Learning to Share

h01986We all experience it: that feeling of knowing what the right thing to do is, and doing something else, anyway. That’s what this dream is about. When this happens in a spiritual journey, it is because “regular” life has taken us on a tangent away from where we want to be. But we will never completely be able to overcome our training away from human purpose, and we don’t need to; we just need to become consciously aware when it happens, and minimize the duration of the detour. Over time, our systems will learn these new ways and take them up for us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is a rather simple one and, in that, I seem to just be out on the street and there’s a robbery that happens. And then people, the police or someone, are coming around and asking about the robbery.

I think the robbers are even nearby and observing everything. But I don’t let the police know that I have this photographic memory, because I’m going over it and I realize I could tell them every single thing about whoever it was that snatched something – but I don’t seem to want them caught. So I just don’t tell anybody, other than something very general about what happened.

I don’t tell them that, actually, I could specifically identify the robber. That was the first dream.

John: It’s as if something is going on that one’s not able to keep up with because one’s attention is averted, or distracted, in some fashion. In other words, in your dream, you’re not bringing out everything that is needed to be brought out into the equation and, therefore, what is going on is continuing to break down, and it’s almost as if that breaking down is purposeful.

In other words, what you’re finding is you’re in life, and then there are robbers in life. And yet, when inquiries are made about how something should be, you’re not telling the police what you know. You’re keeping it to yourself. And so that’s the reflection that’s occurring. That’s the thing that’s occurring in the outer.

So for you to have something like that means that, deep down, you’re holding onto something, that you’re not sharing. Now, is it a belief? Is it something that needs to air itself out, and to come out? Is it a deeper stillness that has another set of aliveness to it?

Basically what I think this is, is behind all of this is I think that there is a deeper inflection that is going on, and that what you’re seeing as an image is something that correlates to how it is that you’re accustomed to being, or how it is that you’re getting along being, going along with things, but deeper, deeper down is an awareness that can be brought out of the stillness that you are sitting with amnesically, subconsciously with, and are not bringing it to the forefront.

And if you were to bring it to the forefront, you’d be able to take into account a bigger picture. So instead you’re allowing something to continue, instead of reaching down and bringing out a bigger picture, or sweeping a greater overallness to it all.

So how and what is that all about? Well what that’s like is that within the human heart is the ability to take into account everything that exists, but you can’t take everything that exists into a proper accounting if you’re still holding out, you’re still holding onto something that hasn’t flushed through.

And so I actually think what you’re doing, as well, is you’re describing the dilemma that exists in terms of where things are at right now. I think that there is a certain dynamic that is playing itself out in the outer and that people who react, the typical looking at that and reaction in terms of that, is just too shallow because there is a deeper depth that needs to be reached.

Now what is that deeper depth? What is it that you keep talking about, or keep inferring about, that is being kept out of the equation, that is holding back from the equation? I think it’s a deeper stillness. I think that in a deeper stillness what can then rise out, because as you keep going deeper and deeper and deeper within, you keep catching up with subtler and subtler and subtler vibrations. And you’re limited to the degree to which you can go into the stillness, or so it seems, the human condition so it seems is limited in that, at some particular point, the stillness is such that on a deep subtle level something stirs and, out of that stirring is something that inflects, and that inflection affects the reflections because it’s coming from a deeper stillness.

So you have reflections that come from a quietness, that’s up to one level or degree, and then there are inflections that come from an even deeper stillness. So if you’re reacting, or living, in a world in which you are only working with reflections that come from the Earth element, and that can create an bias, just using this as an example, can create a bias in terms of the literalness of things, a deeper stillness takes into account more than just the Earth element. It takes into account the other Tariqas and mannerisms in life. It takes into account the Water, the Air, and the Fire element.

And, until you bring all of that into the equation, you’re inclined to be taking something a little bit off, onto, and into, a tangent. So you’re dreaming about how something remains in a tangent because a greater revealing isn’t happening.

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The Cycle

Jorge Lopez

Why do physical forms of life experience death? It is part of the process of moving from energy, into matter, and then back into energy. In time, everything will go through this process. And when it does, the universe has gained the knowledge of the process that that form of life experienced, and the universe has also regained the original energy itself. This is how matter refines and evolves, both when it is in material form, and when it is in energetic form. And, as humans, we can also be witness to, and contributors to, this process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, when I came to sleep, I get this… and like you had the shoreline dream where you had to be both inner and outer, I get the dream in that too much of just the embodiment of the transcendent, esoteric as you’d say, has a problem.

And it’s shown in that, in the dream, there’s a lineup of items to choose from. I pick the one that is extremely bright because it accentuates the inner image of things. By picking this, I am able to then go and find potato pies that extend down from a tree, as if potatoes form pies, potato pies, on a tree.

And when I reach, of course, they try to move up a little bit but, you know, I’ve got this transcendent thing down so they’re not going to get away from me. And the pies are extremely ripe. In fact they need to be kept in cooler conditions is my feeling, instead of up high like this, and my sense is that not many people have access like this.

And so, in a roundabout way, I can almost accept this. I also accept monies in payment for a property that I have access to from within, or on the other side. And then, to my surprise, thinking that that was the only transaction, I am surprised by an offer for the other half that’s on this side. I pause, as I am needing to adjust, because, did I do something in terms of forming the agreement for the other, inner side? Did I do something that may have cut off my rights and access to the outer?

The meaning is, in reviewing the potency of the inner, I have access to ripe potato pies in a tree; in other words, the extreme transcendence of potency in the inner. I don’t know if this will keep. They’re overripe, they are pies, they are an ungrounded product. Potatoes need to be rooted and are best when in a cool and dark environment.

The dream repeats again to make sure that I get the memo, in terms of the importance of a rootedness, of the other side meaning this side, meaning manifestation, to make sure that I get the memo. This time I see myself making an agreement, in terms of that which lies deep within. I’m acting as if this is all that there is.

Suddenly I get an offer out of the blue for the half that’s in manifestation. It’s the same terms, it’s just the other half, the other partner or whatever. I didn’t realize there were two partners, there were two parts, and I was only negotiating for half. The question I have when this is presented is: did I handle the paperwork in such a way as to not cut myself off in both directions?

Well the deeper meaning of this is, from the meditation dream, I am shown that it is possible to take the vibratory and corresponding images that rise up from a stillness deep within to the overall essence within, but also the outer reflections cannot be abandoned, as shown in the dream. Manifestation provides a purpose, a means, for a groundedness, and a reflective means for the vibrations and images to be made known by living themselves out in manifestation. This is part of the cycle of creation.

So what is going on is, the innerness can be so much that the net effect gets transcendent. The sleep dream keeps things in a perspective for a human being charged with the responsibility of the universal soul in a physical plane of existence, and what that means in terms of denoting motion and the essence, both in and outside, of creation. Or as the statement goes: God is a hidden essence that longs to be known. Or as a statement that could be made in terms of your dream, that we are soldiers between two worlds.

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The Engine Room

chandra-cats-eyeWhere does everything we see – the stars, the planets, the earth, even the human race – come from? It all originates from the realms of energy. We know this because if we are able to get to the essence of something, into the quantum levels, there is nothing there but particles of energy. So, if a human wants to reconnect to the everything, the only way to do that is through the energy that it is made from. And there is information in the energy, in the same way as our instinct can tell us instantly if there is danger ahead – it is reading energy. It can be described as having a “knowing,” but it is really just our system interpreting the intelligence in the energy it is connecting to, and we are capable of doing it with everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I really kind of like this meditation dream, because it seemed like very clear-cut, except nothing is clear-cut. You’re between two worlds all the time, between the inner and the outer. You’re in the shoreline of things.

But, in the meditation dream, I see myself as being able to realize that there is a dreamworld, within, that is replete with vibrational images, just like in the outer. The difference is I do not have a very memorable connection to this, because the allure of the physical plane predominates and kind of keeps that from getting too settled in.

So I struggle to access the dreamworld and, to the degree I do, the whole thing can lose its rather spottiness when the denseness of the outer is not as pronounced and loud – so that it obliterates, or wipes out, the inner vibration by its quality of denseness. The outer vibration and images have a tendency of predominating so much that I am lucky when the inner world is able to get a word in otherwise.

I really have to struggle to catch up with the vibrational stillness within. For the longest time what I am able to experience is rather spotty, in other words intermittent, and I call the experience within, in which the vibrations that rise up from the inner overall stillness, as a coming from the higher self. I call the stillness to be the God essence.

Suddenly the inner dream experience goes through a transformation. In the dream, I see this transformation as being able to take inner vibrations, that unfold in their own language way, and I’m able to take each vibration statement and place this in a storyline.

In other words, instead of it being hard to remember and whatnot, I can just put it into an order just like you have sentences on a page, or lines on a page. I’m able to do this with such ease, because now I’m completely into the aliveness of this inner, with such ease that the inner story tells itself without any commercial pause from the outer physical plane being a more predominate magnetism.

I am suddenly aware that the inner, and the alignment, of the storylines therein are in their subtleness but, because I have taken them on so completely, they sniff out the outer that had been a denser magnetism loudness as I am suddenly able to see this as an all-pervading vibrational essence, as if this is who and what I am.

This experience provides new meaning to the statement that I am a thought of God. My inner awareness is so astounding that the outer motif takes on the obvious lesser reflective octave that had been louder, and dominant, is now kind of trite by comparison, in that I find myself as having a hard time identifying with the outer, now that I have no doubt where the all-pervading and all-encompassing vibrations and images emanate. In other words, they rise up from the stillness and you can see all of this in a dreamworld; a deep, deep inner dreamworld.

And the significance is, last night’s inner dreamworld was so alive that I have no problem, by way of association, in knowing this innerness as a predominant, and predestined, force, and the outer reflections as bifurcations that are an acting-out movie script upon the screen called manifestation.

What I have come to realize is how foolish I am to be making such a big deal out of the outer movie reel script upon the plane of manifestation, when, at my disposal, is an inner that encompasses the essence of stillness. In other words when there is the vibration that rises up from the stillness to take on kind of an all-pervasive aliveness, and yet still be close to the stillness.

So I wake up from the plane of the soul, I mean, because God’s a stillness in a hidden essence, and you could also substitute certain words in for God. You could call Him soul, as one way of doing it. You can also call Him sound, or the Word, in other words, because all things are created out of that, that’s the flip side of something that’s called manifestation. You can call Him all these different words.

So I wake up from the plane of the soul, which is like the other side, shocked by what I beheld and how real it was in such an all-pervasive way. The outer, by comparison, seems like a misalignment in which I create bifurcations, that I take as real, but come to now know and come to know are delusional inflections in an outer density.

From real deep within there is a stillness that is the engine room for everything in the universe, upon which the outer realm of God’s essence is a freedom of choice for man to play out reflective aspects of these inner vibratory, all-pervasive thoughts and, in doing so, we have the embodiment of creation as a result of such efforts.

So the result that seems is apparent is it now seems that from the depth of a stillness in which the vibratory God essence thoughts arise, that, if I remain still, from the depth of this plane to be experienced as an outer after-effect reflection in creation exists – providing I take a step back from the idea of having a piece of the action. When I do that, then, I see this as the divine Will. The thought is like a type of divine Will that I have access to, that, in this dream, is akin to God thinking from the inner absolute.

So the question that arises is: so is the God essence stillness, that encompasses the universe, something every human being can find hidden within the depths of themselves, or is there such dominant, dense outer vibratory diversity that man is never able to really know what is going on – because man is unable to truly catch up with the essence of that Will? If this catching up to the thought of God were to occur, then from the inner stillness within is a rising up from the stillness of God’s essence acted out by man in the outer as manifestation.

The divine Will that man accesses requires a man to set out, to act out, from a lower-self personal way, that’s oriented as a reflective, and the effect is really then the embodiment of the creator within as being thyself, in an embodiment. So that’s the meditation dream.

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