not useful to the cult, that he might kill you.

And I study things that they’re sorting out, and I study something that I can do on the computer, and I realize that in order like to communicate back to where I came from, I can do that on the computer at some point, but there’s two passwords that I need for different computer programs.

And it’s like I have one password, but I can’t remember the other. I’m working hard at remembering that second password, but I’m also going through and helping him sort through things, and doing things that are making me somewhat useful with the group, in terms of what I can sort through, or know, while trying to keep a little bit of a low profile at the same time.

And so it’s kind of like this dance of trying to keep part of what I know concealed, and part at the same time be useful to the group, but not stand out. So that seems to be the main thing that the dream is about.

John: What you’re talking about is a precursor to something, and what you’re describing is a scenario in which something is meant to change. In other words, the reason why it’s considered like a cult is that it’s set in its own way – and from this something more dynamic is meant to happen.

You’re not the spark plug to that dynamic that happens. Instead you’re support to whatever that is. And just sitting in this situation almost suggests that something more needs to be pulled through. Can you pull that through? Or does it have to happen in a capacity outside of yourself? And what’s odd about this is, should it happen, if it were to happen, is there time? Is permission granted.

It’s a very peculiar kind of depiction in that you’re describing an interval in which everything is kind of paused and, when things are paused, they kind of go around and around. That’s why it’s cult-like. It’s like sitting with something yet to come, yet to happen. And yet how can it happen because the memo hasn’t come through. The thing to embrace hasn’t opened up, and is seen as being like a password.

An image like this means something is stifled for some reason. I guess it is suggesting that in the situatedness something remains dormant and isn’t connecting like it could. Something is sitting dormant that isn’t connecting like it could. And so you feel the dormancy as something that is you call it like a cult. It’s like a cult vibration, which means that there’s a life behind it but you don’t know what it is.

You feel the vibration only, but because you don’t know where the flow is it sits in kind of a controlled waiting. And in that controlled waiting there’s an absenteeism of your being, in terms of a flow, and something that is like that in which you’re not engaged seems to be lying there waiting for a precursor of some sort to come through. I guess it can have the sense of being kind of like in a cult, construed off to one side. It feels sitting in a cult. It feels like it’s sitting in an absentee state.

And the only thing that can change that is something that would come along and break the trance, and from the trance being broken, then an unfoldment would be able to occur. That’s an unusual image.

Within that is a sense of giving up even, but it’s a giving up in a waiting way. But where the sadness could come is: how long can one wait? It feels like something more active is on the horizon. The activity is scary because you have to come up with, or know, or recognize what it is that is meant to break loose.

In other words, there’s all kinds of things and they can diverge this way, and they can diverge that way, but what is it that’s meant to break loose? Something is meant to break loose.

Now what happens is a person takes and they go off and they can experience something that feels like they are stalled out, like in a cult, and then that something more dynamic is on the horizon. Permission is given, a password is given, and something can break free. But then, when it breaks free, one has to properly hear and know what it is that has broken free. Because it’s got an active sense, but the way that it’s meant to unfold is unsorted out. In other words, the permission of whatever that is is not revealed.

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