The Cycle

Jorge Lopez

Why do physical forms of life experience death? It is part of the process of moving from energy, into matter, and then back into energy. In time, everything will go through this process. And when it does, the universe has gained the knowledge of the process that that form of life experienced, and the universe has also regained the original energy itself. This is how matter refines and evolves, both when it is in material form, and when it is in energetic form. And, as humans, we can also be witness to, and contributors to, this process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, when I came to sleep, I get this… and like you had the shoreline dream where you had to be both inner and outer, I get the dream in that too much of just the embodiment of the transcendent, esoteric as you’d say, has a problem.

And it’s shown in that, in the dream, there’s a lineup of items to choose from. I pick the one that is extremely bright because it accentuates the inner image of things. By picking this, I am able to then go and find potato pies that extend down from a tree, as if potatoes form pies, potato pies, on a tree.

And when I reach, of course, they try to move up a little bit but, you know, I’ve got this transcendent thing down so they’re not going to get away from me. And the pies are extremely ripe. In fact they need to be kept in cooler conditions is my feeling, instead of up high like this, and my sense is that not many people have access like this.

And so, in a roundabout way, I can almost accept this. I also accept monies in payment for a property that I have access to from within, or on the other side. And then, to my surprise, thinking that that was the only transaction, I am surprised by an offer for the other half that’s on this side. I pause, as I am needing to adjust, because, did I do something in terms of forming the agreement for the other, inner side? Did I do something that may have cut off my rights and access to the outer?

The meaning is, in reviewing the potency of the inner, I have access to ripe potato pies in a tree; in other words, the extreme transcendence of potency in the inner. I don’t know if this will keep. They’re overripe, they are pies, they are an ungrounded product. Potatoes need to be rooted and are best when in a cool and dark environment.

The dream repeats again to make sure that I get the memo, in terms of the importance of a rootedness, of the other side meaning this side, meaning manifestation, to make sure that I get the memo. This time I see myself making an agreement, in terms of that which lies deep within. I’m acting as if this is all that there is.

Suddenly I get an offer out of the blue for the half that’s in manifestation. It’s the same terms, it’s just the other half, the other partner or whatever. I didn’t realize there were two partners, there were two parts, and I was only negotiating for half. The question I have when this is presented is: did I handle the paperwork in such a way as to not cut myself off in both directions?

Well the deeper meaning of this is, from the meditation dream, I am shown that it is possible to take the vibratory and corresponding images that rise up from a stillness deep within to the overall essence within, but also the outer reflections cannot be abandoned, as shown in the dream. Manifestation provides a purpose, a means, for a groundedness, and a reflective means for the vibrations and images to be made known by living themselves out in manifestation. This is part of the cycle of creation.

So what is going on is, the innerness can be so much that the net effect gets transcendent. The sleep dream keeps things in a perspective for a human being charged with the responsibility of the universal soul in a physical plane of existence, and what that means in terms of denoting motion and the essence, both in and outside, of creation. Or as the statement goes: God is a hidden essence that longs to be known. Or as a statement that could be made in terms of your dream, that we are soldiers between two worlds.

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