Component Parts

solsoHow do we, in our inner selves, become one? How does anything become one? Perhaps a clue lies in the idea that individual parts can come together under the umbrella of something larger. Our organs have their individual roles, but they have come together for the purposes of our physical body. And if we then add a singular purpose to our life, such as human purpose or being in service to something greater than ourselves, then that is a larger umbrella to bring unison to all the parts. Just like the universe and its unfolding has a purpose that we can become a component part within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my way of doing what you did, without a scenario thing that one could put their finger on as behind that sort of imagery unfoldment, in which you were noting a greater overall and such, and at the same time also recognizing the importance of the outer, is that in the meditation dream I am in a packaging center where the need is to gather up, and put together, various components into shipping boxes for transportation purposes.

That’s kind of where I find myself. But that is not where my attention lies. My attention lies as a need, in the scenario, that is not such a direct focus for me. In other words, I’m able to see the various components, and I can relate to an aliveness in terms of the components, and I can do this so much so that I’m able to bring an awakening of the building block components that, when these parts are to be gathered up for the next step in an ever unfolding process, I know this energizing young energy. In other words, these components are like a young energy, which means that it’s something that is coming into life.

So, in the dream, because each of the trait aspects has an aliveness that I touched with my beingness, when it comes to these traits and components being packaged into containers for the next step, that is where a problem lies. In other words, how do you do this? Because you’re playing with energy, yet you live in a reflective outer where there’s the physicality. I do not know how to package items up for shipping, a perception that these components think I embody that distinguishes them from me.

In other words, this is like I’m in an outer so I have this confusion, where on a deeper, inner level I know these traits, I can experience these traits, and feel these traits in my bones. But then when you take these traits and try to play them out into an outer, bifurcated world, it’s as if something is distinguished differently – but it’s not.

In other words, you have to be able to bring something all the way through in terms of an inner into outer. Or, in other words, instead the aspect traits that have been awakened into their useful inner aliveness are, when brought together, as I look out over things I know about a lot of the awakened components than is usual. In other words, this is the deeper part where I can see beyond what the song and dance of something is.

Because I have seen them for how they are to be, from what was a more asleep state, in other words, or an inner state, these alive and recently awakened component parts of myself in manifestation are able to look across from where they are gathered up and see me. Isn’t that interesting?

So, I am on another level of the overall beingness. They are excited to be brought together like this, eager to see what is next in the unfolding process. As these traits and characteristic components get to meeting each other, as being similarly situated in a process, they look across at me being at their aliveness as a kind of creator.

There isn’t a lot of them, as I would’ve been inclined to imagine, but what there is has come together. They’ve come together, they have something in common with the way they’ve awoken as a young energy, and those that I know is a young energy – though there are other energies there. They have come together in kind of an interesting fact that there they are, in a similitude, and I know more than is typical. Usually on this level I am deemed by them as being on another level of overall beingness – but that is not true. They are wrong about this aspect of the process when it comes to me.

They suddenly get it. The getting it is for what looks to be like something in the neighborhood of seven traits, in which I know the names of them, and they kind of know me, maybe completely or maybe I’m just vaguely familiar. And so I am to be an equal with them all. In other words, I’m standing there looking at them, and then eventually I join them.

That surprises them. At least that surprises the ones that I am familiar with, which is about seven, or 40%, of the trait components that have come together like that, of which I find myself placing myself not in some other level or place, but in their midst. I do this in a kind of overall capacity that treats each of them as unique as I am a brethren therein. To them it comes as a surprise. For me it is a fresh new aliveness that is exciting.

So the meaning of this, this is the next installation in the theme of what is involved for the inner and outer to come together as one.

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