Prime Directive

treerWe know how it can be when we are trying to get something done: suddenly the phone will ring, or an email will make a request, or a friend will stop by and, before we know it, we forget what we set out to accomplish. Now magnify this concept in terms of our journey: everything about outer life – work, job, family, friends, money – can serve to distract us from what we are really trying to do.  But as has been noted, our journey is within us, so the work of it is maintaining the focus of that journey while we take care of everything else that arises. And that is an excellent struggle because it enables us to find an elevated view about everything we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I have that thing again where it feels like when you came to bed whatever dream I was going over kind of got jolted out, but then I did have somewhat of another dream afterwards.

It was hard for me to pull out the details of the dream last night because they were a bit chaotic, and they were tied up with the fact that I realized I have to go to the Apple Store today and get a thumb drive to load some things on.

So, in the dream, it felt like I had that in the back of my mind and I was going to have to get to a store, and get one of the thumb drives to put the material on. And it was important to me, but it didn’t seem real important to anybody else.

And when I go to the first store I can’t find what I want. Because I seem to be in a strange town, I go to a friend’s house and she works there, so I go see her both at her house and at work. But she has this preoccupation with her cats, and this one particular kitten, and she’s never cut the claws on the kitten so if you try to play with it, it scratches you really badly. I’m not really fond of cats anyway, and I feel like because of her preoccupation with this kitten, and her unwillingness to kid of limit it, that it makes it hard for me to work with her to stay on point with my task.

So I kind of decide to strike out on my own a little, and I’ll ask people for directions to the store where they said the thumb drive was at and, just about the time I’m going to cross the street and go to that store, somebody tells me, no, the really good ones are at this other store that’s a little bit more on my side of the street, but further down.

So then I trek off to find it, but at least I know where the other one is now. I know there were more details in my dream last night, but it just felt like it was more frustrating and I was just trying to stay on point for what I needed to get.

John: Well, your dream will make sense in relationship to my last sleep dream because, even though that sleep dream is doofus, I can take the same doofus slant and put it into your dream. And the doofus slant goes something like this: going to get the thumb drive and that thing that’s needed, in order to retain something that is important, is being affected by the conditions of things that you have to go through in the outer.

And the things that you have to go through in the outer take a toll on you because there isn’t the awareness, and the subtle clarity, or understanding, and so it can affect, or confuse, or hurt the process – or at least slow it down – so that it becomes harder and harder for you to recall, or maintain, the momentum of going out and getting the prime objective – something that is designed to maintain, and protect, an importance becomes harder and harder for you to stay on point.

In fact, you could get into trying to figure out how to contend with that which is off a bit, as opposed to just going out and getting, and holding onto, and retaining a vibratory quality that’s on point. You can go astray, and it’s going to be a blur of something in between, where you will have come down in a way in which you lost a certain purity of focus and attention, and you wont be able to effectuate the change, or maintain, or sustain that which you were trying to maintain or sustain.

If you try to contend with something that’s no longer cognizant, and hasn’t a shred of cognizance, in terms of what is, on a subtle level, real. In other words, this is a cat that is so haywire that when it comes to sustaining and maintaining something of a focus, or pure line of prime directive attentiveness, it can get blurred.

So the deeper level of this is, if the cat had a certain proper level of we’ll call it longing, in other words, using this in an interpretive sense now, of a certain type of longing which it wasn’t imbedding its claws in some sort of peculiarized way, in other words, where it could see beyond the peculiarized ways of its nature, and to something more that needed to be there, in other words, where it could catch an inflection of a hint of the fact that there’s this part that needs to have the thumb drive, the thumb drive being an overall presence in things, that sweeps over and through things, and maintains the order; the container for it all. And, without that, everything is a delirium.

If the cat has gotten to the point where it is gobbling everything up for its own attention, for its own edification, and has let go of this other for some reason, it has gone poof, then things have lost the catalyst that’s needed for there to be a natural transition and change. And, of course, how do you get the memo? Well, you would get the memo by way of what doesn’t continue to happen, which is the focus and intent to be unwavering in regards to having to have the thumb drive that is necessary for maintaining and retaining what is important.

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