d44rIt seems almost quaint for a woman to seek a man’s help around the house these days, as gender roles shift. But in this dream image, that help is needed for the interior life of the dreamer, and, in universal terms, the masculine and feminine in us play certain roles at certain times – which is how the universe itself operates – to maintain a balance and flow for what is unfolding. In simpler terms, some part of us needs to spark something happening (masculine), and some part of us needs to hold and contain what has been set in motion (feminine), otherwise we won’t gain any ground. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember my very earliest dream, other than thinking that it had something to do, again, with watching some kind of shift occur.

But the next dream, it feels like I’m observing. A man has gone to where a woman boss is. She’s standing in a building, and there’s a toilet there in the middle of the room, and she wants him to get it unstuck, or unplugged.

And he’s taking a long wooden spoon, or a wooden spoon with a long handle, and he notices that there’s a circular piece of waste stuck just down at the very bottom of the toilet. So he takes the wooden spoon and he pushes that towards the drain in the toilet, and everything and anything that’s unplugged, then, just flows fine.

And I remember I was kind of curious because it seemed to me it was something that the woman could’ve done herself, rather than make him do but, you know, that fixed it. That was the first dream.

John: What it signifies is just another image that could be used in terms of the breath. In other words, something comes down from the masculine into a domain, and a realm, in which there’s an overallness that’s in place, that’s in the jurisdiction of the feminine space of things.

And, in the feminine space of things, strictly speaking, it’s an orientation to the outer, and how it is composited, and put together. And the feminine, in a closeness to that, supposedly has a rootedness to the depth of the reflection, but is unable to access, or reach, the significance, and the meaningfulness, of something so much more.

And that it involves something coming down and dislodging, and releasing, the impediments that keep an awakening, and a flow, from occurring.

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