Inner Corridor

ancientIf we look at the history of places, we see that some early arrivals cleared the route to get somewhere. Over time a dirt path is created by further traffic. And if we fast-forward to the era of the automobile a highway took its place. In human development it is similar: there are archetypes that represent tendencies in our nature. Others have overcome the issues involved with them, and we can, too, thereby adding to the possibility for refinement of those who follow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I was dreaming this morning and about ten minutes before you came to bed it was like, in my dream or something, it was like you hollered at me. And it just startled me, and I couldn’t get back to the thread of my dream.

And then I didn’t know if you were okay. It was about ten minutes before you came to bed, but then I heard you out there. Then it felt like I tried to get back into a dream and it felt like you did the same thing again; you did something startled me.

So after that all I could do is try to focus on shifting my breathing, plus I was grumpy, you know, because I never could get back to a dream. I don’t know what that was all about but, anyway.

John: Well the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with, in my particular case, I had to look at the Gambler archetype. And first I had to look at it in terms of how it has its hold on a person. And then, in my sleep dream, I was shown that there is a flip side to that, in which in terms of how it may appear in the outer, there is actually a hidden benefit. But even that hidden benefit does not necessarily make sense if commonly looked at in terms of black-and-white conditions of things in an outer way.

And so in reporting it, and reporting the symbolic story of it, even I have to shake my head at what I perceived. And yet it can, and does, cause a change that makes something interesting unfold.

So, in your dream, what you were doing is you were dreaming about a particular archetype – but the archetype I don’t know what it was, but it’s an archetype that seems to be unique to you in which you’re affected by something that yells at you, or does something to shatter your equanimity. And I can’t put my finger on what kind of archetype that would be, in which you have this propensity to crack up like this, or to lose your concentration, and your equanimity, with yourself, so that a flow is there.

In other words, it’s almost like this is an intangible kind of flip side fragility, and the only thing I could think of is that you have moods, at times, that make you grumpy, and you get out of sorts with yourself and can’t seem to get things back on track. You get really caught up and concerned when you make senior moment mistakes, as you call them, or where something is happening that affects your dad, or your dad is going through something that is part of a process but still it has its crumbling effect upon you.

And this whole thing, the way you relate to it, and how you handle that, the mannerism to which you jar yourself, or obstruct your balance, is an archetypal-like force. It’s not the Thief, it’s not the Gambler, it’s not the Drunkard, it’s not the Prostitute archetype. It’s another archetype, that’s unique in some capacity to you, in which something shatters, where there is a quality that gets alarmed, where there is a jarring that occurs, that takes and brings you out of an inner into outer flow within yourself, with yourself.

Now each of the archetypes do that, too. They break something up in some way, or capacity, and you can take and you can look at them and you could say, ahh, it’s this effect or it’s that effect. And a person, as they are striving to become, and the process is bringing them to a greater balance, or consciousness, is constantly aware of how these various forces are at play in their nature.

I should say you’re aware of it, but you don’t think about it, because those are just general forces that depict basic overall vibrations that are at play. And it can be said that one of the four is louder than the other, but there kind of comes a time when they weave and web, and do this and that and the other, where I can even tell that they may appear to be one way in one scenario, or instance, and then another one can come in and they can add to the equation of things. They don’t always have to subtract.

It’s the outer aspect that seems to overwhelm and keep things dumbed down when it’s just the outer aspect that is recognized, or seen, with the senses and the ego. But there is an inner aspect that isn’t seen, in which these things act as a corridor to a greater innerness.

But this is a big subject, and the theme of the dreaming, for me, was to just look at one of the archetypes. And the archetype that I looked at is the archetype that I consider that I contend with, or embody, so to speak, as an energetic that I have to contend with more so, as the door of the four doors more, so than the other three.

And so in my meditation dream I looked at it in terms of the subtle nuances in which it affects me in an outer motif way. And then when I came to bed I had a dream that may have seemed kind of silly, and ridiculous, and irrational because it’s kind of like those sort of things just don’t seem to happen in a world in which you have set factors that kind of dominate and control.

And even if it did happen it still, in relationship to those factors that dominate and control, it still would have a tendency to, you know when it’s all laid out on the table and looked at in kind of an outer sense way, would not make sense unless you could see the innerness, and intent of an innerness, behind it all.

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