Another Route

pathOne of the most interesting ways to take on a life of service to something greater is to ask ourselves: what would we like to see in the world? And, once we’ve imagined it, we put it into action. For example, we could be mad at a person and decide to cut them out of our life. But we could also consider that, most people, most of the time, are doing the best that they can manage – even if it doesn’t seem like “enough” to us. If we can find and hold a forgiveness in us, perhaps we can add a new possibility into the world, one that others could find and follow in their lives. In the doing, we begin to take responsibility for the whole, and acknowledge the part we can play in shaping what comes next. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the second part of this second dream, I’m traveling over the mountains to go back and forth to where the yacht is. And there always seems to be some guide, some man, I never really see that is always watching over whatever I’m doing, that sometimes I consult with.

And as I go on top of the mountain at one point, then I know that there’s a place where it dips down, and usually I go down to the sea that way, but I suddenly realize that if I dip down a little, then go past this one part on the rim, and then go back across, that I can drop down to a trail that will get me down to where I’m going much faster.

And that maybe, that actually, I could continue along the mountain ridge, but there’d be one point where I’d have to walk, or get past, a point where I dip down and around – and I’d have to have somebody meet me with another vehicle. That’s actually the fastest route, but it’s not direct in terms of if you have a vehicle. If you have a vehicle you have to kind of drop down a little, go around that point, and then go across. But it is actually a shortcut to what I had been doing.

John: So let’s visualize this again. So what you’re looking at is you’re still, in your dream, you’re taking and you’re still contending with this boat that has changed, in terms of something about it, the way it was set up, and the way that it is after having made a number of voyages up and down, and back and forth, to whatever.

And so that has left you into a quandary, and so, in this quandary, you’ve taken and you have gone and you started contending with the obstacles. That’s what it means to go up a mountain. But how you’re coming down is you’re describing something, portraying something, in terms of a way of being that has to do with how it is that you’re to address the problems, or whatever it is that is in a type of disarray inside of you, because you’re not properly letting go, or keeping up.

And so you’re tendency would be to come straight down, but how do you do this again? You’re actually describing a better way of handling it. So, in other words, what you’re saying is that, in the past, you’re usual way of doing this was you would do this on your own coming down in a particular way. But, instead, you come across another route, or another trail, that is then met by others, and then that is the way you come down.

In other words, that’s why I think it’s going to take more of an intertwining of all of this. That’s why I was saying earlier that, from an Earth element way of looking at things, you can get kind of dour about things – but you’re not including the other [three] aspects, or [three] elements, that pull together make for a complete picture.

You know, you’re instead holding onto a particular note that, in that particular note, requires a deeper stillness, and a deeper letting go. And if just dealing with the note of Earth, you can get indulgent, and grieve, and you can’t just watch what goes on on an Earth level, because what is it that you’re going to be capable of watching and seeing if you’re trying to watch just in an Earth-oriented way, as if that somehow or another has something to do with what is going on because of the reflections that occur?

But yes, as I have seen, the reflections come up in the inner, they are bigger than the reflections that seem to occur in the outer, and it almost seems that those reflections that are coming up on the inner, that are bigger than the reflections coming up in the outer, still aren’t the answer. It’s the stillness that’s the answer.

But those reflections are creating a change. Now are you to blame the stillness now? Are you to lay blame to something like that? Where’s the joy? Where’s the peace in doing something like that, when, you know, that’s love strength? The other’s just a failure to let go.

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