A Living Realization

energy-matterChange doesn’t happen just because we know something, change happens when we actively put that new knowledge into practice. We may read, or hear of, an idea that seems absolutely life changing, but may even forget about it completely in a few weeks if we haven’t done anything concrete with it. This is the way of the universe: energy becomes matter. If something “matters” to us, we put it into action, by doing, which makes it real. That is the process of adding matter to energy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: You’re going to love this meditation dream that sets the framework for what you just dreamt, and the framework for what I’m looking at, too.

So, in the meditation dream, I go to a depth inside where I see myself trying to know what is going on from the inner stillness. I have the sense that the going-ness there is the peace I seek.

I find myself at a threshold waiting and, as I am waiting, I notice that the plaque on my teeth is greater than I realized and that, as I wait, this plaque… well, it seems to be more and more noticeable, like it’s built up, like it’s getting harder or something, or it’s like I’m surprised what it takes to remove this.

I’m also noticing that some of the plaque, it’s almost as if by not paying any attention or something, by just settling back or something, that the plaque that’s there has just kind of built up almost in a fairly recent capacity, suggesting that there is something I am doing that is causing the veils to remain – or perhaps even be built.

I was surprised to see this as I hadn’t thought that this could be an inadvertent backwardation going on. It stunned me to realize that some ignorance I am not aware of appears to have me solidly in its clutches. I wake up noticing I have loosened up some of the plaque with a chisel. In other words, I’m chiseling the plaque on my teeth. Well it is still there, and could easily reattach itself yet, if some additional step is not taken.

In other words, you don’t just go around and you break it free a little bit and then settle back, it reattaches. Plus I’m not actually getting all of it, but what I am getting, at some point I stop, or wait, or hold back, and then it’s almost as if what’s still there in the way reattaches to all of that – and it’s all for naught.

So the meaning is that I thought I remembered in a deep meditation dream, that I had not that long ago, having gone into a knowingness of the stillness. But last night, as I was trying to go back to this overallness of being, I failed because there was kind of a reaction that gripped me. But then last night, even though I didn’t have that jumpiness, or whatever, inside of myself,, where you had the vibration in the way, I still couldn’t put my finger upon the energetic, that is in a stillness, existed from a glimpse that I took before.

And so even this glimpse is fading. You know, now I’ve got this plaque that’s building up again. You know, it’s kind of like that. In other words, it’s like you can take and you can be shown something, and then it’s all kind of covered up again because you’re not ready, or meant, to be there.

So I was shown something and then, after being shown something, almost as a precursor tease or something now, I’m back to doing the heavy lifting of having to realize that I could try all I want but I go awry when I get caught up in an energetic – whether the energetic is right, wrong, or otherwise. When I get caught up in it, it sends me awry. And, too, I go haywire when something that I had seen isn’t actually able to be brought through. I’m not there because I still carry conditions, or plaque, or whatever, spiritual illusions or such, that’s in the way, and I need to recognize that this is something that not only does it kind of predominate, more so than I realize, but it is something that can be getting established even as one goes about life now.

One could be going off in certain little tangential ways that, then, because one hasn’t made the full journey to the full seeing of what’s on the other side, can then just become additive to the heart or plaque underneath that functions a little bit like a magnet yet, and takes and reconstitutes what you loosened up so that it kind of keeps you in a trance.

So even though last night I wasn’t thrashing around in the energetic that kept me astray, but even in the thrashing around was something that did finally break through and caused a realization. After that realization, then, it would seem that I could be more still, so, yes, I was able to be more still, but I still couldn’t drown myself in the stillness because I discovered, I call it plaque or spiritual illusion, or conceptualizations or whatever, that still exist, and they exist more so than I would have imagined.

And, apparently, now find myself to gain the information of taking a look only to be shocked, often to wondering if some of this is actually new because I’ve never remembered ever seeing it before. And I also wondered if chipping it up was going to be enough. In other words, something more seems to be needed because it seems that this doesn’t necessarily get rid of it, and it goes deeper, and is more there than I would like to believe.

So, you could say, the symbolism is the plaque that concerns me is a fact of energetic misalignment that just won’t go away. And that which isn’t going away is like a spiritual illusion. And I am not getting rid of this like I would like, so the spiritual illusion, by not getting rid of it, seems to have a way of reclutching itself, and that the chipping away that I am doing, not only is it labor intensive, it’s actually kind of exhaustive, which means that something more has to be done to get to a realization, a living realization. So you did it your way. This is how it’s kind of looked at, or perceived, in terms of the inner.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Living Realization

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