A Conscious Way

12_nWe are so deeply entrenched in the ways of our world that it is difficult to extricate ourselves to the ways and means of a spiritual life. And if we look at the practices that have been used by humans over the millennia, most of them are the early steps and processes that enable us to lessen our focus on temporal issues and become more focused on the universal. As we develop, the processes will change and deepen because no one thing will take us all the way to where we are aiming to go. But that’s okay, because we want to get ourselves on the path and then keep making incremental progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I know I dreamt a lot last night, but I mostly just have an impression, and the impression I had was of a lot of space. I can remember that the dog I had, which seemed more like a younger dog, was in the dream. And it feels like there’s something off in the distance, which did involve other people, that I was trying to involve myself with, but it felt like there was something, some element, about it that wasn’t quite right, yet, whether it was timing, or something else I had to do.

But it wasn’t upsetting. I mean it was a pretty peaceful open space, but I think that if I had an impression I would say that, because we had gotten an email yesterday from someone describing a practice they were going to be doing for, let’s say the next month, or I don’t know how many days, of kind of deepening their spiritual practice, but with fasting, or charity, or other things they were practicing. But it was just a series of practices they were going to be doing for a certain number of days, and I think I was processing something about that.

That was my impression, anyway. Like I said, I didn’t pull out details of the dream. It was more spacious and peaceful. It had the puppy, or dog, in it, and something that I wasn’t quite linking with yet.

John: It looks like you’re mixing two components that you haven’t yet sorted out. In other words, if you were to use the scenario of things, you’re seeing that there is an attention that’s placed, in terms of steps that can be taken, which place a person in a type of modality that is a little different than what their normal customs are, that cause them to have to go through things differently. And, hopefully, in doing so, come to recognize something more in life than the day-to-day that overwhelms them.

And, within that, you have this impression that I presented that, yes, something like that is interesting. I mean fasting and such can lead to kind of a bit of an altered state that can give you an experience that’s a little different than what you’re normally accustomed to. However, it is also an understood quality. In fact, it’s part of a Hindu arti that, translated into English, goes as follows: Chanting, fasting, charity, and austerity can never bring you knowledge of the soul.

So, even though there are these practices, they only hint at something more. And that the image that you had seems to be a kind of answer to all of that, in that it indicates that you have a friend, like a dog is a friend, and your closeness to that friend is what will bring you to where and how you need to be, in terms of experiencing, and perceiving, in a conscious way.

So it’s almost as if this other, this other in terms of practices and such, pique a question in you as to another way of approaching things. And, in manifestation, we have all kinds of ways in which we impinge ourselves. In other words, it’s part of a lot of spiritual practices, or processes, to live simply. Some of them even incorporate the idea of vegetarianism. They carefully say that that’s not the end all be all, but they still indicate that that can help because it can heighten sensitivity.

And then there are others that realize that that isn’t a fast and true rule for everyone, because some people are overly sensitive and need a groundedness, something as a denseness, to help hold them into a rootedness that their sensitivity might cause them to go away from, and in those instances that might recommend harsher conditions like eating meat, or something, or going through more raw energy.

And so you’re kind of like portraying a search that you’re doing, and the search that you’re doing is towards, or to, the awakening of an innerness. And you’re trying to sort out to what degree it makes sense, given what you’ve heard and seen, in terms of outer actions that seem to be presented as a meaningfulness, of which a result can happen that shakes off a little rust, or something. And those are small things. Those aren’t big things, those are small things. A quality that goes to a deep, deep depth is not something that’s readily perceivable to the senses.

So these kinds of practices aren’t going to get you to this kind of shifted awareness that is like that, but it can perhaps shake a little rust loose to let you know that there is something more. And your dream tends to say that you do have an answer, and that you do have this friend, this friend that is with you, that you are part of, and it is part of you, that there is a closeness that exists. And that you don’t need to go through a harshness to get there, although most spiritual practices somehow or another, because of the characteristic of the outer impressions being so dominant, 99.9% dominant, seem to indicate or suggest that getting a little freedom from that is important.

But if that were so, then how do you explain some of these qualities that just are suddenly there, out of the blue, in one great big fell swoop? They didn’t go through anything like that. So, again, you’re seeking to understand, or break through, the mystery of it all.

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