Taking it Inside

Jet James

When we ponder the meaning of dream images, we can look for what is universal in them; sometimes we can even learn about the universal through them. In other words, as below, so above. When a dream shows us the common circumstance of needing to keep our computer updated, our unconscious can use that scenario to speak about keeping updated and in sync with the universal. In the material world, we can understand how not having our computer updated and synced prevents us from being able to do what we are trying to do. And in the universal, we struggle to stay in the energetic flow of things; our systems know that and work with us to improve, always looking for our optimum performance toward our purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m frustrated because I was jarred a little and I lost some detail of the dream. I mean I can remember what I was doing the last part of it.

It was like I was working with several people and, in order to coordinate with them, I was using my iPad, and iPhone sometimes, but I needed to make sure that it was kind of updated. I needed to make sure I didn’t lose the material, or that I could coordinate or sync the material.

But, what I can’t remember was the theme of what it was that we were trying to do. I mean I know that we used dreams, I know that we used the iPad, I lost that detail. There was some kind of complex detail there, so unless it pops back in I don’t know. I just remember my concern was kind of keeping it coordinated and updated.

John: What you were trying to do in the dream was that you were exploring, and probing, a depth inside of yourself in order to look at something that you have a sense, or an awareness, of as being important in terms of an aspect of your overall beingness.

It’s as if you’re on a journey. In other words, the dreaming process often involves going into a state deep within in which the usual outer conditions and senses of one’s nature get turned inward, as opposed to turned outward. And you come to looking at the greater aspect of an overall beingness, or being, that is one.

And in probing inside, and in looking inside, you come to notice the other features and attributes. The reason why most people don’t do that, and the reason why it’s hard to remember what it is that you were probing out and coming close to trying to see, is because there is kind of a prevailing concept that if you get too close to something like that you will have to contend with something that you don’t want to necessarily have to contend with. You’ll see what you’re not prepared, or ready, to integrate as part of your overall beingness.

So it can be better to move on, to not sustain an aspect of concentration too greatly in this degree because it will throw you around too much. It is apt to throw you around too much, or cause you to become too self-indulgent.

So, what is the scenario that would be triggering something like this, in terms of what you’re doing? In the outer, the outer being a reflection of what a person is inclined to do on the inner, in the outer you’re taking and you’re looking at what’s involved in terms of sorting things out in terms of your system, your computer system and such, that has to do with tapes and things like that that you are keeping track of, and you’re running into conundrums that you have to step aside from, or ponder, because there’s not a lot that you can directly do anything about given current conditions.

In other words, you’re finding that there are parts in this realm that are outside of your present means of sorting out and control.  And so you try to throw that behind you a bit, and move on. And so what you’re doing that way, reflectively, you’re getting the counter inner feedback within, as a kind of energetic dream mannerism, that then goes from a scenario that tripped it, so to speak, as a vibrational reflection in the outer. You’re taking that reflection in the outer back into the inner.

Now what’s interesting is, this time, what you’re doing is instead of… because this is the theme of the flow of the energy last night, which is something that I hadn’t been paying a lot of attention to because I’ve been inclined to look at it one way, and the way that I’ve been inclined to look at it is inner always flows into outer. And I always apply the word “always.” And the idea being that light comes down to touch light, inner comes down to touch outer, something in the outer, created in the image of what is really real, gets touched.

But I don’t take, I haven’t been taking, and acting as if I need to also put an emphasis on the half, or the part, of where the in-breath is at. It’s easier to just contend with the out-breath light coming down to touch light. But what about the in-breath of light rising up to touch light? Or the outer having an effect that triggers to the inner?

What about that? What goes on there? So you’re doing it in your way. In other words, you have an outer effect in terms of sorting things out in terms of a computer system and such, and then that outer effect as an intensity of focus is taken to bed and triggered into a probing that gets turned to the traveling within or, again, the light rising up to touch light kind of quality. That’s how you dreamt it.

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