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Ben Tolman

We may feel like we are a lonely batch of humans on this blue planet in the middle of endless uninhabited realms. But it’s more useful to think of ourselves as participants in this universe. We are here to help. And that means finding better ways within ourselves to do things, and adding to the best of life and giving a boost to what struggles. Still, it all begins with wanting to help everything, which allows us to drop our ingrained desire to only help ourselves. Said another way, we are designed to work through things, on behalf of everything that is trying to happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what is going on? What I just described is the Gambler archetype. The other three are Thief, Prostitute, and Drunk. Each human being has to go through these four archetypes which control them, personally speaking. Another word for them is the Four Doors. And, in me, the Gambler archetype is the loudest door.

And, in my meditation dream, I come directly in front of this door again and, to overcome this, I have to let go of personal predilections. Until I do I will keep spinning and spinning the pattern in an infinite number of energetic deviations, telling myself that I am on the verge of a breakthrough, so I must keep spinning it, and telling myself that the next time things will be different. That’s the meditation dream. Interesting?

So now, as I come to bed, what I have kind of dreamt in the meditation dream is something that seems like… it’s like an, oh my gosh, kind of thing. How does one ever overcome it? And it’s also looked at as if its whole force and effect is one that’s deleterious in terms of one’s well being. But in this dream I take and I do something that in the outer looks completely ridiculous, but its effect is interesting in a kind of way in which something is able to be changed – even if it’s momentarily.

So I come into a town, in other words, it’s like I’m a traveler and I come into a town in which there’s kind of a lottery being held at the local café. This occurs once a year at the café. So the steps in order for this to happen is that the café is given meat from some animal or something that is sacrificed or slaughtered, and then the meat is made available to those in need.

Because this meat hasn’t been inspected or anything, you know you can’t let the local establishment know what’s going on, but this café then will cook the meat for the people that come in to enjoy a special meal once a year that is free. And, as part of all of this, there is a charitable event auction and lottery tickets to support the cost and whatnot, in which there’s a big winner of all of this.

And it’s also done quietly because, again, this is probably something that’s illegal to do in terms of what you’re allowed to do in terms of the powers that be. So this occurs quietly without any fanfare that would cause the authorities to have to act to stop this.

I come into the café at the moment of the auction, or of the lottery; it’s not really an auction. And those who bought the various lottery tickets are up front waiting for the result. I’m sitting there and, for some reason, I’m in a space where I’m anticipating who the winner might be of those standing up there. And the winner turns out to be someone that no one expected, who had taken and mortgaged their house to get as many tickets as possible, and this person lucks out and wins the $1 million.

Meaning: The meditation dream talked about, and went into a depth about, the Gambler archetype, and this was presented from an outward perspective as a kind of unconsciousness, or ignorance, or being overwhelmed or under the control of that sort of thing. In this dream, the Gambler energy is given another spin.

In the dream a gambling sacrifice is done each year in order for a special feed to be put on for everyone in need that day. Symbolically speaking, for those in true need there is a special flow that makes itself known in manifestation. This inner flow is veiled from the forces and powers who are not in the congruence of such a graciousness.

Those who make the benefit available to mankind are willing to let go of everything they have to roll the dice, although such behavior is reckless in its outer appearance, and isn’t officially sanctioned, as a real act of gambling which the deeper meaningful effect comes from inner into outer with it, even though you wouldn’t think so, there can be a redemptive transformation.

There is a hidden quality about this in which this is not understandable to the outer, so to keep a good thing going it is best to be conducted silently so as to be within the veils of the outer amnesia.

This dream points out a virtue behind a Gambler archetype principle and, in doing so, indicates that there is always two sides to a scenario, the outer and also the hidden inner. In terms of what is going on it is important to not lose track of the inner, and the greater hidden value behind such an innerness, which is always seeking to make itself known in manifestation. In this dream this is where the Gambler archetype pays off: when it’s done in a non-personal way.

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