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eye-of-newt-3Every moment we are confronted by, and limited by, our level of understanding. We react and proceed forward based upon our best understanding at the moment. Yet there is always more to know and more to understand. In the realms of spiritual and energetic development, we can gain access to higher levels of insight and knowledge. Here we see witches in a dream, and that sort of energetic work is very crude – but it does represent a certain understanding of the way things work. It’s wise to remember that there is always more to discover, and that the refinement journey never really ends. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, it feels like I’m in this ancient city that even has like a temple-type area. I know how to travel over to that area, and I can travel up and it’s almost like there’s hidden passageways, even on the outside, where you can go up and over.

I go into this area and it’s where the witches are, and I can see what they’re doing, and the ceremonies. I can go back and forth between there and where I live, but it feels like I bring some people with me, the man and some other people I’m with, and I take them there.

But then I have some reservations about that because then I notice that they start trying to go there on their own, or maybe their timing isn’t quite right, or they take some things out from there that maybe they shouldn’t and then that creates a conflict in me for having taken them there.

It feels like that was my first dream, and then…

John: So the theme of the dreaming is to take and to be able to look at different levels of subtle inner awareness. And, as a person becomes more aware, you have different reactions that you have to go through.

To begin with a person can be perfectly calm when things are completely haywire around them, if they don’t even notice, or aren’t paying any attention. It’s as if they’re absolved from that situation.

But then, as you become more aware, or access other levels inside yourself, you come to realize that what is unfolding bothers you, maybe agitates you, and it also is a level of awakening where you get gloom, dire, and obtuse about things.

The difference is that that’s a level of awareness in that, to begin with, you didn’t even give it attention or regard whatsoever, and so everything that was happening, when you weren’t giving it any attention or regard at all, whatever was happening would continue to keep happening. And if there is a breaking down caused by the way something is awry, reflectively, it will continue to break down.

So what you did is you’re looking at a kind of limitation in regards to a particular level within. The level that you went to within was kind of a inner plane level, in which the dynamic that’s able to play with the outer is quickened, which is a wizards kind of thing. And so you can have a misuse of energy there or, if you can handle the witches and wizards realm that can throw you askew because of the way it can be bewildering to you in terms of what you see, if you can take that at a level deeper behind the witches and wizards level, there’s a whole other quality in terms of the way something wakes up.

So what you did, initially, is you went back and you looked at the witches and wizards level. You didn’t take and activate this, so to speak, from the standpoint of boom, boom, boom subtler and subtler, and subtler and subtler, and subtler. Instead you did this kind of an orientation way, that the feminine tends to do, in that you took and you related from a particular state, and in that particular state you have an unfoldment storyline. Each particular state that we are able to go into has its own limitations in terms of its reflective storyline.

Initially the realm of witches and wizards and all of that stuff is kind of Voodoo-ish, if that’s all you’re able to experience. And if you’re manipulating or able to access that and don’t know that there’s more and more behind that that is subtler, and subtler, levels of evolvement to where there are greater and greater energetic states of freedom, if you don’t know that, if you don’t have that opened up, then you can have, just looking at that state alone, you can only have an awareness in relationship to the degree to which you’re able to pull out that state of sight only.

Why? Because you’re taking and going further and further and further back to the epicenter of how things are, in a non-reflective way. And that the breakdown of reflectiveness, yes, it does have a trickle effect, it does go into subtle levels of consciousness, but it’s meant to be that way. Everything is meant to open up.

So it kind of throws a whole different light when you see somebody that’s really, really reactive because being really, really reactive and hypertensive is a process in which you get yourself contaminated, subjected to spells, and traumas, and trances and everything else – but that is a level of awareness that’s better than being amnesic.

And the problem is the reactions aim to eventually go back to the amnesic, but instead you have to progress through that to something that’s able to let go to where you get to quieter states, to where you get to the point where everything that’s going on in the outer is taken into account in terms of an inner process of vibration.

And that the depths to the degree to which something is chaotic, and this is the reason now, this actually explains why the process is like it is, the Yin/Yang aspect of it, in that the greater the degree to which something is askew in terms of its orientation on an outer physical level, the more loud that that is able to be perceived, and taken in, and handled, and lived, the greater the degree one can offset that by going behind the reflective scene to the place in which the dynamic is being spun out – because it’s all a part of a process of awakening.

At first you might say you had kind of a big bang where everything was just left into an emptiness of an amnesia, and then from there it reawakens. But you didn’t dream that. What you dreamt was you looked at a particular state, and then you probably evolve and go to another one.

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CrossroadsWe all have milestone goals for our life: graduate, job, love, family, home, etc. And we imagine them as finish lines, as in: If I just get that, then… But, of course, we find out in every instance that what we thought was the goal line has become the starting point for the reality ahead. Such as: how do we keep our job, make our family thrive, or find happiness? In each moment we have a choice to make, and usually one direction is in support of what we truly want, and the other is not. And it’s not always easy to choose what we really want and forego what we think we want. That’s when it’s good to understand, and choose, what we really want to become in the end. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like I really struggled last night, like I was trying to pull something through that wouldn’t quite come through, and it made me really hot and my muscles were all achy. So, between the two, it felt like it interfered somewhat with the dreams, like with pulling out the dreams.

And in my last dream it was like I was working. Wherever I was I was nearby to this little shop, or place where people came and got gas or something, and when I would go over there it’s like I might get like some part-time work because I would just happen to know how to do something and I didn’t seem to need to do more because I had a little bit of money coming in from a lottery I had won. It might not be much, but it was enough to get by with.

But it was like things were there, but not in a way and I really understood it. It was like when things came they always came in the moment. And before that I don’t remember that much of the dream because it felt like I was just struggling physically in it.

John: Well, what your dream is portraying is it’s putting you into a described position that you have naturally caught up with, and it’s both positive and negative.

The positive effect is that it’s the flow-through of something that comes from the past as if, you know, this is something that is there that has come through, and can come through. It’s got the sense of say maybe a lottery quality to it in that you don’t necessarily do anything for it to be there for you, and yet it’s something that you’re able to denote. That’s the positive quality.

The negative quality is that now that that has reached a particular point that something more, whatever the something more potentiality is, is yet to be determined. In other words, I would say that this is kind of like a dream that indicates that a person catches up with a certain quality of where they may have left off in terms of their soul development. And, in terms of this opening up and coming through for them, it can feel like they don’t have to do anything, it just naturally comes through.

It’s as if they have already achieved something, or they have already done something, to win the lottery of this sort of effect. And so that is what is being visualized for you and, I would also say that, on an energetic level, you’re being tweaked in terms of something else yet, because that’s how it is for me. That, okay, this is the point, this is bringing everything to an exclamation point, and now it’s as if the game is on, and the combinational variables of traits, and qualities, have been brought into the forefront, have been brought through to a point where now they can be put into an unfolding octave that all of those components that have come together, over the course of time of the journey of the soul, or however you’d say it, are now at a point where that has gotten to where something more can now take place.

And I would say that this is kind of like a type of information that’s like a racing forward, that often happens at the end of a person’s life, as their soul is reaching to a actualization, or a realization, for having made the journey into the outer. That’s how I would say that it is inclined to be, in terms of most people, but I would say that the vibration of this feels a little different in that it implicates and suggests something more – even though one doesn’t know precisely what that something more is because it’s not laid out in black-and-white terms.

All that’s shown is something that reaches a particular kind of crescendo unfoldment of a seeingness of traits, and aspects, of self. And then when one catches up with that, then it’s left as yet an open book in terms of what is to transpire from there. In other words, one’s just given the information, so to speak, and then with the information what you feel compelled to do with it is a whole other story.

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In dreams, food is an excellent representation for energy because, just like animals forage all day long filling up on what they like to eat, we can say the same about the energies we seek. If we like a place, it is usually as much about the feeling of it as it is about the look of it. If we like a person, we are attracted by how their energy makes us feel, not just what they say or do. And music or movies provide a certain energetic food for us in a certain moment – that’s why no food, music, or movie is satisfying all the time. We are constantly seeking our next energetic food. Well, higher energies are doing the same thing, so we have to make ourselves, by our thoughts, our intentions, and our actions, an excellent food for what we are trying to attract. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I remembered the detail better, but the first dream I feel like I’m with another woman, and there’s a situation with maybe another person we’re holding together, and we’re waiting for you to come.

And when you come at that point with the situation we’re holding together, and it seems to involve another person, I can transfer the energy, or the person or something, over to you, maybe. I can hold it together because I have a master’s degree, I remember that.

And then there’s something that you have that when you come we’re able to do the transfer, but I remember I wasn’t sure it would work until you came. And that’s all I remember about it. It was kind of like just about some dynamic that I wasn’t sure was going to work until we did it.

Then I didn’t have another dream, until just a few minutes ago, and in that dream it feels like we’ve been exploring an area, like Yellowstone, and you and I have come and we’ve gone to the park and we had gone seeking out all these different waterfalls and places, and even one where you had to go climb way down and find waters and find places that we weren’t even sure were going to be there, or we could get to, and discover what was there.

And then we had gone back to a central location where we’re having a lot of family, or people, for dinner, but we’re having an outdoor dinner so we have to kind of go back and forth with the way that we’re cooking it – and it’s a little haphazard.

I might like suddenly realize that there’s still something I have to go back and get, a certain dish, and then I’ll suddenly discover there’s another outdoor oven that other people have cooked something in, or we need to put those things on the table.

And there’s a man at the table that I realize just kind of wants traditional food, maybe not just all the different things we have, but what he’s most interested in he’s interested in the place that we had hiked to, the one with the waterfall, or some water in it, that had been hard to get to.

And I told him that I didn’t really know how to describe it to him, that I couldn’t remember the name of it, but it’s almost like you and I would have to get out a book that told all about Yellowstone and go through there, and maybe we could locate the name of it. And I’m kind of looking to you to see if you remember what it was called. Maybe that was when I woke up.

John: Well both dreams are attempting to do the same thing except for the second dream you’re putting in more components on top. What you’re basically trying to do is you’re trying to get outside of a set mode and recognize the existence of some other quality, or level, inside your nature that is there to be discovered.

And, in the second dream, it goes in stages, meaning that there’s like little steps that kind of open up. In other words, first you’re in a scenario in which something is out of the usual, or out of the norm, in terms of appreciation for discovery purposes, like Yellowstone.

And then what happens is that you come to realize that there is kind of a different food element that is there. In the first dream, you just had the basic element. You didn’t take it to the next step. In the first dream you kind of came up to this point where there’s something more – like a different food or something like that.

In this dream, you then projected that then into a quality of where there is even more to be taken in, that relieves you of the effort, because the first dream and up to this particular point, well, it was all an arduous process where whatever and however it was that you were attempting to do something still seemed to be sleeped out in a type of density that you weren’t able to quite break through, and so it all felt awkward.

In this dream there was a little more buoyancy to the whole thing, almost as if you were more in the environment of something able to come through. And then, when it did come through, what it was that you were seeking to find, the vibration of that came through, too, and it was represented in the dream by this guy being interested in something else in regards to Yellowstone that everything else was just kind of a buildup to.

Now the thing to look at is the vibration between the first dream, that got up to a particular point, and the vibration in the second dream that got up to the same particular point – and the subtle difference. The subtle difference is that something was needing to snap or break in the second dream, in which something more could come sweeping in.

And then the thing is to identify what it was, and what it felt like, when this something more came sweeping in. In other words, where this guy causes one to kind of do a knee jerk realization, that it’s not what one is doing in that setting that’s important, it’s what is able to open up in the setting, where he’s able to go back to something.

To notice, as soon as he identifies that there’s something so much more there, to recognize what that does to how it is that you feel yourself. And the thing to notice is where you feel that, as well.

And, in the first dream, things didn’t quite break through, so your breath was shallower and, as a consequence, choked. You couldn’t quite get it to flow. In the second dream something broke through and, when it broke through, your breath opened up.

And so the consequences of the second dream is that your spatiality, in terms of your overallness and what you could hold onto in life, had taken on a greater dimensionality. And that was experienced in terms of the way and a quality in which the heart opened up.

Everything’s always continuously a precursor to something, so the fact that the heart opened up, and that you were able to breathe more freely – where does this go, and what does this denote in terms of catching up with a greater and greater overallness?

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