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i555sWhat we see in the world around us can only tell us a fraction of the story, just as a freshly baked cake can only tell us a little about the ingredients that went into making it. But, as humans, we can connect to the energetic underpinnings of things and arrive at a much deeper level of knowing than we can get to when we only use our five senses. And, when we learn to do that, we can become a conduit for bringing new energies into the world, which can then bring about the next changes we see manifest around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my first meditation dream is adamant about the fact that change happens from the inner, continually from the inner, and tells a long story in terms of showing how that is. And that the outer is really consequential in terms of its reflective.

And then my sleep dream proceeds to go on and show that that which is considered an inner in the outer now, or what has been in the outer now, is an inner that has been in the outer to such a degree that, in order for something to occur, it doesn’t occur with that that has been in the outer. It occurs from something completely anew again, again coming from the inner to cause that to shift and change – because it can’t change in relationship to how it has been conducting itself in the outer.

In other words, it’s almost like you could say that if it’s been conducting itself or going along in the outer for a couple thousand years, and now it still acts as if it’s got a right to turn the corner this way or that way, or drive the car this way or that way, no, when that goes, that goes as a consequence of not something emerging from the reflective. The reflective can’t do this. It will emerge from a deeper innerness.

And that is the role the masculine. The role of the feminine is to uphold that which is designed and ordained. The role of the masculine is not to sit and become so pacified that it allows injustice to continue, and continue, and continue to the point where the malaise is such that nothing appropriate or proper can transpire.

So, in the meditation dream, the metaphor for the entire energetic flow and unfoldment is represented as a chart. It shows what life is on a chart, now, and it’s a chart for a company that’s kind of like deemed to be the company of companies. It’s called Attack Resources. So I monitor, or observe, or look at the trade action of the stock, meaning I have at my disposal the key to what is going on.

The significant feature I found myself making note of is, in this imagery, is the fact that my attention was fixated upon inner price movement effects, the inner price movement effects of the stock. In the dream I had a sense of what inner meant, and what outer meant, that dwelled only upon the inner effect. I dwelled so much on the inner effect that it could be said that in this dream I paid no attention to the outer effect. I was also careful to not let any wayward thoughts interfere with the focus.

What I mean by that is thoughts in terms of other energetic action, you know like other stocks, or other possibilities, were never entertained. Consequently, I was firm in my belief that everything going on in the world was visible and knowable in terms of the goings on of this stock. By goings on what I mean is the expansive and contractive, up and down, cycle action of the company. By company I mean the universe, and the action is expansive, or contractive; in this dream that is deemed to be because of an inner into outer motion.

In other words the inner coming in is expansive, and then when it hits into the outer it becomes contractive because when you portray something reflectively it then contracts. So I’m treating the response as being a reflective response to the inner unfoldment, so I do not place my attention upon the reflective.

Significance: Although physical perceptions are outer in that the physical senses are oriented to the physical plane, I am being shown in this meditation dream that it is not the outer action which effectuates change in life or, to put it another way, the reflective outer is not where I look for change. I look just to the inner, which makes itself known by being the insightfulness and beingness unfoldment of the universe.

That is very odd. That is the name, yeah. Attack Resources. So what was also significant is that my attention was upon just one thing. By one thing what I mean is that I did not acknowledge the existence of any other energetic unfoldment. Because I used Attack Resources as the metaphor for manifestation, that is, for something that is in manifestation, so in other words that’s the result, like the energy has come through, and the reflective is what’s under attack – in terms of how it handles it. As the metaphor for manifestation, this metaphor is the one thing. Nothing else but this exists as the means, and device, for the unfoldment of inner into outer.

The meaning is, is because Attack Resources is me, the meaning of the dream is I, as a human being, am the means upon which an inner and outer rapport exists. I am the seed thought beingness for the inner into the outer evolution. So, to put it bluntly, the idea that the reflective outer has in some way a say in the process is delusional – based upon the meditation dream image.

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61ewoIt is easy to dismiss our dreams for their most surface understanding, particularly when the images relate directly to outer life. In this image, a true life situation appears in a dream, with all the same difficulties and frustrations, yet it is pointing to something much deeper: a need, in the dreamer, to let go. But letting go doesn’t always mean to just drop something. In many instances it requires us to push through our resistance and fear (frustration), which, sometimes, means we have to shoot ourselves with a shotgun before we get the seriousness of the message. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my earliest dream, but I just remember two shorter dreams. It’s hard for me to pull out what the dreams were last night, but in one of them I know that I was trying to help a friend that couldn’t see well, so I was trying to get them to be able to hear their email by having a voice recognition program that would read their email to them.

But I was having trouble getting it to follow the commands right, you know, because you have to tell it like to open something. But you don’t want all your email to open because a lot of them are junk email, you know, so you have to see if it can read the first line.

So I’m trying to get the program to work, and it’s just really frustrating because you have to get it trained or something. So that was just a frustrating dream; I remember trying to see if I could get that to work for someone else.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the fact that there has been a change that appears to have occurred – in relationship to what is to unfold. In other words, there’s more of a sense now of something coming through that things will happen that will speed up, or necessitate, a shift.

And so what you’re dreaming is still along the lines of trying to bring through a clarity in relationship to what needs to be there, in order for there to be a well being in terms of an unfoldment process. In other words, forget that Rand is nearly blind, and think of it as a step, as if it’s just energy, as a step that is being made in relationship to letting go, from what could be, and had been, predominating characteristics and traits, and even a quality of a design, to something that is intended to be different in terms of its chemistry energetic makeup than how it had been before.

Well, in this dream, all you’re doing is attempting to catch up with something that’s latent way back inside of your being, that’s latent for now, that is to be birthed now. And it has to be pulled through the blindness, or the hiddenness. It has to come through in a way that clearly shifts from what had been.

It’s as if the light on one has gone out, for the light of this something else, that’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes to be made known. That’s kind of the theme of the dreaming incidentally last night, and it deals with the process, and you’re looking at the process in relationship to yourself.

Jeane: If I remember the other dream correctly, it’s like I’m in a house with two young men, and I feel like they’re going do something that’s harmful to somebody else. They have a shotgun, so I get a shotgun, which I have loaded to stop them. Then it feels like I’m not really willing to shoot them – so they shoot me.

John: What that’s about is this sort of thing which happens, which is meant to change and shift anew, has to break through an established norm. And you have established norms on many, many different levels. You have the established norms of the collective in the outer, but you also have the established norm of the concepts that circle around the various religions and spiritualities.

And that there’s kind of an adab that’s taught to try to step back, and digest, what is presented, or brought forth in good faith, through the various traditions and such, that have stood kind of a long test of time – so that there should be an in depth knowingness imbedded therein, that can continue to twine itself going forward.

And that’s true. However, it’s true in a slightly different way. It’s true from the standpoint that that which is meant to twine itself going forward, has to throw most of the shackles of the other off. And to do so, just like on one level it’s difficult to throw off the influence of the collective in order to have a sense of depth and awareness within, it is also hard to throw off a lot of the rubbish of spirituality in order to bring through the new deeper in depth focus of what is meant to be.

What you’re basically saying is, as this is brought through, you have to deal with the issue of how it is that you conduct yourself. So, you sit at a crossroads, or weighing what it’s like between what is and what isn’t, which means you have to sit and embody, and accommodate, what is meant to be true, and to be, in order to break through a malaise.

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aur-fieldThe universe unfolds as circumstances dictate. It is never too early or too late, but responds to the needs of what is occurring. The human, in relationship to the universe, can be the same. As we make ourselves available and open energetically, then we can be seen as useful to what is unfolding – and can be called upon to help. But, of course, we have to remain open enough to respond to the nudgings, or else we won’t prove ourselves a reliable agent for what is trying to occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, then when I came to bed, it was like these other dreams that were there were bizarre, so I didn’t want to wake up. I was so groggy because I didn’t want to take down what I was perceiving, and seeing, because I wasn’t making any headway.

And so, at one point, I decided at least I should write up a tiny bit about it, so I says, “In what I’m dreaming, and what I’m seeing, the more effort I make in trying to gather things up, the more they get scattered.” You know, I was just not able to pull anything together, and this was physically seeing things getting scattered around me, almost as living in a world in which everything was in complete disarray.

And the meaning is that when things get scattered in a dream, in spite of the well-meaning efforts to gather things up, this denotes self-consciousness. It denotes a type of insecurity, that denotes a quality of an imbalance. But is it really an imbalance, or is it like that because that is what gets askew when something else is trying to come in, and so there isn’t the sustainability of the linearity quality that holds the outer together?

Just like you have your headaches as a consequence of there being something that you’re not allowed to hold together anymore, or that you’re having to let go to, but you’re not doing it quite, and as a consequence the headache, that attack upon the physical like that, is coming because something is sitting back there perhaps… I’m even referencing it as a type of controlled waiting. In other words, its moment is soon to arrive and, until it does, it jars and shakes things up.

That’s why it’s even said that a person needs to be careful when they get on a spiritual path like this because if they try to break the process, after some point, if they go back and they try to break the process, all havoc can break loose because they’ve set in motion an unfoldment that they may not be able to alter and, as a consequence, if they fight it and keep doing things that they know better, deep down know better, because they are repulsive to what needs to open up, that can result in some ill effects. That can result in some things occurring from the greater teacher in the outer. In other words it’s not going to be denied; the inner divine, or the beloved, is the great lover, and it’s a jealous lover or something.

So, in this last dream, I’m observing this kind of gangly looking guy. It turns out I learn he’s quite an athlete, but to begin with he just looks like he’s more spaced out than anything else. Or, in other words, more of a type of person that I would consider kind of not really plugging into things, or out of place in every situation.

However, what he can do can be surprising. For example, I’m observing a scenario in which he takes his shirt off and is able to get into a role that is before him and conduct himself incredibly, so incredibly it was like going into another zone. And in this zone his acts and moves are unconscious, because he just flows without thinking. When like that he fits in naturally to what lies before him.

What makes this all seem so incredible is up to such a point he looks out of place until he does this; he just looks like he’s just a stumble bum. And you might even see a bit of a lack of confidence or self-conscious side in him, you know, because something just is out of twang.

And the theme of the dreaming last night, the meaning, has to do with identifying a higher-self quality seeking to live itself in the myriad of things. In the meditation dream, what I am able to denote within has a life of its own that seeks to live now and override everything else. This other stuff just has to start falling away that has nothing to do with what needs to be in the unfoldment.

This inner beingness is pent up until the circumstances are appropriate for when it comes out in a flash. I say in a flash because a moment before the person can look his usual checked out and self-conscious way, because what is going on within remains repressed, and is smothered by the weight of outer conditions.

And then it’s as if something snaps and the person goes into a zone where this inner beingness predominates and outer nuances step aside. The zone is like an energetic role, that I call a beingness, which functions naturally amidst the myriad of things in the outer having, for the moment, or when the moment of a situation necessitates, set aside the outer ego loudness.

In this dream, if I hadn’t seen the shift I would have felt that the person did not know themselves, or was out of touch with who they are in life, or some other peculiarity, you know, in terms of labeling things. However, after seeing what I saw, I realize that the reason the person looked so out of it before is it took a lot of the outer denseness that predominated in his life 99.9% of the time, and so it’s hard, then, to hear that one little tiny subtle note, and yet all of this outer denseness kept the overwhelming innerness from sweeping through – yet it was moving around. It was like a little light under a bushel getting brighter and brighter.

So, in this dream, so as to not be too much to handle in the ordinary schematic of the outer, this person practiced a kind of controlled waiting. In other words, he wouldn’t reveal himself until all of a sudden – which was when it was appropriate for him to take his shirt off – that is when he engaged in a flow in which he could access this unrestricted access, or quality, within with ease. And, when he would do that, it would really be like being in a zone. And what you would be looking at would be something of a phenomenon, when before, until that occurred, you would be seeing him in some particular defined way that was meaningless.

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