Expanding In-Between

As humans we have been trained to be very goal oriented. We set our sights in the distance and do everything we can to get there. But a spiritual journey is not so straightforward: yes, we want to develop and evolve, yet that all happens in the process of doing something, anything, with a spiritual intention, or as a service to something greater than our selves. We are here to help things evolve, not leave them behind. Ultimately, we just want to be better and better at that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream, which is one I had right before waking up. In that dream, it feels like I’ve discovered that it’s like I can help produce what’s called an app, you know one of those little applications you have on your smart phone or computer, that I can actually help produce that. And it’s produced like on the window of my smart phone, but that becomes a room. And then that app is like a baby and it produces something else; and everybody wants to see it happen.

So these men have me in one room and, because they’ve discovered there’s this process, they want me to help give birth to these apps that appear, then, in this other room, and can be used to create a result we all want. But then when I go to the room where they are, they tell me the apps didn’t really live, that they were like babies that just didn’t live, so that we can’t then use them to produce the result we want.

But I don’t believe them. I feel like they just used me to produce the apps, and then they hid them, because they don’t want me to know that they’re viable. So that’s the whole dream.

John: The question that seems to be getting asked is that we all can feel… Well, first of all we all can have a sense, or feel, that there is something important to be supported, a way of adhering to something that is meaningful, but the dilemma that is posed is that where that goes does not necessarily result in what we think, and believe, when we’re doing a process, does not necessarily go to something that is all meaningful.

Which is kind of a hard one to swallow, because the implication is that the flow, and the journey, the anticipation, all of that which invokes a growing process in which there is something that stretches in the middle – called the journey – and keeps opening up in greater and greater ways both as a kind of expansion, and yet also contraction, going on simultaneously, and that the end result of that is anticlimactic.

Anyway, that’s how I came to see it. The way you’re looking at it is, you’re pondering these apps, they cause something more to emerge, and more to emerge, and more to emerge, and you’ve got to be careful because what really emerges is generally delusional – if it isn’t something that is contained, because it goes nowhere.

Everyone thinks that it goes somewhere. Everyone thinks that there’s an end all be all about all of that, but there really isn’t. The process itself, the way one unfolds, and awakens the process itself, a quality within that awakening is what is really meaningful. But what we’re able to make out of this process of awakening, what a human being is able to make out of this process of awakening, at least where we seem to be at now is anticlimactic. It has certain properties to it, but they’re not what we expected to find. In other words, it can heal to a certain degree, but that’s a peculiar kind of soothing because there isn’t necessarily a flow associated with that.

Once something is resolved, it’s resolved. What’s next? And so it can be like stale, especially in relationship to the whole journeying in which there was always this heightened aliveness that seemed really significant. While the journeying was occurring they’re really exciting, and then all of a sudden whatever it was that one was imagining that they were journeying to, when that is reached, that’s what is reached, which is, I guess, some sort of latent definition of heaven or something that we carry; it‘s really anticlimactic. Everything comes to a halt again. There is no flow. It seems very stale. It seems so quickened and alive in the journeying.

But then what do you do with it? Or at least that’s the tone, or the mood, of the schematic that is thrown at us now. In other words, if there’s something to open up one needs to be sure that they understand what opens up. And that if you compile the facts, in terms of the process, and the way that mankind is approaching that process with his mind, this is what he is apt to find with this kind of mind way of creating things. So it’s kind of like the idea, be careful where you put your ladder in terms of the house, because it might be the wrong house that you need to climb, or something like that.

In other words, it raises a big question mark, or red flag, in terms of how it is, and where it is, and what it is,, in terms of the process in that I really, really, really don’t know where I am going and that I lack, in other words, what it takes to be able to grasp it or appreciate it in the way that I am at this point in time.

Maybe one could say this in terms of looking at outer space: if everything is alive, then how does one survive on something as stale and as bland as the moon? And if there is a consciousness in which stars are being created, how is that meaningful in terms of where we’re at now?

And so maybe the best we can hope for, to be realistic, is to support the process of unfoldment, and the latent traits, wherever they might go, helping concretize their unfoldment so that they don’t crack up, or break up, or fall apart in some capacity. Maybe that’s as good as it gets, and then whatever ends up happening, ends up happening. But if we look at it from the way that we are inclined to be unfolding or growing, and we’re to draw any conclusions from that, that kind of mindfulness will result in an anticlimactic staleness that will be a shock, and a surprise, because it isn’t quite about that either.

So this is kind of the theme. In other words, you were getting to a point where, whatever it was, was dead right? The products were dead. You don’t really necessarily believe it. We’re best, we experience something more vibrant and exciting, by just honoring the process, supporting the process, not having to reveal anything because we don’t know what is revealable.

If we were to take and look at what we see as able to be revealed, it will be blasé, or be like dead babies or something. It will be a stillness without a flow. So it’s like there is something that expands in-between. That journeying is both expanding and contracting, and it’s the journey that’s the end all be all. The flow is where the consciousness is invoked, where the aliveness of the consciousness is invoked. That’s interesting.

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