A Design Upon Life


We know if we don’t recharge the battery, our phones will stop working. This is the way energy works. So what happens to energetic qualities? How do they get recharged? Take compassion, for example: we know it exists in the world, we may even have it in us strongly. But compassion is also an energy, and it is fed and recharged by every human that practices it. If we don’t feed it, it will run low on energy. That is why great things must be upheld in our thoughts and actions; we want to feed what we want to see in the world. So, what do we want more of in today’s world? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so in my meditation dream, which is something I came out of very, very quickly, way earlier than usual, and it had a really loud meaningfulness to it in that it was pointing out that there is something that I need to be supporting, as a quickening inside, as a schematic inside, of my being that I need to follow and feel that. In other words, that is what is important, not the going of somewhere in particular with that, because that leads to something that is ungraspable. But I can grasp that which is trying to lead to something.

So in this dream I’m a person who is passionate about a seeming consciousness that is meant to open up in manifestation or, in other words, it’s a process that continues to unfold and evolve energetically. And I am passionate about seeing and supporting that. I feel this to be so important that I have taken myself to a reception held on behalf of a deceased founder.

In other words, something that was in life, meaningful in life, did something in life, for a purpose in life, effectuated a vision as a design upon life, and yet in that vision needed, as it stepped out, needed something to still be here and for the upholding of that vision. Because, in the transitioning, there are bits and pieces that still needed to catch up. I am there having invited myself, in other words, to this reception, to make sure that what is important, upon the passing of the founder, is in the future not going asunder.

The dream starts out with me being concerned that the inner, which is unfolding as intended, needs to be protected in a particular way so that it can continue to continue. And I join at this reception at a point in time in which the unfolding is occurring. It’s not like there was a mistake, or a hiccup, or a problem, and I’m pleased by what I see. Or, in other words, the founder who has left this place has done a good job in syncing the energetic into the unfoldment process, and then has left me kind of on the job as a facilitator to all of that that is at ease at this point in time, and is meant to unfold as a certain kind of natural unfolding of easement.

I don’t have a struggle with this. I just have to be there supporting it. I don’t have to do much. It just requires a presence is all. In other words, something is too fragile, or sensitive, or could crack otherwise and I have a certain etheric that is able to somehow or another make it more whole, or keep it more solidified, or natural, or whatever.

So in this meditation dream I am a successor energetic embodying a vibration. The design I am in touch with is unfolding as intended, so, as a concerned party to the process, I am able to let go and go along with the unfolding as intended.

Significance: This dream is indicating that imbedded in outer consciousness is that which is needed to support an intended inner design. In this dream, I am a keeper, and watcher, and adherent to this process.

Observation: This information must have been important for me to know because it was made known to me right away, and it is only 1:15 a.m. at this time. Usually it is about 2:15 or later before I am done reporting my meditation dream. What is going on from within in terms of the outer? I am like an outsider able to participate as an insider, with my role being that of a facilitator, in terms of safeguarding of a particular inner into outer unfoldment. Apparently the process, as designed for the near future, is in need of an energetic measure adhering to the process as designed, something that helps to hold it, hold it in place, in other words.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Design Upon Life

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